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One thought on “Love Wins by Rob Bell in a nutshell

  • jeremy

    Yeah…it was a confusing read…some great parts but some poor parts….One min he sounds totally like a believer in Universal Salvation…next minute he’s saying classic CS Lewis ‘great divorce’ type language….
    Maybe he was afraid of the damage to his career as being a pastor at his church if he came right out and embraced U.R ? …..
    What it does show me (by the huge reaction in the mainstream church) though is that right beneath the surface of christians all over the earth is an uneasiness about believing in the traditional hell…..It shows that most people deep down (though they might not know it consciously) don’t really believe in hell.

    Gary: Yes, Jeremy, more and more people especially with the help of the internet are beginning to see that the roots of the Hell teaching come from other religions, not from the ancient Hebrew and Greek in the Bible.