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Some excerpts from recent emails we have gotten here at Tentmaker. We share them to encourage others who are on a similar spiritual journey. Please also check our Testimonials Page for more stories and testimonies. Glory to God!


I am reading this at 230 am wondering how billions of people could burn in hell. but as I read my bible there is no escape from hell as these people claimed. god is no respecter of persons and he would warn everyone if this was true. Thank u for exposing a true look at this subject. I know Jesus as my savior and am blessed by what you wrote, thanks Dave


Hi Gary, I'm 32 from New Zealand. Your stuff is really awesome. I enjoyed the video. The Jesus you talk about is amazing. He's the Jesus that I know is real, It registers in my Spirit. I believe in the restoration of all things. Love wins is amazing. It destroys condemnation.But its also scary believing that, for not many people seem to preach or believe that. I'm trying to read and know Jesus from that mindset. Inside I know that's true. It has to be. Outside however does not always, people, Church..... I want to learn it biblical and Spiritually. Thank-you very much, also the tent maker site is awesome. I really enjoy it. God recently gave me a picture for somebody, as I wrote it down the picture kept increasing, forming itself, until I had written a whole story, and it was all about the restoration of all things. The love thing of Jesus is so amazing. I find it so hard to talk to others about him when I have to say repent or perish. I think that's fear based not love based. People should be transformed into Christ by Love. Because he's so amazing and nobody can say no to his Love when its real that's the reality of him. Whatever hell is I do believe that is a corrective process . I don't think its eternal and I don't think it's at all what everybody thinks. I don't know, but I believe God has a plan for all. Thank-you Gary Regards, Jonny


Raised in Kenneth Hagin Faith Movement

Hi Gary,
Excellent video. I grew up in the Word of Faith movement and read many books by Kenneth E. Hagan. The movement's emphasis on healing and finances resonated strongly with me. After I saw the message of Ultimate Reconciliation in the Bible three years ago, I had to decide what to do with the Word of Faith theology that I learned growing up. Interestingly, the things I learned from Hagan's books helped me understand Ultimate Reconciliation because I saw that faith is calling things which are not as though they are (Rom 4:17), and that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1). It is with this faith that the Bible declares Jesus the Savior of all mankind (1 Tim. 4:10), and declares justification and life for all mankind through Christ's obedience (Rom. 5:18-19).

Hagan taught that you have to claim your healing even while you are still feeling ill. I now see this as analogous to how the Scriptures declare the salvation of all mankind even while much of humanity is still in darkness (hell). In Christ all shall be made alive, but each in his own turn (1 Cor. 15:22-23). Individuals' physical healing isn't manifest all at once, and the salvation of all mankind isn't either. Nonetheless, God knows the power of Christ's work to restore all mankind with such certitude that he has already declared it a victory in the Scriptures.


Best Hug Ever and Universalism!

Hi there, finding out about Universalism is a huge weight off of my shoulders and has opened me up to being a more loving, better person overall. Despite having a positive near death experience when I was 3 years old and dead for a few minutes (I experienced a feeling I can only describe as the best hug you can ever imagine only times infinity), I was driven away from the church by disgust and fear over the everlasting hell doctrine. After having a child I felt a calling to return to God and heal my relationship with God, but remained very worried about issues of Hell and eternal torment. Fervent belief in the corrective and ultimately loving nature of temporary hell for every soul of mankind has given me the freedom to love God in a deeper way than I have ever felt was possible. May God bless every last person who spreads the good news about His unyielding love for every last one of us. Your works are healing souls the world over, I am sure of it. Nikki


I grew up in an Evangelist American Baptist Church, but as I became a rational adult who thinks with logic I could not fathom why God, "...who so loved the World...", would implement a system that results in the majority of his beloved Children being cast into Hell. I was convinced of what you have so excellently espoused herein, and now seeing this collection of Scriptures in one place, which support the idea that, "Christ died once for all...", I wanted to express my appreciation for it.


I just want to thank you for sharing the truth. I am literaly in tears because of the hurt that goes out into the world from self promoting man about their righteousness. I am in a huge study and search now as I pray for truth. The father has led me by his own voice and guiding lead me into his truth of love and reconciliation. Not just for me bit for the whole world. If all could carry and share this light the earth would glow with God's power of love. This would be the true resurrection and heaven on earth. I pray his kingdom come to fullness as we carry it amd share it. Again thank you for truth. May it by jesus holy name be fullfiled in our life time. love in christ, Tiffany


The doctrine of eternal conscious torment was one huge stumbling block for me coming to Christ. That God's grace could be much more expansive has been a source of great joy and comfort to me, because if I believed in that terrible doctrine I'd go insane. I don't have to fret. I can just cast it all before the cross and trust in God to truly make all things right for all.


Hello! Thank you! You were there back in 2009 when I was researching Hannah Hurnard. It was my first exposure to a "real-life" Universalist. It took me years to convert, but I did it! Here is a blog I created: www.Helisnaked.blogspot.com. You were also there - at the top of the google search list - when I searched for "the rich man and Lazarus" in 2011 (the J. Patching one). Thanks again!Hello!


Just a comment/ short story... my husband has for years been entertaining the thought of universalism. As he has discussed his notions I have myself allowed the fullness of this grace and truth to grab hold of my mind. I just read your discourse on the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man- a pillar shaken and removed indeed!! What light and what sense it all makes! and I thank you! ~Wendy


Thank you very much for your website, God is using it to change my whole life.


Thank you, you have given me relief. I have been studying your website today and most of the night. I was very close to taking my own life because of guilt. I can see better now. This was holding me down and I could not free myself from the thoughts of all of my relatives who never really knew Christ and that they would be tormented for ever while I somehow got away from Hell because I came to America and learned of the Love that God has for us. Now I can rest easy this night knowing that if I die this night and through natural causes that I will see my loved ones again. I also feared hell as a literal place, but was willing to die and go there knowing that God had sent most if not all of the people that I love and hold near my heart. I Love God and want to do good in his eyes and I want him to love me and I am sure that he wants to do good to me and not evil to me. Thank You for having this website and showing me the error of my ways. Thanks be to God that he has opened your eyes and you have done the same for me.


After Papa led me to HOPE BEYOND HELL, He led me to you. I so appreciate you sharing your revelation and hard work. With your help, and Papa's), I have been able to confidently share this truly good news. Jeff


Gary-- so glad to have discovered your work. I was first turned on to universalism last fall and was convinced by the What the Hell is Hell website. The fact that Hell does not exist in the OT really turned me from my fundamentalist commitments. I served as a Lutheran minister and teacher for years, but am looking for another purpose. I wonder how one can get involved in a Universalist mission?


The first time I encountered truths about hell and God's plan to save all people was in 2002. I was reading J Preston Eby's Savior of the World. It turned all my understanding of the gospel upside down. For three years I set out to disprove it by going to the church library and looking up all references in Strong's concordance and various NT Greek dictionaries. Now I am satisfied that the victorious gospel of Jesus Christ (as presented by Tentmaker and other friendly websites) is the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. It has made me love God more than I loved Him before. Liben


I have been struggling with my faith. I have been in baptist and Methodist churches. I truly feel I have been brainwashed to believe only part of the gospel. I truly believe that Jesus died for all and he has a plan to reconcile the whole world back to himself. How can I know this is really true? Deborah


Hi. This is the best site I've found on the Internet in 20 years of Internet surfing. After believing in hell for the better part of 48 years I've now discovered the Amazing Good News of the Gospel. At first I thought it was to Good to be true having been one to warn others about hell. I've now discovered that this indeed is a false doctrine as much as I tried to find fault that eventually all mankind shall be reconciled to God. Scripture no longer contradicts itself. Unbelievable how we the church have been blinded. The material and research on this site is fantastic. Thank God for people who dare to think against the grain. A Big Thank-you. God Bless you for such great news. This was so awesome I just bowed my head and thanked God. Truely the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news. God saves all mankind. How amazing. Truely God is Love. What peace fills my heart. Thank-you. Kirk.


The resources on this site saved my life, both physically and spiritually. I can't even express my thanks. They're too big for words. Grace


At 72 years old and a retired minister I am afraid I am just now finding out the reality and Love of God for all. I just thank the Lord He has shown fit to enlighten me at this time. He has used your site for His glory for many people and I thank you. May God's blessing continue to be upon you. Edward


My own daughter had OCD for 3 years and was tormented by the concept of hell. I suffered from CFIDS and severe anxiety that I now attribute to views on hell and severe legalism. Many of my friends suffer from anxiety related health disorders, particularly the ultra-conservative homeschooling moms. I met a psychiatric counselor at my local YMCA in the sauna one day that told me that her pych live-in home was populated predominantly by folks with OCD and schizophrenia who obsessed about an angry punishing God and hell. She called it "God issues". I meet these sorts of folks all the time. I am a magnet for them.

The whole concept of Universalism is new to me, but it really resonates. As I read your site, I think to myself, "here is a God I can actually LOVE". I never loved God. I was scared to death of him and I always feared that I had somehow messed up and did not have the gospel right and was going to be one of the "non-elect" in the end. I almost gave up my faith when I saw what it was doing to my health. I kept asking myself how a Savior who came into the world and healed people, could be promoting beliefs that were making them sick.


Read your article on the Fruit of the Teaching of Hell. I have suffered mental and emotional illness and so has my daughter (OCD) as a result of these teachings about an angry creator God who is always displeased. I am a nutritional consultant and I have noticed that fundamentalist Christians seem to suffer in larger than average numbers from certain illnesses like food allergies, bowel conditions, migraines, autoimmune disoders, etc. I believe that this can be directly attributed to the fearful anxiety ridden lives they lead. In 2010 we left an IFB (Independent Fundmentalist Baptist) cult and I almost lost my faith altogether as I began to study fundamentalist thought, stress physiology, and illness. I saw the correlation between certain views of God and physical and mental illness. This is the first site I have found on the web that gave me hope. I felt my faith in God slipping away from me. I am not ready to engage in a thorough study of Universalism and I have reject the doctrine of hell that so tormented myself, my children, and many of my friends.


I appreciate your ministry so much. I've been struggling with the idea of eternal hell for the past year or so and it was really killing my view of God, harming my love for him. It is very relieving for me to see that the popular view that eternal hell is a "matter-of-fact" is not necessarily apparent and conspicuous in scripture as some people would have you believe. Thank you so much.


After 37 years of knowing Christ, and 23 yrs. as a pastor, I have been set free to embrace the "blessed hope" or "larger hope" of Christ's full redemption of creation! I would like to know more about how to get involved. I want to spend the rest of my life as a vessel of the unshackled gospel!


Many years ago, in the 80s, I was in the church waiting for meeting to start and reading my Bible which I had often read through, one version after another. Suddenly, I gasped. It was 1 Corinthians 15--- as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. WHAT!!!

I read the entire chapter again! and again! and again! It still said the same thing.
ALL will be saved. Halle lu YAH!!!

As the years went by, I found more and more and more verses all through the Bible confirming that ALL will be saved.

About four years ago, I was taking a class on prayer in a Baptist church. We were supposed to read Romans. Church influences had pretty much erased the ALL will be saved. I was freaking out! Most people would burn in hell forever and ever and ever according to what the church and the teacher was putting out. I was on my knees praying for mercy for all.

Then Holy Spirit took me by the hand and I was reading Romans 5: 12 and read on.
Then it all surfaced in my memory, 1 Corinthiains 15. I call them "twin chapters" both giving the same message. Halle lu YAH!

I'm not in churches any more. I'm not very good at keeping my mouth shut. lol

And there's a lot more false teachings in the church. A lot more......

I asked YAH why he allowed his book to be so mangled. YAH told me he doesn't want the Bible to be a golden calf. He wants a personal relationship with every person. Let them come to him and ask their questions.

Works for me!


If it weren't for your ministry, I would now be an agnostic. I had always struggled with the mainstream concept of eternal torment. It was a mystery to me how most Christians could receive "comfort" and joy from a book that apparently condemns most of humanity to eternal torture. Finally the day came when I knew I had to resolve the issue. The Bible-backed Tentmaker website is a joy to read. An unbearable weight has been lifted from my shoulders.


Thank you for the very quick reply. It just proved God's timing is perfect because I read this after my Wednesday night service, where I had an encounter with God I very much needed. I still have some questions, but now I'm just starting to realize that a relationship with Jesus goes far beyond what words in a book might say. I was trying to have a relationship with a manmade book called the Bible, not with God Himself. The article I read about the misuse of "the word of God" really opened my eyes. The Holy Spirit convicted me, and I did not know how to respond. Being convicted of idolatry is tough, especially when you think the idol truly is God. And I never really grasped the idea of the Holy Spirit revealing the Word through the Bible. Without the Spirit of God, the Bible is just another book. I get that now. I guess it's just a matter of getting it every single day.


Before I came to this understanding I would have panic attacks and cry myself to sleep. This world is deceived but they are still the creation and children of God. Intense study into the Lake of Fire and what it is (a place of purification) is an awakening like I have never had before. The Greek language is fascinating. Truly makes the Bible a book of love and good news.


I am an apologetic minister.  In my quest for the truth I believe that your beliefs on this site are the most logical and scriptural.  Up until now I have been part of baptist churches whether southern or independent and have even considered general baptist beliefs to be close to accurate.  However after much research into the subject of hell and eternity in the Bible I am convinced that I am in error.  I would like to realign myself with a true "scriptural church in my area.  Do you know of any churches in the Lacey/Olympia WA area that believe along these lines that I may attend their services?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you so much for the valuable resources you provide on this site. Love in Christ, Dan



thanks for your  quick response , and the website is a real blessing ,  I  understand the love of God is a lot bigger than most christians realise, and I feel blessed with the gift of that faith that accepts all being in Christ forever. keep up the good work. BJ


I hope you and your wife are doing well. Your website is incredible.
At the point in time I lost touch with you I had pastors checking my
computer history and I wasn't allowed to visit your site.

I'm very much independent of that now as I separated from my husband
and gained some freedom back. When I came back it was under the
condition that he would not be able to control me in the ways he had before.

Anyway....I hope to start writing down what I've been through and spefically
what I experienced during my break down. My mother died three years
ago tragically and threw me into the deepest darkest depression ever.
I had nightmares of her being in hell for months on end and I was finally
hospitalized and drugged. I've been on a slow path of recovery. Rob's book
Love Wins came at a good time as my Orthodox Jewish brother gave it to me
to try and comfort me. As you can imagine I was extremely surprised and thought
of you immediately. I'm glad to be back in touch and hope to meet you both
like we talked about years ago. 


First, thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for the Truth of the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been less than a year since I first heard of the Christian Universalist message -- have suffered with the fear of hell since about age 8 when I was immersed in the Roman Catholic theology and found pornography in my home and began to think I was a hopeless case - I am now 57 - I found Tentmaker, then Gerry Beauchemin, Charles Slagle, Thomas Talbott) and I am being slowly healed of almost fifty years of toxic theology.

I was divorced several years ago and my son, Jonathan, has since decided he doesn't believe anymore. He was brought up in what I thought were really good churches at the time, but now realize he was exposed to a different version of the toxic theology that devastated my life. I feel like I have failed him and the emotional pain of that is really overwhelming at times. Believing the Truth certainly helps, but I pray with many tears that my son would be restored to our Savior and with correct understanding - Jesus, the Savior of ALL men, especially us who believe. Thanks again, David


Tentmaker is a great resource, especially the scholarly section. Gary Amirault and Michelle Amirault were a godsend during my year of spiritual hell as a closet universalist.


Thank you. I have been having the same questions for months now. I travel a lot and work in many places. I love the people I meet and cannot understand how the God I love is the God who sends men to hell. Please don't stop. My parents are ministers and even they won't understand. Thank you. Brother


Would just REALLY like to say thanks for taking the time to recognize the truth, mercy and grace of our Creator's spirit and putting it out there. I have felt for so long that teaching that our Father was capable of unending cruelty was the most grievous slander any body could throw at Him. It's such a relief to see people finding the greater truth! May many blessings come your way! Paul


I so relate to u right now Gary...I'm having root canal pain now too...it was done 12 yrs ago
and has been very sensitive the last few weeks....Sometimes the pain makes me not want? to go on...Yet this is absolutely nothing compared to the idea of eternal torment...which no one really believes in...Oh they make think they do - but no one can really believe in it consistenly - u would have to go mad!


I am a Christian, and your site has been invaluable as I've continued to recover from immobilizing anxiety, depression and raw fear generated by mere thoughts of eternal conscious torment.


Have to read more!

Thankyou!!! Gary, I just finished reading The Two Pillars of the New Covenant, and I am excited about what you wrote. Have to read more on this site. Patricia


The Most Importants Truths

Gary, just so you know, your website and videos are invaluable, and all the work that you do in all of this is very, VERY appreciated. Thank you. And don't get discouraged! You are teaching one of THE most important truths that can be taught in this day and age. You are being a valiant warrior of the Light! Stay strong! Much, much shalom and? all things good to you, Yirme


Deceit Being Lifted!

Wow, you sure have put a lot of effort and? work into your site - how wonderful it is that after hundreds of years of doom, religious nonsence and outright lies, THE VEIL OF DECEIT is being lifted for all the world to see! May the Lord bless everything you do. Shalom.


Cannot Abandon Belief in Universal Salvation through Jesus Christ
After being a church goer for most of my life, it is lonely not having a fellowship of like minded believers. It hurts when past church and family member see me as leaving God. But there is freedom, and peace that comes from the belief of God reconciling the world back to himself which is not based on fellowship and which I cannot abandon.Let us continue to encourage the world that God is Love and has taken care of everything through Jesus Christ. Steve


My parents were Independent Baptist missionaries to Turkey.  They were supposed to spread God's love, but spent most of their time in bitter & hateful combat with each other.  By the time I was a teenager my mother left my father.  Since that time my father has remarried once and my mother twice.  They seem to be in a spiral of bitterness and judgement.  For many years I turned my back on God because I could not understand how a loving God could so spitefully and viciously punish those that rejected him.  I could not justify an eternal damnation for even the worst characters the world has seen.  But recently I saw the light.  Jesus' words have always rung true for me, but I finally understood.  All the fear and anger slipped away & I was left with nothing but peace.  Jesus forgave me & I did not need to hurt myself or others to feel alive.  I have never felt so great or so alone on this earth.  Most of my friends have a hatred for religion and don't see this as anything but a religious experience that will soon fade.  My mother believes that the KJV is the infallible word of God and does not not accept my salvation as valid, because as she puts it, if there is no hell, there is no heaven.  Finding your site was inspirational to me.  It gives me hope that there are people who believe in a truly pure and kind God that does not wish for any to perish.  And what type of God would he be if he was not victorious over sin & death?  This might sound a little strange, but the reason I am contacting you is that I need someone to talk to.  Someone who understands what true redemption is & what a second life with Christ is really like. Joshua


Free from the lie of Hell
What a blessing this is. I have never believed in Hell but have always been taught to believe it....for the past 60 years..I am free from the lie. Gary...thank you, my dear friend. Mike

Pastor husband wife feuds bring confusion
Gary Amirault's article on The Best Bible Translation brouogh tears of joy to my eys. At last I read what I personally have found to be the truth. THANK YOU for sharing.


