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Have the God You Always Wanted. Order Today…Church Kills
By Gary Amirault

That line brought a smile  to my face when I read it at the bottom of a page on an internet site  advertising some books   promoting a particular Christian denomination’s concept of God. It reminded me of signage I’ve seen often on the back of large truck, “This Sunday worship at the Church of YOUR CHOICE.” We, in America, have been so saturated with messages of individual rights, freedom, democracy, etc that we can’t see the obvious lie behind statements like these.  Through this emphasis of individual rights we have inherently given ourselves the rights to create  with our own little carnal minds carnal little images of ourselves and call  it God. America is riddled with thousands of different denominations  each presenting a different concept of God. And it doesn’t really matter which  one you go to, according to  the sign on the truck, just make sure you attend one on Sunday. That’s the American Way. Well, in the Old Testament, that was call idolatry. Today we can “Have God your way” just like your burgers at Burger King. I made a T-shirt years ago that had on the pocket, “Yahweh, not Your Way.”

America is going to pot. The land is riddled with idols everywhere, idols of the heart. And nothing but a huge spiritual tsunami will bring healing. And it will get rid of a lot of things we are clinging to for dear life. Get ready.

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7 thoughts on “Have The God You Always Wanted. Order Today!

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    Yes, the more Christians begin to live in the Spirit of Christ instead of the Law of Moses, the more we will be in faith and manifest the kingdom of God. The Church, the Jews and the Moslems, all who claim to be descendants of Abraham are under a spirit of vengeance and revenge. Until Christians really get it when Jesus said “Love your enemies” the world will not know peace.

  • Clark Walker

    Gary ,

    Your answers above are wise, truthful and edifying to me .
    In every case you refer back to the New Testament scriptures to justify your position which is so accurate and true.
    Thank you for pointing us to a clear picture of why the New Testament is called new.
    It’s not about the letter of the Law anymore but rather about the Spirit of Christ leading us to all truth.

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    Peter “stood condemned” (Gal. 2:11) for reverting to a law that “works wrath” (Rom. 4:15).
    The New Testament calls the law a “yoke of bondage” (Gal. 5:1) and a “curse” from which Christ has redeemed us. (Gal. 3:13)
    Scripture records that Abraham was justified and received God’s promises by faith alone. The Mosaic Law was given to provide “knowledge of sin” (Rom. 3:20), a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ (Gal. 3:24). After Christ inaugurated justification by faith alone, Paul repeatedly warns not to return to law.
    We are not under the law, but under grace. (Rom. 6:14)

    We are delivered from the law. (Rom. 7:6)

    Christ is the end of the law. (Rom. 10:4)

    The Christian is “dead” to the law. (Gal. 2:19)

    I could go on and on. So why do you try to keep a covenant which you obviously DON’T keep.
    Jas_2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

    I have been in a lot of law-keeping churches and synagogues. And based upon my experience in them, the only thing Mosaic Law keeping produces today is proud Pharisees who become blind to their self-righteousness. Reading chapter 23 of Matthew regularly is a good exercise for someone who is in a supposed Law keeping congregation. As you read it, ask the Spirit of Truth whether this chapter is speaking about them and then ask for room to come under the grace of the New Covenant which is based upon the promises of God, not on man’s ego that thinks it can keep the 613 ordinances of Moses’ law.

  • Jose

    The Law was not given to answer, ‘What must I do to be saved? or have a relationship with God?’

    Torah came, as it were, to answer a people already redeemed and called out by God and who asked, ‘Because of all you have done for us, how can we show our gratitude, love and loyalty?’

    It has always been, out of a loving response to God’s grace to carry
    out God’s will and instructions.

    Furthermore, let’s not forget that the disciples of Jesus time did not have a new testament. It wasn’t written yet. They used the Torah to prove that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. Jesus Himself declares that He did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

    He is the Living Word…The Living Torah…The tree of life who walked amongst His people and laid down His life for all mankind.

    So we see a pattern: God acts and we are to respond, ‘Because of all you have done for us, how can we show our gratitude, love and loyalty?’

    Out of this redemption through grace comes the Spirit that leads us back to God’s instructions. We then see the Torah, not as a Law book, but as a covenant of love initiated by God to prepare His people for His return while offering us a small taste of the messianic age to come.

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    Friend, I hear your cry and frustration. and the only real and honest answer is at the feet of Him who allowed Himself to be nailed to a tree. I don’t know where you are with your walk with the Lord, how much He has processed you, how much you are being led by His Holy Spirit or how much you are led by the flesh. I know evil will never be overcome with evil. I know the power of the Holy Spirit can stop the hardest of criminals in their tracks. But I also know that evil often has its ways during this time of suffering. I thank God for the knowledge that our time of suffering here on earth comes to an end and that in the scheme of things, our time of suffering is cut short but our joy is eternal. I also know many people who have endured very horrible things and have come out humble, sweet and Christ-like. And I also know others who have come out bitter and more hateful than when they went in. There’s the story of an Indian chief who told a young buck there are two wolves in each of us, one very hateful, the other very loving. The young buck asked the elder, “Which one is going to win?” The chief replied, “Whichever one you feed.” Peace, Gary

  • Dennisy

    I am have a problem with being a Christian. When do i turn the other cheek, is when my neighbor is screaming at 12:30 A.M. because some illegal is trying to stab him to death. or
    2. when two big guys are beating up a 90 lb woman, and it took a weapon to stop the bad guys.
    3. at what point do i say no to the theft who wants what he has not worked for but feels it o.k. to say i have to give my stuff up.
    4. At what point do i let the government throw out the Constitution and do nothing but pray or am i allowed as a christian man to step up to plate and do what i can to protect the Constitution and our way of life, with the freedoms we enjoy.

    I do not know when as a christian man i can step forward as a man, much less as a Christian man.


  • Dennis Caldwell

    Yes I see the clouds gathering and the skys darkening. Heavy rains of judgments and justice (which are always good in the end) will soon begin to fall. I have already taken my shelter in Christ.