I miss you Scott. 11

Since we got hacked a few months back, my life on a technical level has been a nightmare. It’s taken months to begin to get the Tentmaker Site back on line and reformatted. The Tentmaker Resources section is still down, this blog has not been able to upload images — it’s just been a nightmare for me for some time. I’ve been trying to get this WordPress blog program to load images for months and we haven’t been able to figure out what has been the problem. We thought perhaps the hackers left behind some code that keeps messing things up. Well, it looks like Karen, (who has been working behind the scenes for years at Tentmaker keeping things moving along), got the techies at our hosting company to change some permissions that allowed images to appear again. Hopefully it won’t corrupt again. So I tested the feature uploading an image from my computer to the image library on the server. Looking for a picture on my computer to test the uploading feature, I came across a picture of my son, Scott, who passed away almost 3 years ago. God, I miss him!! 

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11 thoughts on “I miss you Scott.

  • Clark Walker

    Seeing you with your son, Scott, reminds me of how blessed I am to still have all of our children and grandchildren. Even though they live about 2.5 hours away all the more reason to keep them in our prayers and try to see them more often especially since we are not getting any younger. Paula and I are sorry for yours and Michelle’s loss. What a tug on your heart to know that he is not with you in this life anymore. Only the Spirit of Christ can heal you of that overtime.

  • Anne Bryant-Hamon

    Aww,,, what a great picture of both of you! I know you miss him. I wish he were still with you, but I don’t really wish people to come back into this world because there is much pain and suffering for mortals.

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    Well, thank you. And may the coming year bring us all the love, joy and peace of God that passes all understanding. Gary

  • Johnny Andersson

    God Bless You Gary! You are doing a fantastic job for the kingdom of God. I am very sorry for the loss of your son. I cant imagine how that feels. Greetings from Sweden

  • gabriel

    I read a post from you on your website about spiritual impartation…..is it possible to loose the impartation?

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    David, that you so much for your comments. They mean a lot to me. I still miss my son, but I can’t image how destructive my life might have become if I thought for a moment he was burning in hell forever. Oh, God! And there are millions in that condition. Keep praying for your son. Peace, Gary

  • David Goodreau

    Dear Gary,

    First, thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for the Truth of the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been less than a year since I first heard of the Christian Universalist message (found Boyd Purcell website after a google search for help – have suffered with the fear of hell since about age 8 when I was immersed in the Roman Catholic theology and found pornography in my home and began to think I was a hopeless case – I am now 57 – from Dr. Purcell’s info, I found Tentmaker, then Gerry Beauchemin, Charles Slagle, Thomas Talbott) and I am being slowly healed of almost fifty years of toxic theology.
    This is a great picture of you and Scott. I can imagine the great pain of loss you and Michelle have been through. Yet, knowing the Truth as you do is a great comfort and knowing that there is an eternity in your future with Scott must bring some serious healing to a broken heart. I expect Scott is waiting for you to show you the best of heaven that he has already discovered.
    I have a different loss I am dealing with. I was divorced several years ago and my son, Jonathan, has since decided he doesn’t believe anymore. He was brought up in what I thought were really good churches at the time, but now realize he was exposed to a different version of the toxic theology that devastated my life. I feel like I have failed him and the emotional pain of that is really overwhelming at times. Believing the Truth certainly helps, but I pray with many tears that my son would be restored to our Savior and with correct understanding – Jesus, the Savior of ALL men, especially us who believe.
    Thanks again, Gary – maybe Scott will invite me to join you on one of his tours of the best of heaven. That is something to look forward to with joyful hearts!

    David Goodreau

  • Florian Berndt

    What a great picture! Having a son of my own I can not even comprehend how much you must miss him. There are simply no words one could say. The only comfort is probably the knowledge that you will see him again, and I am looking forward to get to know him then as well. Thanks for continuing to spread our Heavenly Father’s love!

    Your friend from Germany!

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    Well, I’m glad it spoke to you. When I wrote that piece many years ago, I got a confirmation from our heavenly Father that it would bless many people. We have it also in Spanish and I get many emails about that articles, both from pastors who don’t want their members to read it and from members who did. :-)

  • KEN

    Hi brother Gary. I wanted to tell you that your blog “The Tithe is Illegal” was the best I have ever read! I have linked it to my site.

    In Christ,