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8 thoughts on “The Top Ten Reasons Eternal Punishment is Impossible

  • Clark Walker


    Jesus died for imperfect people who didn’t believe; “for while we were yet sinners Christ died for us” . Everyone will believe eventually, if not in this age then in the age(s) to come” for every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord”. Jesus also said that He did not come to condemn but to save the lost ( i.e. everyone) .

  • Isaac

    Let me ask you a question. You say that there is no eternal punishment. So what happens with the people that are condemned for unbelief John 3:18

  • Gary Post author

    I gave you ten reasons everlasting punishment is not possible. You didn’t refute a single one. Just shout nonsense. Now, think, if Jesus is indeed the Savior of the whole world and you say He isn’t, then it is YOU who is doing the satan’s work, keeping people from believing in Jesus because you turned him into a hateful fiend who is going to torment most of mankind. So before YOU play the accuser of Satan, the big accuser, why don’t you see if burning most of mankind makes sense in the light of the fact the Bible says that God is Love, a love that NEVER fails and and a love for which NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Spends some time praying about that. Let God really love you with as much love as you can handle. I know if that happens, you will become a VERY different person with a MUCH more loving message.

  • Gary Post author

    John 4:42, 1 John 4:14, 1 Timothy 4:9-11 Believe them, Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. Anything less will make Jesus an utter failure. And regarding your Spirit, I suggest you read Jesus’ response to John and James who wanted to call fire down upon Samaritans who rejected their gospel and Jesus personally. What Did Jesus say to them in Luke 9:55-56? He would say the very same thing to you today. Someone needs to repent alright. But it’s you. I have repented of teaching the “traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect.” I have spotted preaching the Pharisaic traditions that made God look more like Satan. So when will YOU repent of blaspheming the precious name of the Savior of the whole world?

  • kei

    you are preaching false doctrines and doing satans work by dispeling the fact that hell is real! You have even dismissed scriptural references! You are making satans job much easier by leading lost souls to hell! Repent while yO HAVE TIME

  • Gary Post author

    You make it sound like his justness is somehow opposed to his love and mercy. No, His justness comes through His love and mercy, they are not opposites. Same with His Holiness, it is not contrary to His love and mercy. He is One.

  • Alec

    Im not sure but on the otherhand since God is perfect wouldnt he be just??

    I agree w/ the fact that God is love but it doesnt mean he iss not just yet he is merciful therefor he sent Jesus so the ones who chose to follow him are deffinatelty saved.

  • Mike from Portland

    It is simply not God’s character to punish people eternally. Unless God is flawed. No! may it never be! God is Love; that is, God = Love And God is perfect and not flawed. Therefore, there is no room for eternal punishment. No, I’m not going to quote a series of Bible verses to “prove” myself, because the understanding about God and eternal punishment comes from the proper understanding about God’s character, which comes from the Holy Spirit and then (and only) then the Bible verses will fall into place.