There are those who believe in the salvation of all mankind in every denomination of Christianity. They do not verbalize it because of the persecution they might receive. But surveys of Christians in main-line denominations prove many of them do NOT believe in Hell even though the teaching of Hell is part of their denomination's teachings. Many seminary professors and church leaders personally do not believe in Hell, but they do not make a big issue out of it for fear of losing their position and income. - This passage identifies myself and my ministry to a tee. I do not believe there is a place called hell. I believe that all people will be saved based on the work of Christ, not anything that they believe, do or don't do. My income comes from the church people that believe in hell. QUESTION: What is your advice for a guy like myself? If you don't respond it's no harm, no foul. I just believe in my heart that if a person's heart is kinder then their doctrine, something is wrong with their doctrine. Thank you for listening. If you have any thing to share please do.


Hello Gary and Michelle. I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying your site very much. I found a link in a book I was reading called,"Raising Hell." In the past few years I have been growing tremendously since I found the message of grace. The more I explore the more treasure I find.

I had no idea 2 years ago that I would come to a point where I would consider universalism. However, it seemed to be the natural progression once I got hold of the message of grace.

Exploring the various books and teachers of universalism has me on a path to no longer believing in hell. I do believe there will be a punishment period, not a permanent though, one for those who need it.

The more I learn about the God of Love and what He has done for us in Jesus Christ the less and less it seems that such a God as this would destroy any of His creation.

In the last two years I have had more shifts in my beliefs than I have had in the previous 24 years. I just want to say thank you for your part in that process. You have a great site with lots of good good information. God Bless you both, Tony


I just wanted to thank you for your website and for all your teachings. I have been tormented all my life on these issues of hell. I couldn't understand that if most were destined for hell then what was the purpose of even existing? God knows the beginning and the end and if that was our destiney, he would not have created us in the first place. Bless you Gary and your wife and all involved in this. You have literally saved my sanity and my life. Brian


As I got older, I struggled with these contradictions and during such emotional pain, I found the Tentmaker ministries and after hearing your testimony, it was like the door opened and the sun came in! It's about mercy. Mercy for the whole world. All the scriptures telling us of the world being saved came to life and I was able to see how many of the eternal hell scriptures have been assumed or added or just taken out of context.
And I have to laugh at the idea that if we all believed in universal salvation, we would just eat, drink and be merry with no convictions - why not? We're all saved - lets party down! But it’s the opposite. It’s made me want to serve Him more and I have a deeper love and gratitude toward my heavenly Father. Do I live a perfect life? Hell, no! Still trying to quit smoking!

But I have a new desire to get back into the Word and seek Him. It is like being reborn all over again. But this time, it’s more peaceful transformation. It feels like deep inside I’ve always known this truth and never had the guts to admit it. As the scripture says His love TRIUMPHS over judgement! Amen!


I've been a follower of Jesus for almost 50 years (off and on) being born again?? at a Baptist summer camp in 1963.  Since then I have studied and attended various Christian faiths including Methodist, Lutheran, Charismatic, Church of Christ and others.  Currently I have been out of "church" for several years and have relied on my own studies and the internet in my search for the REAL truth of the gospel.

My mother and grandmother were Unitarian Universalists and did not believe in salvation through Jesus Christ.   Although neither of them made much of an attempt to get me to go to church, I knew what they believed and flatly rejected it because it did not include salvation through Christ, which was very plain to me when I read the Bible.  I guess that's what has taken me so long to finally see the truth in Universalism.  This is the 3rd time the Lord has brought me to this door, but up til now I have refused to enter in.

I really am not sure why I started reading on your site, but I give all the credit to Him.  As soon as I read a couple of things (I don't even remember what), the Lord flooded me with His entire salvation plan.  I saw things like I had never seen them before and it all became so plain to me.  My wife and I talked about it for hours!

Thank you very much for being obedient to put all of this info out there for anyone to find.  The Lord has used you in finally bringing me to what I've been praying for years about.  I had given up entirely on man's religion and prayed that the Lord would bring me to the absolute truth of His plan, even if it meant that He had to destroy everything I had ever been taught about Him. Thanks again, Roger


I just want to thank you for this site. I am a Catholic who went to Catholic grade school and has gone to mass all of my life, and I have always found peace and joy in going. I wouldn't say we are too intense about fire preaching, but we definitely are taught that those who die apart from Christ go to Hell, and a lot of things didn't add up to me about this. I just got tired of blindly accepting everything the church told me so I decided to take initiative for my own learning, and I am pleased to have found this site.

I have spent too much time worrying about Hell and fearing people that I know are going there. While I wouldn't say I'm completely sold on Universalism yet, this site has given me hope and has assured me that by trusting God, I have nothing to fear. It is so much easier to love and live life to the fullest now with my renewed sense of hope, joy and innocence that I fondly recall having in elementary school. So I ask you how should I go about researching the topic of Hell and figuring all these things out?  And how do I let go of that small part of me who is scared to let go of my belief of Hell? I mean I would hate for this all to be wrong. God bless you, and please pray for me that I will be bathed in the light and truth. Max


 I would like to begin by saying how touched I was, from the outset, by your videos. If truth be told, as I listened to you speak of the wonderful gospel of Christ my heart began to well-up inside of me as I fought to hold back the tears that were filling my eyes.  I am a "catholic" man of 52 years and for all my life, I have believed in God and in Christ. Most of that time however has been spent in guilt and fear and shame, trapped as it were, in a vicious repeating circle of sin and remorse, never quiet reaching that 'summit of perfection' that would keep my soul from hell. As my life progressed I began to realise that ingrained guilt and feelings of unworthiness can have terrible results and that rather than freeing a soul from 'sin' (falling short of the mark) it can cause the opposite to happen. Don't get me wrong, I know I am a sinner. I know I am not worthy. I know I am guilty, but how to overcome my sinful, unworthy and guilty nature so that I might avoid hell and eternal damnation has always eluded me. I have tried repenting and believing, I have fasted and died to self and prayed a thousand rosaries.  I have whipped my body with leather thongs and tied knotted cords around my waist until it almost bleed, I have went on pilgrimage and prayed to every saint I can think of, I have spent hours in Eucharistic adoration. I spent six years in a lay Christian community working like a dog, morning, noon and night, quite often in meagre conditions, all it seems, to no avail. No matter how hard I tried, my sinful nature just would not submit and all I was left with was this fearful feeling that I was destined for eternal hell.  This, Christ, that I had believed in, for most of my sorry life, was not able to save me from myself...What a sorry state I was in. Here I was, a sinner from the moment of my conception to the moment of my death and in the blinking of an eye, (three score and ten,,, I think less for me) I was to be, thrust into hell, with no hope of remission; and all for not quite, 'making the mark'? The only sort of religion that could come up with a plan like that, was one that had planned to control my/your whole life from beginning to end, a religion of slavery to an earthly god, a god who could not speak, or see, or hear, let alone save. I don't blame God or Jesus his Christ and son for any of this. I blame the so-called religious leaders who bar up the gates of heaven to men with their rules and regulation. They fill their barns with plenty as their sheep suffer and die for want of a Sheppard. They call black white and white black, they, turn everything upside down.

 So what was it about your videos that touched me so much? It was remembering that God loved me so much that he sent his own beloved son to save me because I was wholly incapable of saving myself, no matter how hard I tried. It was the knowing, but never really knowing, never really understanding the concept of "I will draw all men unto myself" and other similar passages of scripture.

This fear and guilt, that I had been branded with, like a stain on my heart, that could never be removed never really triggered the magic bullet that would set me free from sin. The only thing in my life that ever motivated me to do anything remotely good was love. Loving and receiving love in return filled and renewed my heart and being with such hope in humanity. The only time I ever felt happy was when I was helping someone through a simple act of love. Love is the changing force of God, not hell and condemnation. I don't know how it all works out in the end but Jesus, the Christ, the son of the living God loves me so much that right at this moment I feel like exploding. Perhaps there is some sort of reincarnation or 'you must be born again' thingy that will eventually see all men reconciled to God through Christ, I don't know. Just for now, I can lay my weary head on His breast and just accept that I am loved in spite of everything and recognise once and for all that it is love, not guilt, that wins the day.

St Paul had this, or something similar, to say about love.
Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5 or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6 It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7 Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

If God is love then these must be some of his attributes. Why then do his 'so-called friends' say he is a god of hell?

Indoctrination is a terrible thing. It can make men do the most terrible things and once in the trap it is very hard to shake. Brian


thank you for all you do...i pray almost everyday for God's truth about ultimate reconcillation to spread throughout the world and for Satan's lies to be destroyed...it is not me that remembers to pray this...i feel it is God Himself who reminds me. Rich and Laura


I was raised Catholic. In October 2011, two of my grandparents passed away the same week after long battles with Alzheimer's and Dementia. It set me into a crisis that lasted about a year. My grandfather had Alzheimer's, my grandmother dementia. It was incredibly hard to watch them suffer so much and lose their identities, and my family and I were unable to do anything to help them. During this time I began thinking about the suffering of non-Catholics. Previously I had been self-righteous and nonchalant about the suffering of certain people, content to believe it was a person's "choice" if he wanted to be tormented for eternity. ...But watching my grandparents suffer so much, my old set of beliefs no longer worked for me; I could not be anything but sickeningly miserable believing in a God who punishes a single person for eternity. Seeing my grandparents whither away of their illnesses humbled me.
After my grandparents' death I began looking to my faith for comfort but all I got was perturbing. Thinking about my Jewish, atheist, agnostic --all my non-Christian friends and family members-- suffering for eternity terrified me. Thinking about people I don't even know being going through torture for eternity terrified me -- even rapists, murderers, "evil" people... The thing is, I don't want *anyone* to suffer for eternity. Unable to reconcile my compassion for my neighbors and belief that my neighbors were one heartbeat away from being punished for eternity, I left Catholicism.
In the early summer I found your Youtube page. From October to then, I was becoming physically ill from my fear of an "eternal damnation" god; I lost a lot weight and I was getting frequent heart palpitations. When I found your Youtube page, at first I was skeptical. I thought you were a well-intentioned person promoting something you wished was true, but had little reason for actually believing. But the more I have watched, the more I have believed that Jesus is the savior of every single person.
I want to thank you so much for the work that you do. Though I'm still not where I'd like to be in terms of my conviction in belief of universal salvation, I am SO much better now than before I found your work. Please keep up the work that you do. Your message is beautiful.


From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Christ and the Holy Spirit directing me towards your site. I almost lost all my faith because I was trapped in traditional and doctrinal Christianity and could not understand how a Loving Father will send Children knowingly before hand to hell. Why then create them in the first place. I mean as a father myself of a 3 month old son, I cannot, will not, does not want him to serve an eternity for mistakes away from me. Even if he rejects me as a Father one day, my love for my child cannot grow cold to such an extent that I want him to be tortured forever. In fact I will serve his term for him if i could. Now if i was made to the image of God how can my heavenly father wants this for his children?
Anyhow thank you for all your messages. It's been a road for me that have taken me from dispensationalism to what I believe the truth is in preterism and victorious gospel of Jesus.  I know the Spirit has led me to the truth. Of course my old dispensational friends don't see me as a brother anymore and that I am now part of the great apostasy, will miss the rapture and will be going to hell.
By the way I am from South Africa where we are fundamentally religious. I have been branded a heretic and my place is booked in hell, especially because I believe in preterism and the universal salvation for all through Jesus Christ. I am called to spread this message, but don't have formal ministry training so I am hesitant. Anyhow thanks for listening and please excuse my English it is not my first language. Kind regards, Wynand


My son’s friend stepped out in front of a train a couple years ago. He had Bipolar Disorder and wasn’t taking his meds. After this happened, my son, who also has Bipolar asked me,”I don’t think that Mike went to church and I don’t know if he believed in God. Does this mean he is going to burn in hell? He never hurt anyone in his life and was such a good person. He couldn’t help it he was Bipolar.If he’s going to hell I don’t want anything to do with a God that would do that to my friend”. WHAT an eye-opener! Something in Christianity always bothered me, well two things actually, HELL and God not saving ALL MEN…For five years I have struggled with these two teaching of the church. I finally found your website and WOW! There is was! This is what I’ve been looking for for years. Now I found the true and yes, with the help of the Holy Spirit I now read my bible. God is Awesome! And now I know, God loves Everyone, all of His creation!!!!!!!


I remember being at a bible study at a church I was attending in Wisconsin. One guy brought up the all too common statistic that 4 out of 5 people were going to hell. Something like that anyway. I remember saying, "man, that's sad". His response. . . "I don't care, as long as I'm on my way to heaven". I was still very new in the faith but remember thinking. . . . . . How selfish.


Thanks for distinguishing between the universalism where a magic wand is waved and all go to heaven and the universalism that is grounded in the work of Christ.  It is always encouraging to find others who have come the conclusion that the God of the scriptures has a purposeful design unfolding where the renewal of all things is his ultimate goal and His ultimate glory.


First off, I have enjoyed your site. There is a time in my Christian life when I would've avoided it at all cost. Although I have always hoped that I was wrong in my acceptance of eternal punishment, etc., I could never find enough counter information for me to make an informed decision. After reading most of what's available on your website as well as numerous other articles and several books (Hope Beyond Hell & others), I have moved considerably close to adopting a Christian Universalism stance.


I just wanted to thank you for your work on "HELL". Your site is well-done and has it all on one page- This word "HELL" and the  translations, and use by denominations and preachers  has caused much anguish and darkness to descend on the world. Let me say- that I appreciate your work


Dear Gary.  I just wanted to let you know that I am appreciating your emails and teachings.  What a difference from the teaching of the main stream churches.  I have quit going to church because I feel there is something critical missing.  I am bored with the ritual of church.  I know they have truth but, a little leaven, leavens the whole body of truth.  I know that you spend a lot of time researching your teachings and I just want to let you know it isn't lost.  Thank you for taking the time to stay at it.  Your most recent bible matters article really touched me.


Why do I feel a sudden inspiration of hope and a feeling as if everything suddenly makes sense as I watch your videos, like the first breeze of spring and that deep inhale you take knowing that the bitter cold has passed... :-)


I just wanted to express how grateful I am for this website. It has put many fears and doubts that I had to rest. I grew up in a very conservative Baptist church. Hell was often taught and preached about for the 16 years I was there, since I was a child. I got away from God and left the church when I was 23 years old, to marry the man I loved who my church disagreed with. The idea of hell always terrified me and even though my husband claimed to be saved I was still horrified that he might not be and that he might spend eternity tormented forever in hell. I would sometimes have a panic attack thinking about it and I would beg him to be sure he was saved. Eventually I began to question God's existence because the bible said God is love, and how could love do such a thing? I found myself wishing God didn't exist so that hell was not real. When I came upon your website and saw my questions answered and saw that God IS a God of love I literally bawled my eyes out with relief. Such a weight was lifted from my heart and I can't thank God enough for leading me to your site and for affirming my belief in a God of compassion and love! Thankyou so much and God bless you. Corinna


God Bless you for teaching the truth, I have spent decades trying to love God, Tonite He answered my prayers, I feel saved for the first time in my Christian walk.


Your videos are my only comfort right now after being traumatized from watching Bill Wiese's "23 Minutes In Hell". I became so depressed, and I could honestly say that I thought I was gonna end up insane. I can't tell you how many times I've cried out to god to tell me it's not true.


Gary, thank you for the newsletters and the video. your work has greatly helped me to understand the scriptures and the love God has for everyone. Brian


Tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy

I just want to thank you (I hope I am sending these the right way). I am incredibly thankful for those who spread and have spread the truth of universal reconciliation (despite the dangers, etc.) and God for drawing me to this belief! I have been a christian ever since I remember (I am 18) but have just recently started believing in universal reconciliation. I am truly blessed that I have had VERY strong faith my whole life but in the last year or two I remember accidentally going down a place Bourbon Street (a bad street filled with "strip clubs" bars etc.) with my family in New Orleans and practically mourning those who worked at and went to those places because I believed they would probably go to hell and I thought and cried much on the matter. Even after our vacation the thought of people having to spend all eternity in hell which also seemed unfair to me because while I may have sinned in different ways than them I have still sinned (if anything I deserved hell more than them because I had sinned knowing better). I simply could not agree with God even though I "knew" he was right and prayed to understand but slowly began to lose my faith. And one night I was truely struggling to keep my faith and in desperation I searched google for somthing along the lines of "how keep faith hell" for any possible advice on how not to lose my faith due to my belief in hell (I wrote it like that because I find that google works better when you use less words). And that is when I found a page on Tentmaker by John W. Hanson about the different words translated into hell and I was very cautious but it was convincing enough to do more research into this "Universal Reconciliation" so I looked up books on my e-reader and found one called somthing like "At the End of Ages Aboloshon of Hell " and was convinced from that. I have since read on the Tentmaker site and watched some of your Youtube videos. I used to cry in misery because of my belief in hell. But now I cry with joy because I know we will all be saved! :)


I have great faith in Biblical universalism...Your videos have inspired me greatly and have given me more faith in God. I go to a Christian school and everyone there believes in eternal damnation. I know too many people who turn away from God because of this teaching. My father also has issues with believing in God because he has a difficult time understanding the contradictions that "orthodox Christians" hold. I plan on writing a very long article about biblical universalism for my school project...There is a sincerity that Ifind from Christians who preach universal salvation (like you) that I just don't see in Christians who preach Hell all the time. Thanks, Yiyi


Thank you for your videos. They help me understand that God truly will save everybody. Since accepting this idea, I feel like I can truly love and trust God. I also love others more freely because I now realize God's love for them is so powerful and unconditional.


Been a believer in Hell for 23 years. Been in depression and suicidal over a period of 8 years, blaming the devil. Just discovered through His leading your site and others on Universal salvation. What can I say!? please pray for me to come through into clear understanding and have the lies understood and rooted out. Thanks for the site


thank you for your website, it has enlightened me greatly.  thank you-keep up your excellant work--love you bro.


Kept Me from Committing Suicide

"Your teachings (not that they are "yours") have changed my life. After putting up with the doubletalk and confusion I experienced in a Baptist church (which I point out was a church full of intelligent and lovely people for whom I still have admiration and respect) I just found it harder and harder to keep the ideas together in my mind. My suspicion is that Christians encounter reality in Jesus Christ, which is something so real that even when their theology causes them confusion and angst, they choose to withstand the trauma and dilemma because they think that to do otherwise would be tantamount to forsaking their faith. They cope amidst theological crisis generated by hell by adopting beliefs such as: “God is chastening me”, “God is mysterious, I am a mere man”, “I must have more faith”, “it does not need to make sense” etc., or worse, they see their intellectual suffering as being a form of spiritual maturity even though it is simply a consequence of the diabolical ideas they have of God.

