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In this section, we usually note any changes in our publication and tape list. We also talk about how we send the material and sometimes make reference to future projects.

Since the last issue of Dew we have added a tape entitled "Bible Translations That Do Not Teach Eternal Torment." Few people are aware that there have been many English Bibles produced in the last 200 years that do not contain the doctrine of eternal torment. I have many Bibles in my library which have correctly translated the word "aion" to "age" and not "eternal." Incorrect renderings of the word "krisis" to "damnation" have also been corrected as well as many other words. In short, there are Bibles that show a Father of love able to save all mankind, and these Bibles are consistent throughout the translation. We have also done a booklet on the same subject entitled "The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail." This booklet shows how very few scriptures about hell are in most Bibles and points out as we get closer to the original manuscripts, the word "hell" just doesn't seem to fit anymore. It also contains much information about the KJV and how it has been the springboard to much of the error we have in present-day Bibles.

We have a new tract entitled "Law versus Grace" that lists many passages which show the Law (Mosaic) can only produce death compared to the Law of the Life in Christ Jesus, which alone can produce His Life. The list was prepared by Faith Fellowship and we modified it to fit our printing format.

We also have printed an extensive list of solid scriptures laid out in a way which makes our Father's plan to save all mankind rather obvious. The scriptures are fully written out so that one doesn't have to look them up. This booklet is called "The Original Good News." It's great to give as a "thought provoker" or to use when needing to quote a reference that teaches the salvation of all.

A reminder that the tape "What the Hell is 'Hell?'" is a recent tape. It clearly shows the Greek and Hebrew words behind this word and how the concept of eternal torture became associated with it. The modern church concept of "hell" comes from many pagan sources. This tape untangles the myth from the truth.

A dear friend of ours, Bill Moss, has printed a 67 page book entitled "The Spirit of the Pharisee." It had a powerful effect on my life and I highly recommend it. The book deals with the "religious spirit" and how easily we can become enslaved to it. We will send a copy to those requesting it.

We will continue to mail out all material at no charge. We sincerely thank all of you who have so graciously participated in sharing what we feel our Father has asked us to do. May God's Spirit continue to give us a place in your hearts and prayers as He continues His purposes in each of us.

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