Dew Magazine

Issue #3

Does the World Know that You are Loved and in Love?

I have evangelized in many different ways. There seems to be a gift operating in me to share Christ. It doesn't have to be worked up, it just flows. There are times, however, when I am clearly doing something in the flesh, and our Father is just not in it.

Often people ask me, "Gary, if people aren't going to 'hell,' then why do you spend all your time sharing Christ? Why don't you just go out and do the things you enjoy doing, like fishing, making your house a neighborhood showpiece, spending your money on antiques or cars, or going on vacations? You seem to evangelize more than professional evangelists who do it for a living! You just don't make sense, if 'hell' isn't real."

People who respond in the above manner give away what is really in their hearts. When a young couple is really love, they do not have be paid to express their love. They do not have to speak the words, "I love you." Follow them around for a couple of days. Their love for each other is written on every hour of their life. Their yearning to share their time with each other is manifested plainly. Words, tracts, money is not needed for the world to see, "They are in love!" Anyone watching them can clearly see when it is a two-way exchange.

The Scriptures say that when a person is in love with the Father, they naturally manifest it in expressions to their brothers and sisters. Their love for the Creator is "witnessed" in their love for mankind. When they do something for a person here on earth, they are doing it unto Jesus. When it is done in the Spirit of Love, the act itself is its own witness. An evangelist with a megaphone going behind the acts of love is not necessary. People can "get the message" without the commercial.

Those who express Christ because of fear of "hell" will never be able to truly express the depth of the love of the Father for all His Creation. This kind of witnessing contains "fear." Perfect love cast out fear!

I know of no better way to spend my time than to spend it being "in love with my Creator." There are many times I seem to drift out of that state, but I can categorically state without fear of error, that when I'm "in love," that state of being far exceeds what one gets out of football games, antiques, coin collections, or church functions. To ask why I do what I do even though I don't believe in a "eternal tormenting hell" reveals that person has not received the love which drives out fear.

Father, may those reading these words cry out that they may manifest your love, not some guilt-bound formula which does not produce life because its source is fear.


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