If a person genuinely believes in the doctrine of eternal torment and is prepared to accept the double talk of many teachers such as “God is love, but He is also holy” i.e. “Look out, it is not all Good News!”, then it takes the scope for emotional suffering to a level beyond what people can cope with. I can personally attest to the fact that if a person genuinely believes that they or a loved one is going to hell, they go insane, become cold and indifferent, become dissociative or develop some other coping mechanism. So much for the Truth setting one free…

As a case on point, one person I have known since my childhood, a highly intelligent bible translator, has battled with severe mental illness for years and I am quite suspicious this is partly because of his views of God and Jesus. I believe he has experienced the reality of the Jesus, but I believe he has developed layers of thinking and adopted highly complicated yet convoluted theological beliefs in an effort to settle his troubled mind (he is an ardent Calvinist by the way, and a huge fan of Spurgeon and Rushdoony). People see him as wise and a man of great integrity, yet he made an attempt on his own life in the 1980s, and was also hospitalised 8 years ago because he was suicidal...
The doctrine of hell allows people to act in this way without reservation, because they look at the perceived stakes (eternal bliss or eternal torment) and conclude that all behaviours are acceptable in obeying God’s mandate or obedience (i.e. following the Law). Love and grace somehow become less important than “God’s Law”, and the result is truly toxic. It also creates Christians that are split, as they cannot keep all the laws, so they pick and choose ones which they can uphold better than the others. I suspect this is why certain sins are more accepted in the church than others. If you swear or cuss, that is treated severely because people can learn to not swear without particular effort. If on the other hand you treat your wife badly, that is considered a more difficult sin to deal with and is rarely attacked with the same fervour (in my short experience).

This person now blogs frequently on social decay in the Western World and preaches that our society must implement God’s Law or face doom. He condemns abortion, which is patently hypocritical for reasons I will not divulge (he also secretly empathises with the plight of the shooter in Norway). I do not feel angry at him, I actually feel sorry for him, and I feel shame at my own life when I look at his. I have the same tendencies to be legalistic and hypocritical and had it not been for Tentmaker, I would have gone down exactly the same path. That is, had I maintained a belief in eternal torment, I would have felt perfectly justified in being an absolute tyrant in my dealings with my loved ones (“There are more important and pressing things at stake – the world is going to hell!”). It would not (and did not) produce kindness or mercy in me; it did (and would have continued to) do the opposite!

I hope I have not wasted your time in writing to you at length, but I suspect you get tired of personal attacks and outright aggression towards your teachings (I once told my bible group about universalism, and it was met with resistance or silence from nearly all of them). Please keep in mind that I strongly suspect your website may have prevented my own suicide, and more likely prevented me from becoming completely insane from the terror and fear of hell.


Parrotting What Priests Tell Them

I visit your website almost everyday and I would just like to thank you for all the info you've been sharing. I agree with you that a loving God wouldn't even allow such a horrific place such as hell to exist. All my friends call me crazy or even sometimes a heretic but then again they're just parotting what their priests tell them. Again thank you so much. You have helped me on my journey to find Christ.


Father sending His own children into a "lake of fire?"

Just wanted to say that I have always struggled with the idea of loving a "Father" who would cast His own children into a "Lake of Fire" for all eternity. After reading your article on that very subject, I must say I like what I have read and agree with you. Thank you for your help.


Given Up On Christianity

I had given up on religion and Christ specifically until I read some of your literature and realized "judgement and hell" are not all there is in Christianity.


Can't Take Me Back To Hell

For some, the fact that God would draw/drag all men to Himself is too good to be true. The highest hurdle for some to climb is believing God is love and in Him is no variation or shadow of turning. We often can't see past our depravity to see His provision for our fallen state. I'm so glad I'm no longer bound by this "but-head" (goat analogy, not an insult) theology. In the past I was so afraid of God and hell and His threat of punishment, that I often punished myself for Him. I thought perhaps if I was despondent enough or hated myself enough for my sin, He would have mercy. There is no way any one or anything could get me to go back to that mentality, and they do try. God is good. Love wins. His plan will be fulfilled. Hallelujah!


Would Not Be Alive...

How I appreciate your labor, your willingness to go beyond the traditions of men and seek His truth, with scholarship, integrity, and the Holy Spirit as teacher and guide.  Am SO grateful that the Lord has allowed me to benefit from your effort as my job as a nurse and mother has not left the time to do much more than feast from the tables set by others - yourselves.  I would not be alive today without the knowledge of His ultimate reconciliation - would not have been able to live with the anguish of watching the world around me, one by one, going to "traditional" hell.  How great is His mercy and grace!!  Thank you again for sharing your work.  With joy and anticipation in Him. Pamela


Kept Sane By Christian Universalism

A few years ago, Mr. Amirault, your site saved my sanity in my own search.  On February 3, 2005, I sat cross legged in the bed beside my brother, holding his hand as he died a lingering, horrible death.

I don't have to tell you the absolute horror and mind shrieking silent scream of pain that ripped through me as he took his last breath. Those who have walked this path know that agony, those who have yet to face that absolute reality of mortality do not, and cannot truly understand it as we do. There are no words to describe what it does to you, to the depths of our being.

It began my earnest search for real truth, just as you describe in this message. While my brother had rededicated his life to God during his battle with cancer, there are those who teach that, unless you LIVE it in this life, it does not count. Knowing my brother had lived a life of rebellion, it haunted me to no end.

In my search, I found countless books and websites that seemed to GLEEFULLY describe the pains and agonies and tortures of hell in lurid detail. The authors seemed to take great joy in describing hell, tempering it, of course, with a short altar call description of Jesus, but the main focus was on the negative message of eternal torment.

www. tentmaker.org truly saved my sanity. It is sad that this site is so outnumbered by the ones that fully embrace the dark, depressing, and discouraging tales of hell, but I thank God for you in having the courage to continue to stand in the face of such darkness, boldly proclaiming Light and love. The real hope and love of God that you have shared here cannot be underestimated.

I pray that anyone who comes here will be touched by the depths of God's love that knows no bounds! May they be healed by this message of real Agape love, have their fears eased and their understanding of truth expanded in ways they cannot imagine. God bless you for faithfully standing on the truth of God's love and for sharing that truth in the face of the darkest most misguided teaching of the church that springs from the dark ages of human history.


Piece of Mind That's Been Missing

I listened to a couple of the audio's in loves corner, they were very moving, and the web site is great! I have always loved God and always felt his presence in my life, yet could I never call my self a Christian because I never believed in the way most Christian based faiths would have you believe. I never understood how a person could live his or her life from a good place and yet maybe because they believed differently they were going to burn in Hell. And because I know that God knows my heart I could never pretend to believe the same things because the way I see it that would make me a hypercritical person. I have been on this journey a long time and now feel that I am getting the peace of mind that's been missing. Thank You and God bless. Catherine.


"thanks gary for your tentmaker website! the books you have for free there have made it really easy for me research the word aion and read about the origin and history of "hell". Nothing that i've learned in my entire christians life has made me feel more at peace and FREE and i'm seeing God in such a different light! I had no idea there was scriptual backing for universalism." Sarah


Mr. Amirault your website was the beginning to opening my eyes to biblical universalism. Thank you, your video about the Lake of Fire started it all for me. I looked up basanos and I was amazed that everything you said was true. Daniel


Gary, I remember the time when God revealed to my wife and I, simply through Bible reading, that the doctrine of the escapist rapture was not scriptural. My wife convinced me that this was not necessarily a truth whose time had come and that many people were not ready for it. I can certainly have fellowship with people whp disagree with me on such issues. I can also have communion with those who do not agree with me as to ultimate reconciliation but the fact is, that when it comes to this understanding of God and His Nature, one cannot and must not withhold the revelation which God Himself has sent. This goes beyond doctrine and belief and delves to the very heart of our knowing The Father. It truly divides the soul and spirit like bone and marrow. I remember Andrew Jukes booklet, "The restoration of All Things", which I first recieved in the 1970's, he spoke of how our concept and understanding of God affected our relationship with Him and with men. If we have an Augustinian predeliction we will be hard toward others. I cannot speak as to our church forefathers and as to whether or not they were sincere in their beliefs, but by the fruit of their works I know that either they had an agenda to control the masses or they were led astray by deceiving spirits. I can think of no other source which would cause men of faith to condemn unbaptized infants, as well as most of the world, to the horrors of hell. For years I have seen this and known it in my spirit yet I feared the idea of its teaching was an offshoot of Universalism and would lead to other paths to God which I could not justify by the scriptures. I am so happy that God has supplied me with Tentmaker and all of it's resources to show that all the scriptures are true and that the God of the New Testament is the same as the God of the Old. We have been taught to fear the old and love the new. What does that tell us, except that we misunderstand the basic nature of God? I thank Him that He is neverchanging and that ALL of His promises are yea and amen. There is no other way, there is no other name, there is no need for anything save Jesus Christ our Savior. May God continue to bless you and your family. Thanks for being there. Love in Christ - Mark


First Glimmer of Hope...

I counseled a lady today who's son committed suicide. Her brother had an argument with her and told her that her son is burning in hell. Oh my goodness, the Holy Spirit rose up in me and all the salvation for all scriptures poured out of me. Thank you Jesus that you have given me this awesome good news. When we finished our conversation this dear lady had the first glimmer of hope that she has had in a while. Thank you Lord for your love!


I have read 'Universalism Is Not In The Bible?' many times and must thank you from the deepest depths of my heart. I have always held to this truth and your paper put in words what I could never. Well done and thanks again. Darren


Suffered Tithing Abuse

The article on tithing was great I have struggled with this a long while. I have been persecuted, because of finances, have tithed and it was not enough to the Pastor.


universalism is the faith of the heart

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website. It has been a study aide to me as I wade through and question my own faith. I believe universalism is the faith of the heart -- the heart knows the truth when it meets Jesus -- and the Christianity in the world today breaks my heart. So your website stands as a beacon of light and love, and I am so grateful for it. I would love to know more about resources for churches and communities! Sean


Thanks. I've been reading your teachings for 3 days. I am making myself leave the computer to get my work done. I am awed.Thanks again.


learning of the all inclusive love of God and false teachings about an eternal burning hell liberated me in ways I cannot begin to put into words. thank you for this video, God bless tentmaker and all of your loving teachers for bringing truth back into our hearts.


"I thank God for Gary and Michelle Amirault, hosts of tentmaker.org. Their website has been a great blessing to me for over 12 years now. When I was a missionary in Senegal, West Africa in the 90's, the wonderful resources on their website greatly helped confirm to my heart the truth of the "Blessed Hope" or "Victorious Gospel" as they like to express it. Gary and Michelle's passion and commitment to proclaim this awesome GOOD NEWS truly inspires me. I know of no other ministry that has done more to make this wonderful message known to the world. In addition to their ministry, I thank God for the special friends they have become to me." Gerry Beauchemin


I thank God for you once again. Brother Gary i don't have words to appreciate what the LORD is doing through you to set us free. It is my prayer that the LORD will also work in us to set others free. For quite a long time i have been struggling within myself with "the Bible says." When a preacher preaches about tithe, he tells us that 'that is the word of God' after quoting some scriptures. But i have always wondered why the same minister will not urge his listenners to sell all that they have and lay all the money at the apostles' feet! Trully the Word of God is Jesus Christ. Thanks for increasing my knowing the truth! I am being set free! I must say that since i connected with you i have a very strong desire to read the Bible. And my joy has increased tremendously. Yes the Bible is not the word of God: "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name."

Thank you so much for the work you are doing to promote the message of God's relentless love. I am extremely grateful for the books you sent me. My family and I have used them in bible studies with several of our friends and found their worth to be incalculable. These works represent a much needed philosophical and theological deconstruction of the dominant script of unmerciful wrath and vengeful hatred of which I have shamefully followed in the past. Thankfully, God has placed me on an alternate trajectory toward understanding the counter script of His love and grace to ALL. Please continue sounding the trumpet of God's true plan for humanity. By His grace, Jonathan

Hello Gary,

I recieved your books sometime ago. At first I was a skeptic. I was not raised in church, in fact when I received The LORDS forgiveness I was 22 and the preacher was a man named C.C. Colter 80 years young, he preached on the prohibition of liquor after the turn of the century, since then 35 years has past. The church I attended was a Church of God from the reformation movement founded by D.S. Warner. This church was Pastored by a good man but very legalistic and strong on the teachings of eternal damnation, and you could lose your salvation but could regain it again and then lose it etc. What I am trying to say is I was like many who wanted to question the eternal damnation doctrine but was afraid to be deceived by the wolves in sheep clothing. After30 years of teaching and preaching this doctrine I no longer do this in fact it has been over a year since I have attended a church service. I am somewhat angry at myself for not doing this years ago. I much to sort through in the teachings I have accepted.

I did read your books several times in fact with much scrutiny. I appreciate the attitude that came through firm but loving and kind. I have passed on some of the books and some of my preacher friends have seemed to broken fellowship with me but at this point it is alright. I will be visiting your website. Thank You, Scott


a blessing bro. to have been brought into the light of His plans for all of mankind and the revelation of just what His love is really like..You are one of the very best of God's production of his truth in this time and for me to be a part of it is very humbling indeed..Love bro. richard


Dear Gary,
My name is Grant Taylor. I am a 19 year old college freshmen from Arkansas. Over the last year of my life I have been undergoing a huge battle of faith almost identical to the one you talk about in your YouTube videos. I was tormented by the idea that God was going to send most of mankind to an everlasting fire. I came within inches of renouncing my faith in the Lord. But then, I came across a website that talked about aion meaning age, and it mentioned a philosophy called Universalism. From there, I discovered the Tentmaker site. And everything changed! I learned about verses that call Christ the Savior of ALL mankind, that say ALL shall be made alive, that say death will be destroyed. Our God is a truly amazing God, and your ministry service made me see it! I thank God for you and your testimony! sincerely, Grant


Wow!  Thank you so much for this article.  I was awake all night wrestling with these ideas and determined I would get up and try to find out the earliest writers and how things have progressed or regressed. And, lo and behold, there was your article to answer questions I have had for years and the 'restoration of all things' was key to my focus. I will be keeping in touch.  Meantime, I have been writing some articles myself which I must finish and this has certainly given me much encouragement to finish with more assurance. God Bless You, Resting in His Finished Work, Sylvia


Now i am learning. I have been combing through the scriptures for over 15 years but i understood NOTHING! I thank the LORD for leading me to this web. I am learning and my spiritual eyes are  being opened.


I am writing an article on why there really isn't a Christian hell as described by fundamentalist and other Christian preachers, pastors, ministers, priests, etc. Really, you have so many resources on your website. Also, there are many resources at the website "What the hell is hell" [I don't know if you are affiliated]. I would like to know if I am able to quote form your books and articles. Although I am not a professional writer I will do my best to do a scholarly and worthwhile article. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Elizabeth PS - Your site has helped me immensely and my fear of hell, as preached during my time at an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist church, has left me entirely. Thank you for your valuable service to humankind. Without this website I might still be living in fear. I have referred several people in the hope that they would become confident in the knowledge that Hell really isn't in the Bible.


Thank you, you have given me relief. I have been studying your website today and most of the night. I was very close to taking my own life because of guilt. I can see better now. This was holding me down and I could not free myself from the thoughts of all of my relatives who never really knew Christ and that they would be tormented for ever while I somehow got away from Hell because I came to America and learned of the Love that God has for us. Now I can rest easy this night knowing that if I die this night and through natural causes that I will see my loved ones again. I also feared hell as a literal place, but was willing to die and go there knowing that God had sent most if not all of the people that I love and hold near my heart. I Love God and want to do good in his eyes and I want him to love me and I am sure that he wants to do good to me and not evil to me. Thank You for having this website and showing me the error of my ways. Thanks be to God that he has opened your eyes and you have done the same for me.


Thank you...from the bottom of my heart. And I thank God Almighty for His teachings through you. Though still overwhelmingly emcompassed by the "burn 'em forever" masses, this revelation of God's universal reconciliation has been like a massive rainbow landing dab in the center of a prison cell. It is how we spell r-e-l-i-e-f and r-e-s-t and p-e-a-c-e and j-o-y!...

Regardless of my "gut sense," this glorious revelation of God's ultimate plan opened before me is a genuine blessing! I now hope to be granted deeper understanding of scripture that specifically flags this dark condition afflicting the majority of Christ's followers who ignorantly denigrate His promise to conquer All of the devil's work and make ALL things new. You are a lovely servant of Christ. May God richly bless your efforts for His holy purpose. Your sister in Christ, Sandy.


When I was young, before studying the scriptures I always believed God loved me no matter what.  I always felt safe and secure with knowing He was a God of love.  I miss that child-like faith and pray that it returns to me. Anyway, when I became 25 years old I got curious about God and my grandmother sent me a booklet on how to get saved.  When I read it, it was like being hit with a ton of bricks.  It basically gave the traditional steps for salvation and said that I had to do it if I didn’t want to spend an eternity in hell.  I remember that day well because my heart broke.  I already thought that I WAS saved in the sense that i would be with God when I died.  Didn’t have a clue the steps to salvation.  I was soooo mad at God (and afraid of Him at the same time) because if, -- what that pamphlet said was true, then if I would've died before knowing this- I would've went to HELL!  I felt soooo betrayed and hurt and scared.  I cried for weeks. 

My husband got upset with me and told me not to read the bible anymore.  But I did. And when I would, I would just get so scared and angry with God.  I tried to live for Him, but I couldn't trust Him with hell hanging over my head.  To shorten this story, I had a nervous breakdown.  I couldn't get it out of my mind, couldn't focus on daily living activities.  I literally went nuts.  Carla. (We are praying and sharing with Carla and we're convinced she will be healed.)


I lost my son in 2008. He was only 25. He wasn't walking with the Lord at the time, so I had many questions about his eternal security. Fortunately I had come across your website the year before and had read about the blessed hope. I wasn't convinced at the time. I wanted to believe but my tradition said not to. I also wasn't prepared to take any backlash I might get from my christian friends. The loss of my son David changed all of that.

 I knew that there was no way I could continue to worship and serve a God who would punish my beloved son with eternal punishment. It didn't make sense.

