Christian Double-Talk 1

Christian Double-Talk

What Traditional Christians Say… What They Really Mean…
Love never faileth! Love can’t overcome human stubborness.
There’s nothing you must do to be saved…… Here’s what you must do to be saved:
You are absolutely, totally helpless to save yourself. You must make a wise decision inorder to be saved.

God controls all things. God doesn’t control man’s free will.
We can’t boast about going to heaven. If we go to hell, it’s our own fault.
Men are in bondage to sin. Men are free to choose Christ.
Grace is unmerited favor… … given only to those who merit it with faith and obedience.
GOD IS THE SAVIOR OF ALL MANKIND (1 Tim. 4:10)… … except for about ninety percent of them.
GOD’S LOVE IN UNCONDITIONAL… … as long as you meet certain conditions.
GOD’S WILL IS UNOPPOSABLE… … except by the sinner.
Salvation is not a thing of chance. There is no second chance to be saved.
WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! Most of mankind will perish forever.
GOD LOVES YOU! … as long as you love Him.
Christ died for all sin… … except the sin of not believing that He died for all sin.
The Good Shepherd seeks the lost sheep until he finds it! The Good Shepherd seeks until it’s too late.
God’s justice was satisfied in the cross of Christ. God’s justice demands eternal torment or annihilation.

1997 by Jeff Preddy.
May be copied for non-commercial purposes,

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One thought on “Christian Double-Talk

  • Clark Walker

    You make things regarding our salvation very clear, Gary and I thank you for that. Christian Double-Talk above is just another example of that.