Christian Hypocrisy and Dishonesty

  • Christian Doubletalk - Traditional Christians often don't really mean what they say.
  • CARM and Matt Slick - Is this a legitimate Christian Apologetics site?
  • The Bible's "Missing Day" in Joshua and the NASA Story - Is the story that the Bible helped NASA find the "missing day" true? We, Christians often pass on many falsehoods because we fail to check things out for ourselves.
  • Is God a Promise-Breaker? --Should Promise-Keepers encourage men to be like the God they serve?
  • I Repented Already! --I have repented from not believing that according to Scriptures, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, created all things, reconciles all things...
  • The Worship of Man --Worshipping the anointed instead of the anointer.
  • Judging Our Maker --When we teach or believe that our Maker will ultimately torment forever, or annihilate one single soul, we have judged our Maker as imperfect.
  • To My Temporary Enemies --A letter to those who come against us for proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Top Christian Ministries Get Fleeced --Dozens of leading Christian ministries lose millions of dollars in an illegal "Ponzi" scheme.
  • The Truth Unfolds--Or is it Fiction? --Points out that Christian fiction is big business. Discusses why Christians seem infatuated with fiction.
  • Hokum Hyp --Hypnosis is being used in some churches. Gives examples.
  • Fullness --Discussion on "denomnationalism" and its inability to give full glory to God.
  • Counting the Costs --Explains why pastors cannot really ever come to the knowledge of the truth within their denominations.
  • Christian Partialism --Reveals what force united denominations of Christendom.
  • A Great Christian Scam --A look into Wyatt Archaeological Research. Is it legitimate?
  • A Little Mercy --What do non-Christians see in a Christian crusade?
  • First Things First --Have you ever noticed that we, Christians, do not like to be identified with the Pharisees?
  • Sign Reading --...some quote Scriptures telling me to 'think on what is lovely.' These articles are certainly not 'lovely.'
  • Steps Out of Darkness --Those who attended that particular 'calling out' were called the 'ecclesia' to that calling.
  • Wyatt Archaeological Research Fraud Documentation --Letters, statements, and articles by archaeologists, geologists, etc., regarding the claims of Ron Wyatt.

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