 Thank you for your ministry and helping me to see that God really is all loving and compassionate. I hope that this is a real comfort to you during your time of mourning. Your brother,  Paul


"Gary, I have looked at your website and seen many of your videos on you tube. Brilliant! Really opened my eyes!" Cindy


Comment: I am freaked out( in a good way)about your position on God's plan of salvation for all men, and yet you still believe in the Word of God (bible), but I can see the Holy Spirit has lead you into the truth of the Logos, in spite of mistranslations of the english version in certain passages. I too have felt this way for a long time, and I've just starting to read interlinear aramaic greek nt bibles and word studies. I have been a christian for a long time and I atend church, and I am starting my own (the Lord & me ) jail ministry. I also am called to minister to everyone, I started to feel like Elijah for a while till I found your site. A lot of Inclusionist & Universalist are not Christ & Holy Spirit centered like you are. I am 56 yrs old, and I am this past year finally going to accept the call to spread the "good news". I have held a deacon's position in prev times and played in the praise worship band. For the past 25 yrs I have quit off & on going to church many many times, because of the "traditions of men " even though the churches claimed those scriptures too. I've been a business man for over 32 yrs, and a year ago my little empire has crumbled, and I've lost most of the material things in my wife's and my life. But I believe the Lord had his hand in it, to get my attention to seek Him out in deeper way, and in so doing I have stumbled across your site. I would love to hear from you, I know you are busy, but if you get a moment please drop me a line, Gods' richest blessings to you and your wife & ministry, In Christ love, Mike


appreciate (more than words can say) the extensive research that Gary has done on this ignored topic. I know of no one that has any more passion and determination to convince the erring church and world that God indeed loves all. Thank you Gary for your sweat, blood, and tears. Hope to discuss this with you in person someday.


Thank you so much for the work you have posted on the Internet. You are like a breath of fresh air to the soul. I really needed to hear this. :)


"Thanks, Gary for the Tentmaker posts.  You have made an indellible impact on my newfound life of freedom in Christ.  Keep the Love."


Comment: I read the whole book Christ Triumphant on your website. I can already say it is the most life-changing book I've ever read. I laughed and cried. Over a theological treatise? You bet. I am going to order copies to show to my Arminian, Calvinist, and agnostic friends, as well as my little sister whose agnostic boyfriend recently committed suicide. Thank you for keeping this hope alive. I will continue to study to show myself approved. Elizabeth J.


"hello Gary,its great to be your friend on facebook,and i support jesus will save all.I have been brought up in a penticostal church since the age of 3 ,and still do attent a penticostal church(c 3 hope )our paster knows what my views are on the fundimental views on eternal hell. As a young  person growing up until a young  adult I have been brought up fearing that if i didnt make it to the very end righteously that i would burn for all eternity, but as i get older the more totaly ridicoulous this concept is.My oldest brother Steve was the person who actually showed me the truth on how Jesus is the saviour of all ,not the potential saviour, and Steve put me on to tentmakers,I have even had some of the boys from work( who haven't accepted Jesus yet) go to tentmakers for a look,as they won't go near a church. I now live loving God much more as i think before i feared God ,more than loved God, and my love for Jesus has gone through the roof. God  Jesus and Holy Spirit are truly awsome we are all in good hands. thanks for all your imput on tentmakers its been liberating. Gary thanks again."


While the fruit of this "Blessed Hope" is just beginning in my life, I am embracing it more everyday. I listen to your pod casts and tell everyone who will listen. I have made a strong evangelical convert here at work who is telling everyone also. So far my pastor has not gotten back with me, but I believe he will (he is an open minded thinker with a doctrine in Theology).
While making my chaplain rounds visiting patients, I was able to share this wonderful news to a lady that her daughter had died five years ago from drugs. Because of her uncertainty of her daughters eternal destiny, the grief was as fresh as if it had happened yesterday. I shared the poem "Better than God" from Purcell's book "Spiritual Terrorism", changing the gender only, for her benefit. I believe her healing has began. Praise be to God!


I am glad to see you promoting the good news. I am sad to see that there are those that God has kept from understanding his message, but I know that He knows best. So many are not seeing that they are in reality trusting in theier own work of belief on Christ to save them and not accepting that He ha done it all. They seem to want to hold onto the idea that they are so much better than the Taliban or Hitler and so are so much more deserving of God's love. They don't see that they are saved by faith, Christ's faith, not their own. This too is a part of His plan, as He is still on plan A - never went to plan B when Adam sinned. Keep up the good work as we are called to spread the news that He has done it all. Norman


I just wanted to thank you for your site and resources the information I am learning here is a true blessing from God. Look foward to making future testimonials of delivering the good news of Christ's "eternal" love for all his creation.


Thanks. I've been reading your teachings for 3 days. I am making myself leave the computer to get my work done. I am awed.Thanks again.


To Mr. Gary Amirault and all at Tentmaker Ministries:
Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for what God has done in my life
through your ministry.  I am from a small town in Mississippi and was
raised as a Southern Baptist.  As most denominations do, I thought we had a
monopoly on the truth.  However, the idea of everlasting punishment always
bothered me and something deep inside me hoped that it was not true.  But
my belief that it was a doctrine taught in the Bible made me cling to it.
This doctrine has kept me in a state of fear for most of my life.  I just
could not have any assurance that I was "really saved" and that God would
not at last send me to hell forever.  Finally, the build up of fear took
it's toll on me, and I suffered a complete "nervous breakdown" similar to
what Mr. Charles Slagle describes in his testimony.  I could not even walk
to my mailbox without suffering from a panic episode.  I could not eat or
sleep.  I thought I was going crazy.  This coupled with the fear of
possibly losing my family and/or my job because of my inability to work
while under such stress almost drove me insane.  I was eventually able to
get it under control with medications and get my life somewhat back to

When I returned to work, a friend introduced me to Calvinism.  At
first, I opposed it vigorously.  But eventually I began to realize that I
had always "passed over" or neglected the Scriptures that dealt with the
sovereignty of God.  Before long, I was reading Edwards and Calvin.  When
asked the questions (either by others or by my own conscience), "why would
God create those whom he knew would reject Him?" or "why would God condemn people to an eternal hell for not having a faith which only He can give?",
I always comforted others and myself with statements such as "well, we can
trust God to do what is right, we just can't comprehend some things." But I
always felt uneasy, as if something just didn't add up.  I was under a load of guilt from fear-inducing Calvinistic teaching.  I began to get really involved in my "local church".  I was teaching Sunday school, Discipleship Training, and I was Outreach leader.  Somehow I felt that if I did enough, God would except me because I was showing the "fruits of repentance".  Now I see what a grand contradiction this was to the salvation by grace I claimed to believe. 

Back to my story - I did genuinely care for the salvation of others, even though I had no assurance of my own salvation.  I just could not understand why others did not take hell seriously, even though they claimed to believe it.  I even went to
Romania on a mission trip to try and save a few from the fire.  While over
there, I preached a false gospel, the "good news" that "God loves you, but
He will torture you forever if you don't love Him".  I will have to answer
for that. 

The day that changed my life was the day that my pastor asked me
to speak on the importance of evangelism.  I stood in front of those people
and expressed my belief in "a hell where people suffer conscious torment
forever and ever".  I got nothing but blank stares.  I went home that night

What happened next I really can't explain, but I believe it was the
Holy Spirit of God speaking to me.  Not in an audible voice and nothing
really profound, just an inner voice asking me to seek the truth.  The next
day, by divine appointment, I stumbled upon your website.  While browsing,
one of the first things I opened was the "213 questions" tract.  I began to
ask myself those questions and read other articles and books on your site.
It didn't take long, and I was convinced.  I was reminded of a Scripture,
"You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free".  When I
thought I had the truth before, it led to nothing but bondage.  But praise
God, the real Truth will indeed set you free!  It was as though the whole
Bible came together.  God's creation made sence, election made sence,
everything finally made sence!  It has not been easy and I have had
questions, but thanks to your ministry I have always been able to find
answers.  God bless you! 

I have especially enjoyed Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin (best book I have ever read outside the Bible), Hope Beyond Hell, and all of the articles by you Mr. Amirault.  I want to thank you so very much for your ministry.  It has been a tremendous source of blessing to me.  I ask that you pray for me as I continue to learn, and most of all, that Christ would be glorified in my life and that your message, the message of the Bible, the true gospel, will continue to increase and become real in the lives of all people.  I apologize for being so long, but I
wanted to let you know that you are making a difference, and please, please
continue what you are doing. Daniel


My Dear Beloved Mother &Father in Christ Gary and Michelle Amirault,  your Great site and good work through it I have been blessed and I rejoiced for the sake of your faithful work. Thanking you, Yours in His Vineyard Pastor P. Ruthjaiseel Babu


I love your work on Tentmaker!!  I have share that sight with many people.  My Pastor friend also loved meeting you in person in Dallas.
People are being liberated everwhere with the TRUE GOSPEL!!
In Him, Brian


My husband and I read your article If Hell is Real...last night and it was truly eye opening....still plowing through your site....thank you for all of the info made freely available...THAT is true love for those in bondage!


Your site is an amazing work of the Holy Spirit. I want to bless you in the name of our Father, Jesus Christ.. I pray to our Father Jesus that you will never be tired and weary in your ministry of reconciliation and that you will conquer all enemies by Love, just like our Father Jesus Christ has taught us.Hallelujah.
Praise Jesus.
My joy knows no bounds and i take delight in serving such an awesome God.


keep up the good work that your doing there.  Tentmaker is awesome!  And I know its because its shining forth God's glorious light and truth. Mike


Awesome. This has changed my life. Thank you. Craig


Thank God for these men and people like them spreading the truth about God and the Aions. I am fed up with all the lies that go on about the Word of God. People have been kept enslaved to fear for too long, and it is about time to free the captives!!! Jesus freed mankind, yet the satanic pagan ideology of hell has put most men back into self imposed slavery. Jesus Christ will not fail at what the Father has set him out to do, and that is to save the WHOLE WORLD.


This video has opened my eyes. I didn't realise that that's what Jesus meant when he said that he had the keys to death and Hades... to think I overlooked that completely. Thanks, and I enjoy your videos!


Thank you so much Gary. The truth has set me free. I know this is the truth, because I'm beginning to manifest more in the love of God and the fruits of his spirit are becomming more evident! Light will always overcome darkness! Praise the Lord!


My heartfelt thanks for the "Hell Test". I have been hounded recently by well meaning christians trying to convert me to their beliefs. I am continually told that I am going to hell because of how I see life and the afterlife. Thank you so much for the words of wisdom. In my book you guys are REAL Christians!
The Hell Test


One lady who has been Pentecostal all of her life said "I wish I had heard this (universal salvation through Jesus Christ when I first became saved -- it sure would have saved me a lot of confusion and heartaches."


Hi Gary, I hope that you can answer this question for me. This question has been in my heart for a long time and I believe that you might have an answer. Why, I believe this is because I believe that you are a man who walk with God in a very deep and powerful way. Why do I believe that you are a man of God who I believe walk with Him is because Gary, I have been coming to your website for several years now and has read different articles that you had written and other authors articles as well. Through your articles I have been given answers that have increase my faith in God. There have been many things that you have discuss on your website where no one would touch because of afraid that they would be ostracize. Through some of your writings, I have had to examine myself, my life, my christan walk. I have wondered if you were ahead of your time through the articles that you have written. You hold back no punches and you are not afraid to say or write what you believe what God is showing or telling you. Your articles are deep, and there are many times that I have to read them more than one time to get the comphrension, because the writings are on a level where alot of christians like myself have not arrive yet. God through your writings causes a person to examine their beliefs, go outside the box. My question is why did God go ahead in creating mankind, create Satan, allow His son to die knowing already what mankind and Satan would do? Why did He allow himself to continue to be hurt, grieve by mankind? Before man or Satan existed, he knew the outcome. I become sadden alot because of the death, disease, violent, etc. that I see in this nation and this world that is beginning to increase more and more. Because He is all knowing, why? Thanks Shirley


"Gary, I appreciate you. Your website saved my life a couple of years ago. Now I'm free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty..........."


Today is Easter and I have seen it in an entirely new light. Over the years I have often sung the song, "He is Lord, He is Lord. He has risen from the dead and He is Lord. EVERY knee shall bow, EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord." The only problem is my theology did not line up with that song because I believed, as I had been taught, the every knee EXCEPT for Satan and the fallen angels and all evil-doers will bow, and every tongue EXCEPT for the one in the mouths of Satan, the demons and fallen angels will confess.......In my heart I had inserted conditions, exceptions and holes into that verse. Today, FINALLY, thanks to this forum, I have reconciled the Scriptures! I SEE for the first time....EVERY knee and EVERY tongue with NO exception will one day acknowledge that Jesus is indeed LORD and it is because of His sacrifice on the cross and His glorious resurrection from the dead. I will never see Easter in the same way again. Today my heart had been soaring, rejoicing and worshiping in a way that I have never done before because I see the totality of the cross and the REAL power of the Gospel (good news) and the total overcoming power of the blood of Jesus. ALL things will be reconciled to HIM and He WILL reign as LORD over all. PRAISE God! Thank you for sharing the truth!! Aletha


"Thank you for pointing me to the TRUE God and his son, who now surely reigns in my heart and I know why he is called the prince of peace. For this I thank you." Patrick


"Thank God for Tentmaker...I thought I was the only one."


And it was about that time that I found my way to Tentmaker, and specifically, to the page entitled "The Hell Test".  Many of the questions there were ones that I had already asked, but I remember that there were two verses that I had not focused on before that I found, which were Romans 5:18-19 and Luke 15:1-7.  I remember I began slightly crying when I read those, because I felt as though I was reading about myself: that I was the lost sheep whom Jesus had found.  Yet, despite the similarity of this feeling to the feeling that the evangelical Christians told me I should feel when I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior, I could feel that there was something fundamentally different.  And it didn't take me very long to recognize what it was.  Had I been saved as those fundamentalist Christians wanted, I would have felt overwhelming guilt and concern for all the unsaved around me.  At this moment, however, all I could feel was an overwhelming sense of joy - joy that God loves not only me, but my family, my friends, and the entire world, and that I ought not to fear that I would never see them again after I die, but instead rejoice that not one human will be denied the saving grace of God's love for his creation.

Indeed, it was quite possibly the irony of ironies: I had been told for much of my life that I was going to eternal hell and that I needed to accept Jesus as my lord and savior right now or else I would burn for all eternity, yet that idea was precisely what prevented me from doing so.  And now that I have become absolutely convinced that I do not need to pledge my life to God in order to escape eternal hell, all of a sudden I want to do so, because I finally believe I can truly love God.  I remember after reading Luke 15:1-7 that all I could do was close my eyes and thank God again and again.  I wasn't even sure what I was thanking him for, whether it was for this knowledge I had newly acquired, whether it was for the gift of life, or whether it was for something entirely different - but I knew I was very thankful.  And I knew that I wanted to devote my life to him, because for the first time in my life I was absolutely certain that he was just God, a God who would not allow his creation to suffer eternally, a God who was truly deserving of worship.

And let me close by saying that I am very thankful to you, as well, for finally giving me the resources I needed to cement in my mind the firm belief that Jesus did save the entire world just like he said he would, and that God is a kind father who ought to be loved, not an abusive father who ought to be feared. Luke


Just wanted to let you know I’ve been a Christian for 40 years. 2 months ago the lord showed me and revealed to me universal salvation. When he showed it to me, I emotionally broke down, could not stop crying for a half hour. Other than my Christian experience when I got saved, nothing has blown me away like this. My peace and joy have gone through the roof. I almost feel like I have been reborn again. Just wanted to let you know the lord is revealing this teaching to his people. Like I said, I was shown it 2 months ago. What a great god we have, the depth, and height ,width, length, of his love is simply mind boggling. Bob


My name is XXXX and I was released from prison aprox. one year ago.  While I was incarcerated, you sent me free of charge, many publications.  I was enlightened by these spiritual delights and I was able to share them whenever the Lord permitted.  Thank you again. Gods Love,


this is walter , my suffering is no where the suffering of most , just want to say i love you and your family as well , God did allow me to suffer just enough to see Him for who He really is , the day i cried out for truth i found your site on the internet , close to a nerves beakdown  i read the words , God is the savoir of all men , and i beleived that , and the pain went away and i had great peace enter my body , this was eight years ago , when God wants me to see something He always allows me to suffer again , i find it hard to say at times it is good with my soul , but i do learn . there is a saying , be carful what you ask for you might just get it , with God this is true . loving you and yours always , walter , ps , i thank God for Christ first then you ken second cause He used you in my life , Gary do you not see God used your faith to keep me wanting to live and say, i hope it is good with our souls .  love you brother


I just found your site after much seeking the last 30 days. The Spirit is burning within me as I read your information. Please pray that I will be connected to the Holy Spirit in all things and will have the wisdom to know what to do in my Christian relationships, including church?


I just went searching biblically for the truth...

I've been a lurker at tentmaker for a few years studying UR and just joined the forums recently. I am a past youth minister at a Baptist church, but the concept of EH always bothered me. In fact, the more I studied hell, the more problems I had with it. I can tell you I tired of watching my group get "re-saved" a couple times a year during youth revival and the such. I also tired of the legalism and tradition in the church...when we have a clear law of love to live by.
Really, I never went looking to convert to UR, just started a detailed side by side study, debated it with those in Church, the Pastor, ect...just to test eternal hell to test my belief.. It took about two years before I professed it. I found the teaching regarding hell so wrong that I let my feelings known. Obvious, I had to leave as the youth minister years ago, but it was something that couldn't be worked out..Still, trying to find a bible believing UR church, but alas, hard to do. Not interested in the New Age UR movement.
I didn't find UR, UR found me, I just went searching biblically for the truth and there it was all along. I wasn't searching for an excuse, something to make me feel good..in fact, my walk with Christ is basically the same.Your info was very helpful. I do send a lot of people to the site and do I use the info there.
Now I strongly debate it. Certainly, not the best, but getting fairly good at it...after all it's the truth. Still learning how UR deals with many other doctrines other that EH...so if your available, I may bother you again.

12/22/2007 You are a blessing to the world.

Thank God for You at Tentmaker! You are a real blessing to the world, I have been blessed by your site over a year now, reading on. You're in for the truth! From Sweden

12/12/2007 I Can't Thank You Enough!

First, I  LOVE your website! I can't thank you enough, for having the wisdom and forethought to challenge, with scripture, religious tradition and dogma. My own personal journey with Christ , through  study, prayer and reading the scriptures, has had me convinced about 'universal salvation" for awhile now. I found myself "squirming" in many a church service at the preaching. It all seemed so hateful and intolerant, manipulative, controlling and a major fear factor. It seemed it turned more people away than it gained. I always questioned "why would GOD almighty, leave something as important as eternal salvation or eternal damnation" in the hands of weak, fleshly, hypocritical "men" to share with other human beings. I could not reconcile this. I am emailing to see if you can help me and our family, find a place of worship, which teaches universal salvation.

11/09/2007 Like a New Dawn to me!

My name is xxxxxxx, i am from Zagreb, capital of Croatia, a small country in south-eastern Europe.

I GOT BORN AGAIN (got to know God to some extent) AT THE AGE 22 after being a kind of atheist, AND I AM ALMOST 39 NOW.





