Good Stuff Popping Up

Last night I watched a video message given by William P. Young author of The Shack published by Windblown Media. It was very powerful. His book, originally self-published has sold close to five million copies as of this writing and still going strong. There are plans for a movie and distribution into over 20 other countries. This book is having a tremendous impact upon Christians and non-Christians alike. It’s a book that leads folks to the message we, at Tentmaker Ministries, have been teaching for a long time. This instantly successful author is changing lives.

I also recently was given some short videos by a man named Rob Bell. Rob is pastor of a large church called "Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan. He is marketing these short videos under the brand name "Nooma." He, too, is having a huge impact on Christians and non-Christians alike. These videos are very powerful even though they are short, usually 12 minutes in length. While the messages both these men are presenting are revolutionary when compared to the traditional church’s teachings, they are closer to the heart of Jesus than the hundreds of churches I’ve attended in my lifetime. While the traditional churches are emptying in record numbers quickly catching up to the empty Cathedrals of Europe, spirituality focused on simply Jesus is making a big come-back. These folks impacted by guys like William P. Young and Rob Bell may usher in a brand new kind of Christianity, a Christianity filled with the life and power of the Holy Spirit sent by the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, not filled with the "traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect." Matt. 15:6-9

I highly recommend buying a copy of The Shack and visiting your local Christian book store on the Nooma page and catching a few Noomas. They grab the heart.

Oh, stay tuned for a new book by Tentmaker Ministries entitled Whatever Became of Melanie? We have picked up the rights to publish this book. We feel it may have an impact similar to the two mentioned above. A Christian woman’s teenage daughter dies in her own vomit at a party from drinking too much. The daughter was not a "born again" Christian. Where is she? Is she in Hell tormented forever? This book wrestles with this subjected that has tormented millions throughout all ages. We hope to get it in print by the end of 2008. See link below. Pray for this book. Gary Amirault


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