Adam Succeeded, Will Christ? 1

It is amazing to see the expressions on Christian’s faces when one presents them with the realization that if the traditional church gospel is true, then Christ failed miserably in his purpose for coming here. In Adam ALL died quite apart from our participation. Through Adam we were all condemned because of his transgression. ¬†Below is a snippet from one of our books “Whatever Became of Melanie” by Alan Chevrier that states the case concisely.

(Romans 5:18-21)
“Now what was the result of Adam’s transgression? It was universal
condemnation of all, without first consulting them or asking for their
contribution. The result of Adam’s disobedience was complete and
universal in its scope and consequence, plunging each and every member
of his race into sin and spiritual separation from God.

Now, just as Adam’s sin had a direct, powerful, irresistible effect on
the whole for evil, so the righteous act of Christ has a direct,
powerful, irresistible effect on the whole for good. Just as one sin
resulted in universal, real, actual condemnation, so the one act of
righteousness performed by Christ, the second Adam, results in
universal, real, actual justification, not just an opportunity to cast
your lot in with Jesus, not just the offer of life, but the real,
actual, powerful impartation of life! The real actual, powerful
communication of righteousness! The plain language of the text allows
for nothing less!” Whatever Became of Melanie,¬†(2005), pages 138-139, by
Allan Ernest Chevrier

Adam Succeeded Will Christ?


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One thought on “Adam Succeeded, Will Christ?

  • KRBrandes

    I have a copy of BIBLE PROOFS By J. W. HANSON, D.D.
    sixth edition. 1885
    I cant find much on it over the web until I found your site.
    I would love to find out more about this, and with your help get a reprint of it so that the rest of the world may enjoy it to.
    Thank You, and God Bless.