10/02/2007 One's Upbringing Is Hard To Shake

I grew up in a fundamentalist household but eventually could not reconcile a loving, forgiving God with one who would torture people for eternity. I shared my ''heretical'' views with others and was treated as a fallen Christian. One's upbringing is hard to shake and for years I have had a crisis of faith. Finding others who believe as I do who also see scripture as freeing rather than frightening has helped to renew my faith. I find it troubling that so many Christians have no trouble with the idea of a cruel and sadistic God who would condemn most of his children to eternal suffering. This is a God who is worthy only of fear and not adoration.  I am grateful for your knowledge of scripture and its application to a doctrine of universal salvation through Christ.        Many Thanks

4/20/2007: Thank you for all the resources on your TentMaker website.

I am a heathen (= I probably don't believe that the Bible is the word of God, that Jesus was divine, that God, if he exists, meddles in our lives) but I often read about (and even minored in religious studies) the Bible. Maybe I'm searching. Maybe I'm angry/disgusted at much of what is declared to be "good" and "Christian."

It's a real pleasure to read your research, especially the step-by- step reasoning leading to your universalist conclusions, but even more, the TONE of your message is one of generosity, warmth, and inclusion. Because I am not formulating defensive arguments or protecting myself from harsh judgments, I hear what you are saying more clearly.

I will be returning to the site often, and sharing it with others.

Thank you.


I like your scholars corner. Good website!


I must confess, I owe you a debt of gratitude. In January 2000 I began to actively question the doctrine of eternal punishment. The first Internet site I discovered was your hell site. I read Hanson’s “Bible Hell,” and I’ve never been the same.


Hey I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! IT rings with truth and the true Gospel of Good NEWS!! Thank you for preaching the truth for once.. I use to be a man who feared hell and believe me life was hell fearing hell.. No pun intended..lol Well, I don't believe in hell anymore.. I believe we all go back to God.. Some may experience a darker sphere for a brief time or longer depending on how evil they were.. Like for instance people who have no remorse may stay there for awhile


I have already talked to my kids (Margely 13 and Ricardo Jr. 9) about the basic concepts of Christian Universalism. They got it very fast. I am myself fairly new to this teachings.

I can truly say to you that I can never go back again to my old way of thinking. It is OK! I know that people entrenched in religious dogmas will fight this truth to the death. Religion do not like to be told that it is teaching something wrong. This truth is the kind that will cause riots.

As for myself, I am very happy to learn that my Father in heaven is not a Vindictive Sadist who will be sending most humanity to Fry in eternal torment forever.

When I started learning about the truths of universal reconciliation it was like God talking from me 100,000 tons of weight from my soul. I can now pray to God and know that He truly loves me. Before I bowed to God (but I am not sure i loved Him). I was sure I did not want to go to Hell, so therefore I bow to Him.

But now I not only feel true love for Him, but also I know I am love by Him. Why? because if He is capable of Loving All of us (even the unrepentant haters who commit genocide and are sociopaths) even to save them eventually to the outermost, then there is hope for me.

I feel I want to know more and more about my Holy Father now! before i was afraid of knowing him more. Now I want to have a real relationship with Him now. Before I was afraid to have too much communion with Him.

I know that the fact that I came in contact with Your web site and other Christian Universalist web sites is not a coincidence. I know that it was all God doing. I know He is calling me to have a deeper relationship with Him and this was the only way he can accomplish this in my life. I am so greatful to God for allowing such great Web sites like Tentmaker.

Gary, I do not know you, but know this for sure: I love you!

4/13/2007 Site has given me courage...

I'd like to start out by thanking Gary and all those at Tentmaker.org. When I first felt the Holy Spirit in me years ago, I fell in love. I began to love everybody and the idea of punishment (let alone torture or annihiliation) just didn't fit in with what I felt alive inside me.
At that time, however, I was frequenting different 'fundamental' groups which just didn't seem to like the idea of universal salvation. (I remember a time when at a Bible study I was asked to state what saves us. I said 'grace!' But they wanted me to say, 'faith!' -See the difference? They wanted to believe that grace doesn't save! )
And although I 'saw it' all over the place in the Bible that we ALL are God's, and that He will have a glorious creation with ALL of us there in the end, I felt quite alone. (Free will was a doctrine that led to a lot of frustration for me since I felt the love of God and wanted others to feel it. It was frustrating to see so many snicker and refuse such love!)

Anyway, I wanted to say that this site has given me the courage to really stand on what I've felt in my heart since that day in 1990: that God's love really IS bigger than our own love, and when He wants us, He'll call us. And like Paul, we won't be able but to respond: 'Here I am Lord!' (What happened to Paul will happen to all!)

I understand how many don't want to believe that all will be saved. A preacher was once asked if he could believe in universal salvation. His reply? "I could believe it, but I wouldn't dare preach it. I'd lose my congregation!"

They say that it's a devilish doctrine. But I ask, if God hasn't already saved all, then why did Jesus say, "I have come to save the world." Was He lying? Did He fail? -I think not. In fact, His last words were, "It is finished."

P.S. And what's all that about the vail of the Temple being torn from top to bottom?? Looks to me like the Holy of Holies is no longer separated from the rest of the world! Dear friends, I think we really still don't understand exactly what happened that glorious, glorious day on Calvary..!

4/7/2007 Impressed with your web site.


3/26/2007...My theological ship just sank...I am thrilled and overjoyed!

Dear Friends,
I am a minister who recently was enlightened with the "sonship" truth and universal reconciliation. I need your advice, words of wisdom and encouragement, and most importantly, I need your prayers. My theological ship has sank. After years of Bible study, I now realize that I know nothing. I am thrilled and overjoyed. I praise God for this revelation. Now what? I have so many questions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I beat upon my chest in anguish earlier tonight -for I was at the end -in despair -thinking I was lost for good. All sites seemed to say I was condemned forever, while the last one quoted much scripture saying that and proving somehow, that only a special few overcomers would make it -while the rest would be tormented day and night for all eternity, and I was clearly the worst kind of reprobate. then i came back to computer and gave it one last shot. I typed "work out our salvation with fear and trembling, bible verse" into google and hit tentmaker, the second from top link. Oh how I long to serve Him faithfully, as a vessel unto righteousness! I have stayed up all night and tired. thanks again and I look forward to your reply.

2/11/2007 Grateful Prisoner

Hello, I was recently incarserated within the confines of the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice (prison) and during that time you were gracious enough to forward many helpfull items that benefited the Kingdom of God in me.  One of these was a book by Madame Guyon, and also the many teachings of truth lead by the Spirit, of which are contained in your ministry which is also His.  I would desire you to know that these truths did not go undeveloped and that every effort to forward these materials was and is being rewarded ten fold in the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. Please contact me if I can be of help in any way.  I am currently getting back on my feet but I will not soon forget your love.

2/07/2007 Life Saving Message

By means of your web-site I am a recently converted Biblical-Universalist. I am so thankful to the Lord that I came across this web-site when I did. As a traditional Christian I had lost my love for God and even attempted suicide. I may very well owe my life to Gary Amirault. Thank you for everything you are doing. It has blessed me and my friends more than I could have ever thought possible. However, I have not studied my Bible for some time. Could you recomend a Universalist Bible-study aid (preferrably a book) and a good Bible to go with it? Thanks! P.S.- I would love to speak with Gary Amirault sometime.

2/05/2007 From a prisoner:

It was such a blessing to receive the material you sent me. Thank you!

My relationship with God has been an eye opening (dramatic insight) experience?I'm just now waking up to divine sonship. I have lived the term, psychology of hate. I hated the justice system. I hated the inhabitants (inmates and officials) of it. I hated certain parties of this American government. I hated family members and I hated myself?

In 2002 I became an atheist, then converted to Islam. In the summer of 2005 I reverted back to Jesus Christ?As I said earlier, in 2005 is when I surrendered and cried out to Jesus! In the midst of my adversity like (Job 19:25-27) ?I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: and after my body has decayed, yet in my flesh shall I see God: Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another.? I asked God to take away my suffering and He said no. Your suffering will take your mind off of the cares of the world and bring you closer to Me. So when I asked God to teach me to love myself and other people the way You love me, God said, ?Ah, finally you're getting the idea.?

So where is my relationship with the Father? My heart leaps within me as I contemplate this wonderful reality ? being changed into the image of God and to put on incorruptibility to meet the first born son personally, commune with him intimately, be joined vitally with him in union of his mind, nature, and life and continue to walk in the light and glory of who he is. (Although I never took anyone's physical life, but no I understand I psychologically destroyed lives. I'm not where I need to be, but I'm not where I used to be.?


Hi Tentmaker Ministries

I am more an agnostic than a Christian these days largely because of the "Hell-fire" preachers who really don't believe what they preach - surely if they really believed in hell they'd be on every street corner yelling their lungs out trying to save people from being eternally tormented by God. I found your website by following a link to your expose of Ron Wyatt and his self-delusional "scam" (is it a scam if you're deluded? Or just a tragic mistake?) I followed the link to the Universalism discussion and was reminded again of what Christ had tried to do (only faith knows if he'll succeed), that he'd come for all of us. Maybe he was wrong - I am a doubter after all - but I've respect for his mission.
Anything less is really just calling God an evil Tormentor, a Punisher who is worse than us morally because we can forgive.

Frank Tipler (and C.S.Lewis) makes the point that the gift of freedom might mean that God will be spending an eternity to get us out of our private Hell, but He's big enough to manage that task, I think.



Hello friend of the Master, I have believed this truth always, We have a loving Father in Heaven,For Christ died for all, not some but All. For through Adam, all Shall die, through Christ, all are made alive, not some, All. I am a long time reader of the Dawn bible students publications and what you wrote about Hell is simple and Christ like in teaching. I have come very close to death twice in my 39 years on this planet through two major heart valve surgerys in the last four years, so I guess that qualifys me to walk the walk. Keep up Your great work, you made my year!!!!!  Yours in our Masters presence,


I want to thank you for feeding my spirit with your writing. I have prayed for the truth and it has come through you. I am able to share what you have written with others who normally shut off any talk of Jesus and the Bible, but when you speak that Hell is propaganda by the church as well as the other fallacies they listen. So know you are reaching men in here. Of course the church guys are turned off. I no longer participate in those things. I am no saint, but I do the best I can, and allow God to direct me. He has opened doors for me that were unopenable. He knows me, and uses me. Thank you for all you have done for my Mom and Dad.

1/08/2007...from a prisoner in Wisconsin.

I received your literature from a friend and was deeply moved by your writings. I was hoping if by anyway, you can send me any of your writings from the past or in the present at hand? Your views have broadened my mind and spirit to be filled with eagerness to learn more. This would be a blessing if possible, if I can receive your literature whenever you have some available. Thank you for your time of this matter. God Bless you, respectfully


Just wanted to say, The World needs more of this vision of True Gospel. I am now 52 years old, and have been a Universalist for 32 years without realising it. I could never accept the orthodox teachings of eternal damnation. I would even argue with visiting preachers that even Satan should be saved if God was to be 'All In All'. How bright and warm the true light shines.


Dear Gary.

I have now read quite a few of your articles on Hell, eternal punishment, and to some lesser degree articles by yourself and others regarding Universal Salvation, of which I confess I hadn't known about other than it was associated with some who were the Unitarian belief.

I want to encourage you that these articles regarding these important subjects are a vital tool of education for many of us who have been brainwashed by the false teachings that has come down to the Church over the ages of times past. Keep up the great work, and may many more of us who have been trapped in religious churches whether it be Evangelical, Pentecostal, or Charismatic or traditional come to the full knowledge of the truth concerning these things.


Dear Pastor, Receeve my greetings in the name of our soon coming King Jesus Christ.
I Just love your site with its wonderful teaching... We thank you so much for your sharing truths. Because we don't understand the Hebrew fully, we often miss lovely little nuggets of truth.
I am your fellowservant in the land of kenya here.After reading much more about you then I totaly I have a burning desier to join with you and develop a group with you here in Kenya.
I have stayed in the truth of God for so long now and when I was studying your wonderful website I found your very marvelous contact there so would you please let me know that you have a pastor in kenya East Africa so we can join you? I can develop a group with you in Kenya.I am very much interested in you. Eagerly waiting to hear from your reply. Thanks, Be guided in God's name.


Dear Sir, This morning @ 1230am the Lord woke me up and I could hear "Bread of Life" being spoken to my heart. I felt lead to go on internet and put what was being spoken to me in Google and was then prompted to click on the Tentmaker site and I lestened to the audio of the Two Gospels. It is like fresh 100% oxygen poured into my spiritual lungs. The mixing of law and grace is why I have not attended an established church for the last 5 years, and why my family and I have continued to worship and serve God from the sanctuary of our house. I will continue to study your site to gain wisdom and material for the ministry within my home that I am about to open to others so that they may expierence the freedom that we can truly have in Christ Jesus.


How are things going with me? Well, as I mentioned to you before...my whole world has been turned upside down. It is very "earth-shaking" to realize after 53 years that much of what I have been taught in the Babylonian church system is false doctrine. I feel like I've truly been "born again". I am overjoyed at the "abundance of revelations". The Bible finally makes complete sense!

I don't know where I am going to go from here. I live one day at a time and trust the Lord to lead me.


Your site has been a huge help in my life.


Hey there,
I stumbled upon your site a couple of hours ago, ended up reading most of it's contents, and I expect I shall continue doing so for the next couple of days. I sincerely want to compliment your site. Such spirituality! Such creativity! Such a breath of fresh air considering most so called "christian" sites laden with guilt-trips and sickening literalist fundamentalism. I get the feeling you are truly on the right track and pray you will continue doing so for as long as possible. Kind regards and may God bless you in anything you do, xxxxx,, The Hague, Holland


I treasure the day that I found your website and the many others that are throughout the net. I have been haunted by the preachings of hell that I have heard throughout my life and couldn't reconcile it with the teaching of a loving and merciful God... I know I am rambling on here but I just want to thank you for helping me find the Joy that I have been missing.


Just want to say that I love your page , good source of encouragment to me.
Keep up the good work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. you are in my prayers. God bless. You are in my prayers


I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website 2 or so years ago. It was a major stepping stone in my walk to discovering the amazing truth about God.
Thank you for all that you do.


I stumbled across your website as a result of an article I received (Lazarus and the Rich Man) from a friend. I found your site to be both refreshing and stimulating. I have bookmarked it and will be referencing it much over time. May God bless your ministry and thanks!


Thank you so much for this in depth study on tithing.
My husband was just made a "deacon" and the preacher is now asking the deacon board for full access to what everyone is giving.
He lists the fact that tithing is a sign of spiritual maturity, and he needs to know who he can count on.
He says that tithing is scriptural and having the leader know who give what is scriptural.
He says that we should use tithing as a qualifier to becoming a leader He says it is because he should be able to acknowledge a gift of giving the same way he does teaching.
I trust this man, but I am opposed to his knowing what people give and if it is 10% or not.
We are going to talk to him soon and I needed research on the history of the tithe. You information was perfect.


thank you so much for being out there....after pondering universal reconciliation, I have a love for others that I was never able to feel before....and also a new love for and confidence in God.

7/18/06...Best Site on Universal Reconciliation

7/16/06...This was truly Spirit led.

This was truly Spirit led.  I needed this.  One of your best.  Bless you, Gary for this word.

7/16/06...Best Site on Universal Reconciliation

Thanks for the permission to use the photo. The truth of the effectiveness of God's universal love is so important. I have another book coming out sometime soon as an expansion of my booklet.  Lots of famous people who endorsed my last book agreed with my beliefs about ultimate reconciliation but would not publicly say so by endorsing this new book because they were already in hot water  (Clark Pinnock, Brennan Manning,  Tony Campolo, etc) Your website is the best around on the subject. Thanks for it.

6/29/06...Got much comfort.

Just a message of appreciation for all we have received through work of the tentmaker ministery, also at this time I wish to say that I and judy got  much comfort and joy out of reading the "hope of all Nations, and all generations " maybe I have not  quoted the title exactly correct, after we shared it we past it on  for others to share.

6/28/06...web page is wonderful.

Hello servant of God, Am happy to share with you this good news, that your web page is wonderful and it has ministered to my soul.

6/26/06...I thought I committed the unpardonable sin.

I am thankful for your website. I have struggled with the whole concept of hell all my life even thinking I had committed the unpardonable sin at age 10 because I deliberately sinned by disobeying my parents (Heb 10:26).
I also struggled with the concept of justice. With one sin you could burn in conscious torment for eternity. None of that would be a desire for even the worst person imaginable. . I think our concept of justice comes from God.

I also had a charismatic minister tell me I committed this sin because I claimed his ministry was heretical. They beat people to help them see the light of their own pride and separated children from parents because the parents were loving their children too much. Anyway

it is great good news to know that there is a different and correct way to interpret scripture rather than the Medieval construct we have inherited in the church today. People could actually love God instead of fearing Him. No wonder people could reject Jesus or God. Anyone who would commit those eternal tortures would hardly be a God of love.

6/21/06...Holy Spirit led me here.

Discovered  this forum about 3 days ago and must say i find discussions enlightening. I think The HOLY SPIRIT lead me to the tentmaker site because it certainly has opened my eyes to things i thought for many years but found difficult to share with my fellow church  brethren. GOD bless you all. I look forward to reading more.

6/19/06...Sane voice clearly explaining things.

I wanted to tell you that I've been watching the videos you've posted on-line (and ordered one of them on DVD, plus a CD). WOW, WOW, WOW! My husband and I are so grateful to you for putting things like this out there. We're starting to share these resources with our friends, and just wanted to encourage you concerning the impact you are having in our lives. There are so many "crazy" Christian reconciliationists that it has been awesome to find your sane voice out there, clearly explaining things!

6/8/06...Much more peace knowing God loves me.

I am almost fifty years old, and I have gone to church all of my life. Like you, I've been to many denominations. Right now I am attending an Episcopal church. I was taking this Education for Ministry class, as I had indicated that I was interested in being a lay preacher. Or, rather I should say, I felt God had been leading me to become a lay preacher. Now I'm not so sure where God is leading me. But that's okay. God will show me in his time. I have got to tell you though that I am so much more at peace now then ever before in my life. Many times I have gone forward to give my heart to the Lord. I've spoken in tongues, I've stood up when the Pastor asked if we wanted to re-dedicate our lives to the Lord. But I've been haunted by this fear, that in spite of everything, I might still miss heaven. I've been on anti depressants for years now. My first marriage ended after twenty three years. That alone was enough to heap a load of guilt on me. I lost everything in a bitter divorce. This woman and I were supposed to be Christians. In spite of all of this, I am much more at peace with the knowledge that God loves me. He will not give up on me, after investing so much into the relationship already. What a joyous thought! That is truly the Good News of the Gospel for me! I will continue to read the links you sent me, and the articles as well. I pray that I will be open to hearing the voice of the Lord, as you write about. I've never had visions, or dreams, that I'm aware of. Maybe it will happen someday. Is it old men that have dreams, and young men have visions? Or the other way around. God is so good. God bless you in your ministry on the web, and thanks for all you do.

6/5/06...Thank you for all you do

I couldn't get over the testimony of Todd Beaucoudray. I was in the United Pentecostal Church in my early years of growing up. My Mom and Dad actually attended one of their Bible schools, and my Dad was a pastor for awhile in that denomination. I heard a lot of hellfire sermons growing up. The UPC believes that the Roman Catholic Church is the harlot spoken of in the book of Revelation. Ironically, the "harlot" church at least has a means of getting people out of purgatory! Albeit, a selfish method, that has enriched the church for centuries. The UPC didn't have such a thing. (Maybe they should, it might help with the constant building programs they have!) In my teen years, I went to other churches, but the teaching was pretty much the same. I remember as a kid listening to the radio one time. I was waiting to hear my Uncle come on to preach. My Uncle was an Assembly of God preacher, and he had a radio program in Kansas City. The preacher that had the time slot before him, believed in Hell as a place that was temporary. I was so indoctrinated by what I had heard in church, that I thought this guy is out to lunch! It wasn't until I found this website by accident, that I had even heard of Christian Universalism. Reading the testimonies, and checking out the scriptures, I realize my idea of God's love was all wrong. However, I am cautious as to whom I share this new knowledge with. I've been examining a lot of this, as I am in a Seminary training course through the Episcopal church where I attend. For the first two months, I absolutely hated it. We were supposed to do some touchy feely stuff, that I felt uncomfortable with. Most of my feelings I've had locked away for years. Then here I was with a bunch of people, who didn't meet my qualifications of being a Christian. Plus the material is written by a bunch of liberal Episcopalians, Who talk about the P, J, and D versions of scripture. They certainly don't hold to the inerrancy of the Bible idea either! So, I started researching, and I found your website. I've been devouring the articles like a starving man. It's given me much to think about, and pray about. And oh yes, I'm a little more loving and tolerant of my liberal cohorts in the Seminary class! Apparently, I didn't know it all! Thank you for all you do.. God Bless You,

3/15/06...Grateful Beyond Words

Thank you for presenting universal reconciliation! I've believed and trusted in (not perfectly, of course) the Lord Jesus for almost 20 years, and I have to tell you, there is one and one reason why I have occasionally backslidden doctrinally (or strayed looking into other things to combine with my faith in Christ): I could never reconcile the love that made Jesus die for me, taking my sins FOR me, an act of ultimate love and mercy, w/ that same mercy never extending to those who didn't accept it while alive. 

The Almighty and all-loving God who died for me to save me, forgives me endlessly - but those who sin by refusal in this life, don't get any grace or forgiveness, EVER (as I was taught anyway) and will be tormented into eternity. I can see satan and his angels being tormented forever - that makes sense, THEY saw God, KNEW God, LIVED with Him for countless time - but then they spat in his face and turned away, but for humans --- burning forever in torment for limited sins committed, it just didn't 'gel' so to speak with the God who became Man and took my punishment for me!

As a result, I could never fully 100% commit to the Gospel -oh also this - what kind of war is won by God if 99.99% of mankind are lost forever? Isn't it more like satan wins, even though he is defeated forever in the end, if he takes 99.99% of his enemies' people down with him? I couldn't accept that - it's more like a doctrine of believing God wins - only through ominipotent force - but almost all of his created humans will be taken captive by His enemy into hell, and only a handful will be redeemed!

To me that is preaching the 'good news' that all are lost and only a handful of us can be saved, the rest will be tormented forever! A punitive, eternal hell for Satan is one thing - I always thought, "Wait, Revelation 20 says the devil and his angels will be tormented endlessly, but it says that when the lost are judged they are thrown there, too - but it does not say that is the eternal fate of the lost humans, just the fate of satan and his beast & false prophet! Even if "forever and ever" was translated right in Revelation 20, it only says that Satan, the beast, and the antichrist are tormented forever, not the humans who are thrown in there to face the Second Death!

After reading about famous universalists (and I mean biblical universalism, not the unitarian-universalist garbage which promotes sin by saying there is no hell, no punishment, all are saved, etc), I felt much better that I was not alone in this, nor did the Bible actually teach eternal suffering for the lost!

Since I could not figure this out in the Greek myself, but knowing the English alone was hugely contradictory, I just resigned myself to an orthodox faith that secretly hoped that universalism or at least annihilationism was really right, and keeping my mouth shut in ministry. THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you have done here, it is awakening again in my heart my first love, and reconciling the Gospel I secretly hoped was true with what the Word of God actually teaches!

Grateful beyond words....

2/27/06...On the brink!

While I have been interested in things of a spiritual nature throughout my life, I have recently been on a truly serious quest to discover Truth. I have dabbled in studies of other religions and philosophies and, indeed, am just turning from Buddhism as being, ultimately, an unsatisfactory path for me to take to discover Truth.

Having been raised Roman Catholic, and having grown up in a Judeo-Christian culture, I was exposed to so much reprehensible thinking about God and Jesus, that I had pretty much rejected it all; however, as I studied Buddhism, I kept reacting to the insistence that there is no God. I simply can't believe that. Thus, I began to ask God to give me some sort of assistance. I continued to do Internet searches, but kept coming up with "Christian" sites where, ultimately, the message came down to "Believe in Jesus or be damned to hell for eternity." Aside from the fact that this view of God is repugnant and seems a genuine insult to the very idea of God, I am always left wondering about the people who have been raised in other faiths, like Hinduism or Taoism, etc.. Surely, we could not expect to hand them a Bible and ask them to believe it any more than we would be inclined to do the same for them if they handed us one of their holy books. And, yet, I am sure most of these are very good people who are seeking Truth in the same way that I am. They may be as "right" as Christians are. I simply can't say.

What I can say is that I have a tendency to relate to basic ideas about God that have been ingrained in me since childhood. I have reached the point in my life where I no longer cringe or sneer when I hear the name, "Jesus." I have realized that the reasons I did that had nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with the awful things humans have pinned on him. I know this in my heart, but your website is giving me proof on an intellectual level and I am so grateful for that. I'm not saying I'm convinced, just yet, that Jesus was/is God Incarnate--but I am beginning to lean in that direction and it is because of wonderful people such as yourself who have devoted so much time and effort to showing others that God really is Love...and that we don't have to believe that in spite of stories about hell, etc..

I will continue to explore your site and learn more. But I just wanted to take a moment as I stand on the very brink of it all to thank you for your efforts. I am certain you have made a huge difference in many lives and I am hoping that soon I will be among that number.

Thank you!

2/27/06...Site saved me from a lot of mental/spiritual anguish

Thanks for your hard work Gary.  Your site saved me a lot of mental/spiritual anguish when my brother died back in 1999.  I recommended your site today to my boss, who is struggling since both his parents died.  If he reads through it, I know it will give him peace as well.

02/12/06....Helpful and Insightful...

Your information is very helpful and insightful. I started my spiritual journey as an evolution believing, hardnosed, scientific rationalist. I was told not so politely, more than once, that I had ice water in my veins, by other unbelievers! The term "spiritual journey" held no meaning for me... To go from a diehard evolutionist to a 6 day creationist was a tortured and winding path. I joined a conservative Baptist church about 6 yrs ago because I still had much sin in my life, and I knew they would hold my feet to the fire. I  gained much "Head Knowledge" but not much spiritual discernment or growth. The more I studied theology the more fear and anxiety I felt towards my Creator so I retreated into my natural hiding place of science, but at least this time I was studying creationism and intelligent design. I am mildly fanatical about spreading the gospel of intelligent design, since I view the theory of evolution as a monstrous evil that keeps millions from even investigating the claims of Christianity. I was very interested in everything ABOUT God, but was running FROM a real relationship with Him. How could I want to be close to a creator who endlessly tortures most of his creatures???   After viewing the website of L. Ray Smith for 6-8 Hrs I dared to hope that what he said might be true. I went searching for others of like opinion and found your site. After studying your material for a few hours I was flooded with hope, relief, joy, and release from a lifetime of fear, anxiety and anger. I can barely believe what I am writing, I sound like some blubbering Christian type... Me, the no B.S. nuclear weapons specialist, hardnosed career military type, confirmed agnostic and evolutionist. E-gads, "What Hath God Wrought"?     I used to worship at the alter of science, now thanks to you I can worship the Ultimate Scientific Mind and get to know my real Father. I don't know what I am going to do about the Sunday School class I teach. I always rushed through or glossed through the Hell teachings, but I no longer even loosely hold the doctrine of Hell, and I sure as hell won't teach hell. You guys sure know how to provoke a lotta trouble.LOL...


I just wanted you to know that I am so grateful for you guys not giving up in face of such opposition to the truth. It can be a very lonely and more confusing when you think you are the only one asking these questions. So thanks. If we don't meet this side of the grave. Genuinly look forward to meeting you the other side...


Greetings! You all have really done your "homework", and provided one of the most honest works that I have ever seen. You are not afraid to "fly in the face of popular ideas", and that is really refreshing to me.

12/07/05...Spirit is rejoicing...

Hello, I have been studying the doctrine of eternal punishment and my spirit is rejoicing. Truly this doctrine does not fit the character and nature of God the father of all. I would be very interested in attending a ministry that holds this doctrine.

12/06/05...I love God more than I ever thought possible...

I love your site and your matter-of-fact attitude. Also ? you defend Gods true character with strength! Before I knew the facts, I couldn't love God thinking he was going to torture people eternally. When I found information to support my feeling I cried for two weeks.  I love God and Yeshua more than I ever thought possible.   Its love ? not just obedience. Love is bigger than obedience and love creates the kind of obedience God wants. I read your site often and always get encouraged. I was just thinking?God said we are made from the dust of the earth.  Isn't it true when sand is heated by fire it turns to class?  Transparent, pure, etc.  I see many examples where God is showing us what his ?fire? will do to us.  Like the burning bush and Moses?the bush wasn't consumed. Anyway, love to all my brothers and sisters in Yeshua.  Thank you for your site.

12/03/05...Like being born again, again...

From our family to yours?Thank you beyond words! We have read most of the articles on your site, are thoroughly blessed, and refer many people to it. I spent 13 years teaching at Portland Bible College, a ministry of Bible Temple, now City Bible Church, in Portland, Oregon.  They were good years, but over the years the Lord began to show us the traditional Church, along with the doctrines of men and demons and the traditions of the elders, had allowed so many distractions from Jesus to creep in that we just had to make a life change.  It has cost us greatly to make the change?loss of salary, office, title, position, the revered title ?Pastor,? etc. etc., but the losses are more than made up for by the joy of the truth and greater intimacy with Jesus.  There are still many lonely times, but I would rather be close to Jesus than anything else.  We now gather with a view precious saints in our home.  I'm no longer ?The Pastor,? but just a brother in Christ that loves them, cares for their souls, and enjoys the fellowship.  We gather on Wednesday evenings and just drink in Jesus. I watched all your video series completely agreed with all you shared.  In many ways it's like being born again again.  The truths of universal reconciliation, the proper understanding of the gathering of the saints, and so many more accurate biblical understandings, that have come over these last 4 years, are priceless. Please keep up the good work. We are definitely kindred spirit's Gary .  It's amazing to hear you teach and believe the very same things we have seen. God bless you in all you do for Him.

12/01/05...Pray for Me

I am 22 years old, from North Dakota. I come from a very loving, caring, Catholic family. My family is my life, I have two younger brothers who are my best friends and mean the world to me. I have graduated from college, and am on my way to grad school. Judging by my short bio, one would think I am not only satisfied with my life, but also proud of it. I'm afraid to admit this is not the case.

As any young curious American, I started questioning my faith. I accepted an invitation to a southern Baptist church in Nashville, TN recently (I am temporarily doing an internship there). The preacher was very judging, telling us that over 3/4 of the people in the church were "not saved" and going to hell. He was very charismatic, brought everything back to Scripture. This "preacher" scared the living hell out of me, and I have not been the same ever since. I started reading Scripture, studying it, OBSESSING over it, and I found that the overall message of the Bible teaches a God who created humans simply to watch them suffer the worst possible pain imaginable forever, for his pleasure. Why would God, who is all-knowing and obviously able to tell the future, create innocent children for the sole purpose of watching them suffer forever? If this is the case, it is MUCH better to have never lived! This was two months ago. I have lost all faith and hope in God. I have been convinced I need phsycological help. It seems that life it not worth living, because for some odd reason I believe what I heard in that Baptist Church. Every time I hear the word God or Jesus I feel sharp pain in my stomach. He has convinced me that that my loving, caring family and I are destined for hell. There have been a few times I've seriously considered suicide, but the loving image of my family is the only thing that has stopped me. Every day I feel like I'm going crazy, literally, because God has pretty much told me nothing is worth living for, since over 90 % of us are going to suffer forever and ever anyway. I am fearful that God is going to punish me for questioning the Bible and attempting to accept Christian Universalism, as I have been doing now since that sermon. Mr. and Mrs. Amirault, I truly want to believe what you preach. I've even looked up the Scripture references to universal salvation that you have laid out, and they do look like they promote this doctrine....But for some reason, I can't seem to believe it. It's as if God is pulling me toward him, telling me to leave my family and friends and everything I love to do, and follow a bunch of wackos that believe that they are the only 5 % that are saved. It's driving me crazy, and I don't know what to do with my life...I want to believe you, and common sense tells me to...but I feel that God (or Satan, or a demon) is telling me otherwise. I am a sick individual, mentally sick, all because of one wrong decision to check out that awful, awful, awful Baptist Church. I can't enjoy Christmas, or anything, or even simple love of my family because I think of these images of them burning forever, my baby brothers who are my best friends in the world, burning forever. I have grown to hate God and Christ. It's like I'm in a trance and it's hard for me to concentrate on anything. Please pray for me. It seems like you truly know Christ. Ask him to reveal his unconditional love for me. And hopefully, if that happens, I may be able to help you with your ministry. I appreciate you taking time to read this. Please respond whenever you get a free moment. Thank you, God Bless.

11/28/05...I Have Found Peace

I have found great peace studying your website.  I am forty-two years of age and have been happily married for twenty-one years.  I was raised Southern Baptist and served five years as an Assembly of God pastor.  After having doctrinal differences I resigned from my ministry and was rejected by all my friends.  My wife and I made it through a real challenging time leaning on each other and God's amazing grace.  I have a wonderful wife and a great God.  It has been over seven years since our departure from our denominational ministry.  During this time God has given me a new (real ministry) serving people with addictions.  He has promoted me to a leadership position in a medical office with a good Christian physician.   I have a question for you:  My wife and I are interested in starting a local church and teaching Christian Universalism.  Do you have any advice or recommendations for us?   Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

11/22/05...Pray for Me

Thanks for the tremendous article, "The Case Against Hell", by Mercy Aiken.  It was absolutely mind-boggling. Please pray for me, as I am struggling in ways that words cannot describe.  God is pouring into me new truth after new truth and I don't know how much more I can take!  I recently left the "institutional church setting" (because of the truth the Lord showed me in Scripture) and began "worshipping" in the home-setting.  The wife is totally against this and against me.  She continues to the "house of man" on her own every Sunday (morning and evening).  Myself, and the three boys stay home.  Believe me, it is an absolutely awful situation, as I am sure  you can imagine....So again thank you and please pray for me.  I know that much more can be said concerning my situation but for now I think I'll close.

11/21/05...The REAL Jesus

I'm so very tired and sad. It's a long story. Just the briefest of notes to let you know that your message is so right, so good, so true, and so important... I know this is true because I slammed the door in Jesus's face a long, long time ago, saying "This is monstrous. Free will is monstrous if it allows unpardonable mistakes, christians are monstrous, take your miserable cosmic contraption and sell it in your hell. I don't know what your will is for me, and I give up. I will be there, in hell, by choice, eternally, keeping the damned company and exercising a simple human compassion there that this stupid, vicious God and his stupid, vicious people cannot seem to comprehend. I don't claim that it's a great compassion, but what kind of heaven would it be if i can't hear or help my own brothers or sisters in torment? This is supposed to satisfy me? Do you want me to be like THAT?? Let me trade places with any of them; that hell would be nearer to heaven than "heaven". Jesus said "But i love you and you are with me and..." And i said, "Go away. Leave me alone." Oh, decades ago.

George Macdonald knew better. I read his books. But no one else did. I became a Buddhist, and there's much wisdom there. But I had fallen in love with Christ and it had been like hearing from strangers and friends alike that that one's beloved sweetheart runs a bookie joint, that angry, exhausted, disillusioned leavetaking. I
listened to them and rejected them and their jesus along with them. Broken hearted and in despair. I could never live up to it, anyway. But that wasn't Jesus at all, was it? And by rejecting that false Jesus I didn't fall out of grace at all, did I? ... ? ...... ??

No one can ever fall out of grace. Grace doesn't have big holes in it for sinners to stumble and tumble through into nothingness and death. Oh... My life is a wreck. I have no idea what to do. I've done things that have led to awful consequences and I'm tangled up in a situation that...

But He's here. For the first time in decades I'm opening to that presence... no. bah. I am so afraid of being tricked, by my own despair and misery, into inventing some... TRIP. Some comforting illusion that all crumbles into nothing.But He's here. And this impossibly, hopelessly tender message keeps breathing whispering in my heart, "It's alright, sweetheart. You have all of eternity. Rest in me for a little while. It's been Me all along. And I was never that other one. " o tears. I want to say "Go away. No more tricks." but tears. Funny, there was no category called "sin" on that list of yours. Though sin gets mentioned. My parents were atheists. I fell in love with God without a church around me. Then i fell into what the Catholics call "scrupulosity", a sin of pride, really. I was so in love with Him. I'm not going to stop sinning, I can tell. I tried and tried and tried... I was so young... I'm not even sure what a sin is any more, though I've read plenty of theology. Just to make love with my lover is a sin by christian accounts -- if I listen to that soft voice trying to speak in my ear am I going to get tangled up in tighter and tighter prohibitions again until I can't possibly... ?

But something is happening. And I don't know anything about whoever this is reading this except from what I've been reading all day on your website, and all I can say is that what you say is good and if Jesus is real that's what Jesus taught and teaches, that would be the REAL Jesus, I know it with certainty. And if Jesus is real then nothing else matters and the world is turned upside down. Or set rightside up. I'm an articulate, intelligent person and a good writer and this is an incoherant mess of a letter but I'm writing it anyway and I'm going to hit send...

11/21/05...Well done

Hell is leaving the Bible Forever: I have read your article and am most impressed by your research.  I myself have heard of the mistranlsations in the Bible and have found your answer to be most comprehensive. I am glad there are some people out there fighting to purify the Bible of "creative" terms used by people with hidden agendas and ample greed. Well Done

11/13/05...A turning point

Hi Gary, I found your blog "Jesus Saves All." It seems to me that the message is getting out and being received. The day I found Tentmaker was a turning point for me, so I appreciate the work God is doing through you.  

11/12/05...Pray For Me

I learned of hell when I was 12; my uncle was a preacher, & he was preaching about hell (which he did VERY OFTEN). He believed in varying degrees of punishment in hell - not unlike Dante - in different degrees of burning. He believed that the worst sinners would suffer the hotter fires, & the lesser sinners the less-hot fires. I asked him, "But however hot the fires are, it has to be more than they can bear, anyway, or it wouldn't be hell, right?" He affirmed that it must be so. "In that case, it doesn't make much sense to have different degrees of heat, if it all adds up to more than anyone there can bear. If I'm suffering in a heat that is less than the heat Hitler is suffering, but we are both tortured to the same extent, that it's more than we can bear, why have different degrees, at all? It equals the same punishment." I don't remember his response, but he told me he prayed for me, that God would bring me to Him at some time in my life; & that if God knew I would never accept His salvation, that He would let me die now, before I had time to stoke the fires of hell up against me, any hotter than I already had. I can't even tell you how that made me feel, that my uncle prayed for me to accept God or die. I became even more resentful of God, I cursed Him, I told Him I never wanted anything to do w/ Him, ever - to leave me alone, & don't ever send His message to me again, through anyone, that I hated Him, that I didn't care if I died & went to hell, as long as it would hurt Him, that would be fine, & I don't remember what all; I went on for quite awhile. Anyway, that's how the doctrine of hell effected me.I recently began to look up hell on the internet because I was trying to remind myself of how terrifying it is, how to tremble before it so I wouldn't do what I was wanting to do, & end up going there, & that's how I found this site....Please pray for me.

11/11/05....More confidence in Jesus Christ

I really enjoy your website. It help to understand the truth about hell. I was plagued for sometime with the thought of people going there. I could never relax or enjoy life. Why do these things if your neighbor is going to hell? Both my wife and I have much peace in Christ since this revelation of truth. We love people more, and are more confident in our Savior Jesus Christ. Now that He is not going to lose half of the world, and people will not separated for ever, is a great comforting thought. What a Savior indeed.

11/10/05...Back at Tentmaker

I recently rediscovered your site. I'd been without Internet at home for a little over 2 years, and I don't surf that much at work. Lately I've been feeling lost in my relationship with God, but then I remembered your site, came back and started doing some reading. I truly feel my connection with the Lord returning. It was your site, after all, that originally broke me free from the concept of a God who torments most of His Creation forever and started me down the path to learning His true character.

11/02/05...A Pastor

I appreciate this site. I came across it doing some research. I am a Pastor of a small Church in Northern Illinois , and have come to see these things that you are promoting in the last 5 years. I would love to help get the Word out anyway I can. I am preaching this, and publishing material through my web-site among other things. I am trying to get a local Radio program also. If you have time, I would love to chat with you. Not many around here who hold the truth.


I just got through reading the first four chapters of the book your site has posted "Prophecy Fulfilled" by David P. Crews.  Wow, what a complete eye opener.  I, like Mr Crews stated, always rationalized so many Olivet prophecy verses by placing them in the future but, Like he also said, it would never go down easy due to the explicit statements Jesus said i.e "This generation."  I remember being on a "anti-bible" site titled "The Jesus Debates" reading an article that stated Christianity is hocus-pocus due to Jesus' failure to come back when He said He would and the site qouted many scriptures that I could not ignore.  I prayed and short story shorter, God led me to that book posted on your site.  I am a recent convert to Universalism but I had never even heard of "Preterist."  Now I adhere to both.  Anyway, thank you and God bless, keep up the good works in the faith of Jesus Christ brothers.

10/25/05...From a Missionary

I came across this site about 8 months ago somewhat by accident. I had just gotten off the mission field overseas after completing a two-year term. I had really been struggling with the whole ethos of my missions organization, with the focus on the "lost" and the "us vs. them" mentality. During the two years, I came to realize how I had convinced myself that that judgmental attitude was "love." I had been struggling for years with questions about the conditionality of God's love, His grace, and His sovereignty. If He desired that all people would be saved, then why wouldn't they be? Either He couldn't save them or He didn't want to. I realize now that I was like a polytheist. There was a wrathful Father God who we had to appease and who was ready and willing at the drop of a hat to damn us all to hell forever, and then there was the gentle Jesus who was all acceptance and love. I couldn't reconcile the two. The questions kept swirling until I found this website. I read every article on the site, printing them off and putting them into a large notebook so that I could re-read them and highlight and use them as reference. During this time, God just revealed to me in my spirit that this was True. All of my questions now made sense! Then I read Hannah Whitall Smith's testimony of how God revealed this message to her, and I wept and wept. It was for me, just as it was for her. I was not alone. I love how she said that when she read the Bible, it was like a veil had been removed. I couldn't have described it any better! I devoured my Bible, praising God each time I found a verse that carried a whole new blessed meaning in light of what God had showed me! What Good News the Gospel truly is!!! Even when I was on the field as a missionary, I didn't fully understand what was so good about the news that billions of people would spend an eternity in hell. Thank you thank you thank you for this site and for your courage to speak what God has shown you. I can't believe what I had been missing for so many years: the true message of God's great and incomparable love, love without bounds.

10/10/05...You Saved My Life

This is the beginning of my second (and final) year at the (Christian) college. I spent nearly every waking moment I didn’t have to use on school work on reading religious materials. I read a lot of C.S. Lewis, some Kierkegaard, Hoekema, Lee Stroebel, Rick Warren, and Tony Campolo, and plenty of other less forgiving (and more “traditional”) authors. I read my NIV in light of these author’s, and only found myself desperately confused. There were too many incompatible ideas—I felt so helpless. “Here I am in this school,” I thought to myself “surrounded by all of these Christians who don’t seem to deal with any of the confusion as me—what is wrong with me!?” Week after week the school paper would have an editorial where a student minister would warn that if we didn’t shape up, we would all be sent to hell. Someone even wrote an article discussing how some students eating lunch near him had spent their lunch hour talking about several Seinfeld episodes they liked. He said that he “cried tears of sorrow” at hearing this conversation, as they could have used it to “discuss all of the great things the Lord had done for them.” The letter ended with “The cross of Christ takes two full hands to carry! Either use them to embrace the cross, or to embrace the flames of hell forever!” I was stunned. I heard comment after comment like this. This went on the entire year. I had to move a long distance to come here, and I live alone. I disagree with most of what I hear, but I am terribly lonely, and it is an awful experience to be surrounded by people but feel utterly alone at the same time. Time after time I’d reach out for company and love, but instead hear comments about going to hell and eternal damnation. WORST OF ALL, was this word Calvinism that I was quickly introduced to. I couldn’t stand it. Suddenly my God was a sick tyrant who creates people with the intention of putting them into an awful hell. Each sermon I listened to, each prayer I prayed only made me feel more pathetic and hopeless. I hated life more than ever now, knowing that I was probably going to be sent to hell—and that there was nothing I could do about it—it was only where God had predestined me to go. I cried myself to sleep most nights, and eventually went on an antidepressant to deal with all of the guilt, shame, and depression I was feeling. Each person I looked at was one of the lucky elect—I was a putrid outsider unworthy of God’s love. Then I considered all of my family, all of the children, and couldn’t bear the thought that they had been born only to fill a spot in hell. The only thing that stopped me from killing myself was the idea that I would have to go directly to hell. I figured I might as well not bring it upon myself any sooner than necessary.

Well, at this point I remembered my experiences when I was younger (I am 23 now). I remembered how I boldly used to tell people that I didn’t believe in a hell, and that each person would be saved—back then I didn’t worry at all, I KNEW I was right. I was only 15!! I didn’t even know that what I believed was called Universalism—I never heard about Universal Restoration. Yet, there I was, zealously stating that each person would be in heaven, that nobody would be left behind, that THERE WAS HOPE even if people didn’t recognize it—even if they had to die to realize it. And now, here I was, going on 23, crying myself to sleep, not wanting to be an atheist as it would make life meaningless, and not wanting to be a Christian as it would make life absolutely horrifying—good news!? What good news? I didn’t leave the apartment unless I needed to. I spent hours on the phone crying to my mother. Even if I did get into heaven, how could I enjoy it knowing so many people were being tortured? I was distraught. Then I found your site.

God bless all of you, whoever you are, for making this site. You have no idea how badly I wanted to believe your message, and yet how badly I did not want to. I actually fought it for awhile, but I had to give in—somewhere deep down, I had already known God would not give up on any of us. I am interested in learning so much more. I watched most of your videos and listened to a lot of the audio clips that Gary made, and I heard him say that if we were interested in learning more we should write you. Well, I am VERY interested in learning more...Again, God bless you all. In a very real sense, you saved my life.

10/07/05...Free To Love others

I am a new convert to the Christian Universalist teaching and I have to tell you I am RELIEVED. I had been searching for the answer for over 15 years and have finally come to the truth. What's more is the very truth I found was staring me in the face the whole time. Even children know these things to be true. God does love everyone and wants to save everyone. I am also a preterist Christian, which I believe you are as well, from my reading of your website....I used to cause strife among people who didn't agree with me about preterism. In fact, I would really chew them out and want to hurt them it seemed. I almost had a hatred of people who didn't agree with me. That is because I thought the God I believed in (the Calvinistic God) did that very thing. But, now after becoming a Universalist Christian, my tune is different. I don't judge and condemn people who disagree with me anymore. I remember where I was and that I believed a lot of what they believe. If someone would have shown me love instead of hate, I might have been compelled to change what I believe a lot sooner. Anyway, I feel that my life is a lot better now. I can show God's love to people without feeling odd about it. I can emulate the Father, like Jesus said to, because God loves his enemies.

10/04/05...An Agnostic shares some thoughts....

My oldest daughter (age 42) and I have been having a continuing debate as to whether or not all non-Christians are going to end up in eternal torment. I told her I could not believe that God would subject any one to such a fate but she insisted that is what her church teaches. My daughter is an evangelical Christian and she asked her Pastor if the Bible actual says that all non-Christians are going to finish their lives in eternal torment and he told her the Bible does say that, so I decided to find out if there were any web sites that might have an article on eternal torment. I did a search of the internet using the two key words “eternal torment” and my search produced a list of 10,200 web sites that have articles that include those two words somewhere in their articles and your web site was the first one on that list. The name of that article is, “Bible Translations That Do Not Teach Eternal Torment”. I copied the article into a document in Microsoft Word and I was so impressed with that article that I didn’t bother to go back and find out what those other articles said about eternal torment. This all happened about two weeks ago, say September 12, 2005 and since then I have spent many hours on your web site watching your online videos and reading two other articles that you have on your web site, trying to find out who the real Gary Amirault is.

10/03/05...From the Philippines

I received yesterday one parcel of bookles and tracts from you.  One of these has the title: Hope for ALL Generations and Nations (By Gary Amirault).  I am very very happy.  I was not able to sleep in my bed that night so I rose up and read your booklet ubtil 3 hours in the morning.  I am now bringing it with me in my work place so that I can read it while riding on a bus....

09/25/06... Dispute With God

You know Gary, a few weeks ago, I had a major dispute with God, dispute is saying it nicely, actually it was a fight, a big one. I was so in rage with Him and I told Him that I disagreed with Him on the issue of Hell. I told Him that no matter that He is our creator, He had no right to torture people in Hell eternally, no loving Father would do that, and isn’t God supposed to have Greater Love than man? It went so far I burned my Bible and told Him I did not want to follow Him anymore because of this and I did not ask but demanded an answer. I did not fight Him physically as Jacob did, but my fight with him was as hard and even longer then Jacobs fight, it went on for over a week. I did not comprehend how I or even Hitler could deserve eternal Hell. The first answer I got was that he showed me that I indeed deserve Hell, but he also promised me a second answer … I have a profound feeling that it will be given to me though your message Gary. God bless you

09/17/05...Saved from torment

Thank you for your site.  In tears I have begged the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to reveal to me HIS truth.  Because man's truth is all over the place.  The worst hypocrisy in the world is to teach that Gods perfect love includes the worst torture ? beyond even the torture of all known evil.   I hated my own life because I struggled with that belief and I hated that I brought beautiful wonderful innocent children into a world where a ?merciful? God could put them in a blaze of fire forever. The teaching that all mankind will be saved will NOT prevail until the return of Yeshua.  Christians are far too arrogant to believe their exclusive membership to heaven doesn't exist.   Websites like yours have saved me from the torment of thinking my perfect, merciful God and Lord could bring forth the worst pain and agony ever known ? without ending.   I hated my life and the life I brought into the world.  This understanding has freed me from that horror.  Thank you. Peace in the name of Yeshua the Messiah

09/16/05...My heart is melting

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your ministry. Ever since 9/11, I've been seeking a spiritual "understanding". I've checked out all the popular "brands" - Buddhism, New Age, Pantheism, etc. Though there is much insight in all these teachings, I never felt like I had reached a "ground zero" of spiritual truth until I began looking more deeply into the "faith of my fathers" - Christianity. This was a very difficult thing for me personally, because I am homosexual, and my little group is especially called out for demonizing by the standard Christian denominations. Be that as it may, I still felt somehow that the teachings of Jesus had particular truth and insight for me - more than any other. Even though I was gradually becoming "Christian", even against the wishes of those who would call themselves such, I still felt a great unease, a sense of dread. I WANTED to believe, but I just couldn't quite get with the whole program of eternal damnation - since I was so personally invested in what most Christians would say was eternally damnable sin..... I've been to your site, and have been reading articles, and I just wanted to say that you are talking about a God that I can finally actually worship in love and trust, versus fear and dread. A God that is deserving of all the praise that I could ever think of. I am beginning to understand the "peace that passeth all understanding", the faith of the Apostles. It's amazing. I look at others, finally realizing that we ALL will be sharing in the Kingdom of God. The need to demonize is gone. Already my heart is melting. Thank you so very much.

09/14/05...The beginning of salvation

For me (living in fear of the lies and half truths taught by churches and ministers) was the real hell.  Not truly knowing and understanding God's love and mercy for all people that he ever created was the real hell for me.  It is so wonderful and peaceful to rest in perfect faith and trust that God will save all. In Revelation 21, the tabernacle of God (Christ and his bride the church) will come down from heaven and wipe away all confusion and tears.  They (Christ and his bride) will dwell with (and teach) all who were not accepted as Christ's bride.  Christ and his bride, the church are only the beginning of salvation, not the end.

09/12/05...Never felt closer to God than I do now

By way of introduction, I am an ordained minister. The denomination is not important to mention, but is is a recognized one, not something "weird." I have never pastored a church. My ministry has been to those in prisons, jails, nursing homes, under interstate bridges, etc. I have never "made a living" through my work for God. Several months ago I found your site when researching a topic totally unrelated to Christian Universalism. I read an article or two and became totally enthralled with what I was reading. Since then, I have read almost everything on your site and have branched out to other sources of information. The result has been a dramatic change in my personal beliefs. There has always been a dichotomy between what I have been taught as "orthodox" and what I have felt in my heart. I could never reconcile my beliefs about a loving God to the doctrines concerning eternal suffering and complete isolation from Him. I have never felt closer to God than I do now. I have never been more excited about the Gospel that Jesus commisioned us to carry to the world than I am now. I thank God for leading me to your site and I thank you for your efforts in spreading the truth.

09/08/05...From an African Pastor

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have been reading through one of your publication titled ?The outcome of infinite Grace? (By Dr. Loyal Hurley) and it really change my believe on eternal torment for many years. Please, put my name in your mailing list and make me one of your distributor in Africa , because this teaching should touch every Christian home.

09/06/05...Thank you so much

I have a young daughter that I am teaching (to my best ability) about how to think for herself and to be smart. I study the Bible and try my best to set aside everything I was always taught in church and to really soak in what I am reading. I ask questions like, "when does 'all' really not mean 'all'".

I have long suspected that many biblical doctrines are based on inaccurate interpretations (or even translations) of what the Bible really says. I read your article today after finding it by accident...Thank you so, so, so, so much for putting that article by Gary Amirault online. It was a little bit difficult for me to follow, but once I got to the end of it, I really started to understand what he is talking about. So I read it again. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. I especially appreciate the references given (dates and exact translations named). I'm now going to go back and search for other articles from you. Wow. I can't say it enough. Thanks again.

09/02/05...Changed my life

You don't know me but the Lord led me to your site about a year ago. It has changed my life in so many areas. Grace and mercy to you brother.

08/29/05....Looking for hope

Thanks for the article: "The Case Against Hell." I've been digging through the internet looking for hope. I cannot believe in a God who will carelessly throw man into hell and you have presented some interesting arguements to debate that point.

08/26/05.....Everything starting to make sense

I asked the Lord last summer for a revelation of Hell because I thought the church was doing such a poor job with such a critical doctrine. I had a dream that I was buried alive. I was all alone with only my thoughts and my self. It scared me, to say the least. I woke up with the thought in my head that God wouldn't do that to anyone. I don't know if it was me or the Spirit speaking to me but started this journey that I am now on. I found Gary's site after I came to the conclusion that we were at least wrong about the way we went about teaching the afterlife. Everything started to make sense. I would almost shout when I read scripture that lead me to believe that God would reconcile us all back to Himself...........I would rather someone be able to prove to me that the way that I have been taught is the truth but know one can give a good biblical arguement in light of what I know about the greek and hebrew words for Hell. If someone could give me one good verse that proved that Jesus was referring to hell when he talked about Gehenna I would be satisfied and go about my Baptist business. No one has been able to so far.

08/25/05....Searching for understanding

I'm a seminary-trained former Southern Baptist pastor whose struggling with the issue of the eternity of hell. I am compelled by the arguments I find on your website, and most attempted rebuttals I've seen (Tekton for one) don't deal with the central issues or are mean-spirited..... I have good study tools, including Greek tools, and a long history of analytic reading, thinking, and writing - systematizing, synthesizing a wide variety of topics. But I'm really struggling right now to make sense of it all. I'm very excited about the universalist position and it moves my heart, like truth usually does, to joy... But I can't put it all together, much less explain it to anyone, including my long-suffering wife! Is there a commentary set you could recommend (online - free or inexpensive - would be ideal) that would go verse-by-verse through the New Testament (in particular) to show how the universalist position makes the best sense out of each passage???

08/25/05 From an Ex-Jehovah's Witness

For the first 40 years of my life I was terrorized by the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. I studied their literature, went to the five meetings per week and went from door to door offering their literature. It was all torture. I was always told that it was about life or death and it was the only way to survive the great battle of Armageddon. We were not to have association with family or friends that "were not in the truth" and all people who were not JWs would be eternally destroyed at Armageddon. The end of the world was constantly on my mind. I wished that I never knew about it because then I could at least live a normal life. In 1980 my husband and I found a wonderful ministry. (We had to move 1200 miles away from home.) We were taught universal salvation and it was thoroughly proved. A great great burden was lifted off us. It is so wonderful to absolutely know God's love and mercy for all of us creatures of the dust. My heart aches for all the poor souls who believe the propaganda and lies of the JW cult. I am very thankful for your wonderful ministry.

08/24/05 From A Pastor

...I am a credentialed minister who has embraced the doctrine of universal redemption while serving in a pentecostal/charismatic denomination that does not.  I recently resigned the church I was pastoring because I can no longer "stay in the closet" on this issue and do not wish to be divisive within an organization I have held "good standing" in for 34 years.  I am thinking that my departure from this denomination is forthcoming. I have been aware of Tentmaker Online for a number of years and greatly appreciate the high quality of your web site.... Thanks.

08/22/05...A Good Argument

.... The other day I came upon your website. Next to my Salvation, I think it was one of my greatest things in my spiritual walk.  I have read many articles, and know at least one thing--you have a good argument....the Bible seems more wonderful, and life in general, even with just a thought that all will be saved.  I feel like serving our Lord more. Thanks again!

08/19/05...Professor and Pastor

I just can't read any longer without stopping to say thank you! I have been a Christian for 37 years, was a full time institutional pastor and bible college professor for about 30 of those years. Thanks to the grace of God I can do two things now, 1) Forgive myself for teaching the foolish things I once believed, and 2) Thank Him for deliverance from so many of the doctrines and theologies that hurt so many people. Your web site has been a tremendous blessing!


Thank you for such a wonderful website.  There is so much information and its all free to the public.  Tentmaker.org has certainly helped in my understanding of the gospel! 

08/14/05...From a College Student

You're the best thing on the Web (I'm sure you hear that a lot).  You should win the Templeton Prize, and a few other awards, too.  I'm sure it's just wishful thinking that there would be a Universalist Christian fellowship in the Phoenix , Arizona area, but it doesn't hurt to ask.  I'm 24 (became a Universalist Christian in late 1999 after pacing around my dorm room and praying to God . . . I can't remember which verse He reminded me of first.)  My dad's a Universalist Christian now, too, because he had been inclined toward it for a while, without me knowing. 

08/04/05....From a Former Annhiliationist

....I have visited your site many times Gary and it as helped me immensely in my own understanding of the scriptures, as well as in my progression toward understanding that ALL will be saved. This seems the perfect time then to say ‘thank you’ to you for what is obviously a lot of hard work in sharing your message.

08/04/05...A Muslim

I am a Muslim and believe in all the prophets, surely including Jesus, but that is not the issue. It does seem that those who hold a belief of eternal damnation, including Muslims, have a sense of some darkness in their heart's soul. Despite numerous sayings of our prophet Mohamed (hadith), where there shall come a day when no human being shall remain in hell. People in general tend to be closed minded and prefer the literalist interpretation to scriptures when it comes to hell. Why, I am not certain. What I would like to know is if there are any specific sources of Near Death Experience reflecting universal salvation after punishment. Also I can not find the Bible verse, stating some shall have salvation and some shall have it through flames, in so many words. Also the one where Jesus (PBUH),shall preach to those in hell. If you can find these scriptures as well as answer my NDE experiences question, i would appreciate it. Thank you, you seem to be a good scholar of the bible. May God reward genoursly the open minded people of the book and others of the one God. May we be able to one day meet in the Paradise.

07/31/05...From India

I would like to introduce myself as an anglican from India. I am writing this mail to you to tell you how much of a blessing your ministry has been to me. I was raised in an evangelical environment. Where hell was always a central topic. However, the gospel preached there had too many loose ends. I had always a problem of reconciling the God of love with a person who torture billions forever in hell. The insightful and bible based articles on your website helped me find peace and to love God more. The Plan of God is indeed marvellous and his will to save all of mankind reveals his love and kind heartedness. The simple message of the Gospel has been distorted over the centuries to a point where many unbiblical doctrines such as the doctrine of eternal torment have been ingrained into the Christian mind from a very young age. I would like to know if you have any representatives in India whom I can contact. In addition I would like to know how I can help this ministry

07/28/05...Thanks for free books

Recently you sent me a wonderful information packet and I have been so blessed by it. I want to share it all with my brother in prison but the books have to be sent from Tentmakers. Please send him the same books you sent to me.

07/27/05..."Something to all of this"

Just wanted to say I love your site. I have been challenged by the concept of universalism when someone on an email list began a discussion with me about it several months ago. It was after I made the comment that I find it difficult sometimes to understand and love a God who is going to consign his people to hell for eternity ... it just seemed that it was justice run riot, that people would be paying for their sins or whatever forever. Your site has a stack of interesting stuff on it which I am printing off and slowly reading. It certainly DOES feel like there is definitely something to all this but I am still wavering at times. I guess because it's one of those "no-no" areas in Christianity these days, it just feels so incredibly hard to hang onto it .... I do feel that God is doing lots of things in his Church behind the scenes (including the many people who make up his Church but who are currently experiencing times in the wilderness outside of much fellowship or 'meeting together') - if universalism is true, then this would surely be a main tenet that he wants to restore to the Church!!!

07/26/05....Good News!

I just listened to your tape on the Two Gospels. I am thunderstruck to say the least! I think since I was 12 years old and was "saved", I have felt that there were missing pieces to the Gospel. I have never felt like the "Gospel" that I received then and have been "working" at all these years was really "good news". I have searched and searched trying to find good news only to be disappointed again, and again. I knew that God is a good God and that his intentions for us are only good, however, somehow I just could never grasp what I heard and reconcile it with what I heard Jesus say. This begins to become clearer to me. I have never been an educated person but have read whatever came to hand in an effort to learn. I would be so grateful to receive whatever instruction is available so that I can truly receive the Good News and be able to share the real thing with those with whom I have to do. Many thanks.

07/19/05...From South Australia

To encourage you...The video presentation on the gathering of the body of Christ is the most inspiring and simple outline of truth I have ever witnessed. I have been experiencing this truth for a number of years now, but only just recently have I come to the awareness  of it. We have been out of traditional church life for several years now, growing in God and yet not understanding why, as we have had virtually no fellowship with anyone for around ten to twelve years. Your tabernacle outline was so inspiring. Tabernacles is one of my loves. The truth concerning Mt Hermon, I had heard some time ago but never realized the significance until you mentioned it. Also the historic fact concerning Damascus WOW! The Lord has been showing me what I have called the Ministry of no Ministry and it runs right along the line of what you shared. I mentioned to some one  I was writing to that I know I know this thing, But the moment I think I know and understand it, is the time it becomes Law and that's not the way God wants it it's by Grace. We have to move with the cloud. So dear ones, you have greatly encouraged me personally and I hope you are encouraged in return. Love and the Lords richest blessing to you...

07/13/05...A Minister

I am 45, married with 2 lovely girls. I grew up in the holiness/Pentecostal church--all my life. I have been exposed to many denominations. I went to school at Christ for the Nations, Dallas Tx, and graduated from Bethany Bible College (Assemblies of God) in Santa Cruz, CA. Later I did my Masters as UC Santa Barbara. I was an elder in a Pentecostal church here in Los Angeles for a couple of years. Over the last 18 months, I left and we started our own fellowship. During the last 8 months, while studying the prophet Daniel, I came upon some things that led to Acts 3:21. I put in the phrase "the restitution of all things" in my search engine, and discovered the word, aion, and aionios. I have never been the same since. The Kingdom of God that Daniel saw was opened up to me. The life "in the resurrection" became crystal clear. Why the lion couldn't eat Daniel, and why the fire didn't burn the 3 Hebrews became crystal clear. The message of Jonah, his response to God's mercy, and God's response to him, in saving 120,000 gentiles (12x 10x 1000) became crystal clear; Luke 15, (all 3 parables became crystal clear) and the spirit that the prodigal son who stayed home-- the spirit that he had at the recovery of his dead, lost brother, revealed itself among so called "soul saving" saints. Col 1: 15-20 was a bombshell when I re-read it. I am still reeling from it, especially v. 20. Rev 21:3-5 thundered in my spirit as the angel makes the grandest announcement of all--"no more death, or weeping, or crying, or pain." -again, crystal clear. Jesus' preoccupation with the Kingdom of God, or K/d of heaven, and his last 40 days preaching about it from the OT(Luke 24: 25-27) emphasis v 27became very significant; Paul's urgency to declare the message of the K/d from morning until night for 2 whole years was a sledge hammer (Acts 28; 30-31). Of course the K/d of God must be found in the OT for Jesus and Paul to have so much to say about it. And sure enough, Exodus 18: 13-26 with emphasis on v. 25 revealed itself as a template for life "in the resurrection." I Cor 6: 1-3 was like a wild boar to my spirit--it just ran everywhere. When will we judge the nations? and how? Just like Exodus 18 says. Never mind 1 Cor 6 .4 We shall judge angels? Neither my small fellowship nor me was ready for that. Shall I go on? The teaching of Moses on the Jubilee!!! For any one with a little teaching and spiritual ears, this is nothing less than Jubilistic. It is dripping with spiritual language. I see this fulfillment in Rev. 21 with that announcement of release. And Phil 2: 10, "every knee shall bow...." My God, I used to think that this meant that they will be condemned to burn in hell for ever and on their way to the fire, they will pay homage to the judge, who will respond some thing like this, "I told you so." How foolish and dim witted was I. I can go on. I have not understood so much of the scriptures as I have in the last 6-8 months.

In sharing some of this with an old saint, she questioned whether I believed in heaven and hell. So I began to look more closely at what the scriptures say about hell, about Hades, Gahanna, the lake of fire, and the related words, condemn, damned, anathema, torment, and perish. Boy was I in for a great surprise. Then, I put in my search engine, "the history of the doctrine of hell" and there was Tentmaker, and here I am....

07/09/05...New hope for Christianity

Found you when I Googled a quote  "the vilest evil is that which is convinced of its own virtue." ..and then found so many beautiful quotes at your site. I had almost given up on Christianity as being of worth to us in our time. Your site gives me hope that the beauty of the Christian message wil not be lost.


...I have read only a few pages of what your website has to offer and I find it very refreshing to find somebody out there with something intelligent to offer with regard to the manner in which religious dogma has utterly destroyed the message of Jesus Christ. As a Christian person the core of my problem with religion is that we have so anthropomorphized God and His Son, so reduced them to toxic dogma, that we may as well have crucified the Messenger again and buried the Message. Thank you so much for the work you have done.

07/05/05...New Excitment for God

First off, I'd just like to thank you for your ministry - it has been such a blessing to me. I have read several of your articles on tentmaker, and I just listened to the Christ's Body Assembled video. Something inside me just says "yes, yes!" It's like things that I've known all along but you brought it into clarity. The love of God is so amazing.... Thank you again so much for your ministry - I feel a new excitement and fervor in God because of it.

07/03/05...A Fire of Discontent

...I will not go in to detail of how I have gotten to this point embracing Universalism, But I will say that God has placed a fire of discontent within me; with not only the church, but with the doctrine of eternal torments and the translational errors of our English Bibles. Thus, I have come under a great storm of opposition, which has encouraged me to seek further study. I want to thank you for your web site and resources, I have ordered many books about Universalism and I am very excited to await the arrival of my "Young's Literal Translation" bible.....Again, I thank you for your scholarship; a friend first challenged me with the possibility of Universal Salvation through Jesus Christ, I can never stop Thanking Him, for pointing out your web-site. Right now, I am in my infancy, as far as the information gathering process is concerned, however, my goal is to become educated enough, so I can write a book that touches people I know and love.


Hardly a day passes Gary, that I don't think of you and the work you have done that is impacting so many lives ( me for one ). I have enjoyed so much and benefited beyond words from your writings and I hope you appreciate that.

06/26/05....Killed by the Letter

I thank you for not having all the answers. It is a release to talk to someone who, not only admits that he doesn’t have all the answers, but who have seen that it is not necessary. You and your ministry made me a biblical Universalist; you helped to found my house on stone. All glory to God, but His works through you have not been in vain. I was being killed by the letter, but I’m once again vivified in spirit. Oh! the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments and untraceable His ways! For who knew the mind of the Lord or who became his counsellor? Or who have given anything to Him first, so that is shall be repaid him? For out of Him through Him and into Him is all; to him be the glory for the eons. - Romans 11:33-36 (Personal translation based on the Emphasized Bible and the Concordant Version and Knoch’s Interlinear Greek Text)


I have not done Bible study on the matter, I just in my heart could no longer believe in eternal torment. And after I came to that conclusion (or that conclusion came to me), so many other inconsistencies with the doctrine came to light--how could eternal torment be a just punishment for temporary sin, how could God be loving and unselfish and compassionate and responsible yet create humans he knew would go to hell, etc. I about threw the baby out with the bathwater, as the saying goes, almost abandoning my faith (though other factors were surely involved). Course I never could deny Christ. Once you've encountered him, you can't deny his reality. It's not possible. Anyway, since then I've been encouraged to see that there are those who have done in depth Scripture study and have found ultimate reconciliation to indeed be completely biblical. Thanks for your time!

06/20/05...Set Free!

Wow! I have been set free by the doctrines of Universalism, and released from the hypocrisy of the "church", thank you for such great knowledge and insight. Thank you Gary !


Great lessons, just great and blessed instruction. What else can I say? I appreciate your web site so much. It is truly a gift to me since I am a serious seeker of God's Truth. God bless and keep you always. Your works will follow you as it is written.

06/10/05...Previously faltering faith

Hi! VERY glad to have discovered Universal Salvation on the Internet - it has done wonders for my previously faltering faith. I want to go into this topic of Universal Salvation thoroughly. --from the UK

06/07/05...Home church

I'm 25 years old and I've been in more than two Christian denominations in the past 10 years (although I am familiar with several other ones). I was a praise and worship leader in the last two churches (spanish churches), at first they told me I had a calling from God the way I did Praise and Worship, when I stopped tithing they told me I could not minister anymore. My last denomination was about Faith, faith and only faith, they are very open in some areas, but so blind in others a lot of grace, but still mixed with law. It's been almost a year since my wife and I stopped going to a church, we got so sick of it (not of God) but of man traditions. There are other two families that we know are in the same situation. We stopped looking for a church, for now we're doing bible studies in our home, it's been fun.I just wanted to share this with you. Also to let you know that a lot of your material from your website has been of great help. Thanks for your time!

06/01/05....Christian musician

I have found your site to be refreshing as well as comforting. I had little idea that there was such a sizable vein of other believers that felt as I do. I came to my conclusions by studying the scriptures and intuitively felt that God would save all of His creation so that He "may be all in all", (see 1 Corinthians 15:28). How can a God Who is love be "all in all" while at the same time damning part of His creation to eternal torture? I am reminded of the quote, (1 Peter 3:9), "The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentence." As a reinforcement to that scripture, Job 42:2 states, "I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted." The copious evidence in the article regarding the "Early Christian View" on your website supports what I stated above............I have an inquiry that you may be able to help me with. I am a songwriter/musician who would like to network with other Christian musicians who hold similar beliefs to those expressed at "Tentmaker". Do you know of any websites where I could pursue such interests? Please let me know...

05/31/05...New Hunger for God

...I have been a Christian for 27 years. For the past three years I have given up going to "church" for many reasons that Gary shared in his video. This past year I have had a new hunger for God, similar to what I had when I was first saved. This hunger led me to go back in time to a preacher named Malcolm Smith. He new ministry "Unconditional Love" opened my eyes to God's love in a new way. Within a short period of time God led me to call a old friend. We shared a lot of our early Christian experiences together and I was taken back when he mentioned his view on Hell during my initial phone call to him.

In short, for the past 4 months I have been reading and listening from the Tentmakers web site, along with Concordant Ministry and a woman named Dr. Lorraine Day. This last video I saw of Gary sharing his vision of Christ's body of belivers coming into a new assembly moved me to send this e-mail. I have a hunger for serving God as I live out the remainder of my life...

05/31/05...A Prodigal returns

I grew up in a methodist church. Since childhood I have had a calling to go in the ministry. Like Jonah I ran and ran from doing the Lords will. I attended Penn State University and began to sell drugs and get involved in many different criminal acts. At the age of 22 I opened up my first nightclub in Ocean City, MD. Then I had one in PGH,PA. I was about to open up one in Miami with the wrong people. During this whole time God was speaking to me calling me to come into repentance. By his mercy right before I opened up Miami I got arrested on a conspiracy charge. I knew it was Father paving the way for me to take heed to my calling. Growing up in the methodist church I never really had a personal relationship with God. I was a very prejudice person before entering prison. Wouldn't you know every single brother God put in my life was black. Glory be to God. Not only were they black but well equipped Kingdom brothers. They opened up this word to me and boy my entire life has changed. The transformation that has taken place and is taking place is so unbelievable. Just in the last couple of days God has been opening up many avenues with young brothers and sisters in the Lord. My hometown is small and poverty, crime, sex, addiction ridden. We have like 16 churches for 3,000 people but my spirit can't really bare to sit in the pews. All i hear is Rapture or you are going to Hell if you don't do this or you do this..........Today I was at a funeral for my cousin who committed suicide. The preacher and I talked yesterday because he wasn't sure of what to say. I gave him scriptures about how we are all children and that God's redemptive plan is for all humanity. I shared with him the psalm of David where he said if you make your bed in hell that he will be there. Also, I showed him how the fire in the new testament is for purifacation. After the funeral many questions were being asked to me because traditional christianity has taught us that eternal damnation to those who take their lives. My prayer is that brothers and sisters around here will become hungry and will seek more of our Father. Well good brother if I could be put onto any mailing list or tape list you may have I would be very appreciative. I am looking forward to hearing from you---GOD BLESS

05/25/05...Australian Theologian

Greetings Gary....I live in Adelaide, South Australia and I have recently completed a degree in theology. Before I began my studies I was not a universalist, though I was on the way as I aligned myself with Karl Barth. It was during my study that I became convinced of universalism, but I could not intelligently defend why. Then I came across your website and all the resources there. It has been of great benefit to me. I'm writing to thank you and encourage you in your work.

04/22/05...The Case Against Hell

Beloved in Christ, I have just stumbled upon "The Case Against Hell" by Mercy Aiken and Gary Amirault. I shudder to even attempt conveying what an impact the subject of "Hell" has had on my life. I'm no Bible scholar, I'm not even a very good Christian as Christians go, but by and by in my Search i've come to find some hope here and there, such as in Romans 8:38, 39 "For I am persuaded beyond doubt that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things impending and threatening, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

I'm no scholar. I Love God but i've always feared Him more than Loved him, which is why if there really IS no Hell, then the Church has been handled even more poorly than I thought, and I thought alot. My faith is more on the mustard seed side, but it's there. I've always believed I was destined for Hell, despite scripture that said I was saved. I'm trying not to digress here, what I'm saying is that I stumbled upon your website much the same way I stumbled on the preceding passage from Romans...I needed to see that Romans passage desperately, and I only saw it a few years ago. Mercy Aiken and Gary Amirault have shown me that I wasn't the only one wrestling with Jesus over "If you love only those who love you, what good is that? Even scoundrels do that much." I never heard that view from anyone but myself, tho of course I knew there had to be others. This piece, Ms. Aiken and Mr. Amirault, was Invigorating, nothing short. Riveting. It lifted my spirit so very highly, and I cannot thank you enough. I suspect I'll still always be looking over my shoulder for Hell, but you do make an excellent case that maybe I can relax a bit. Maybe even relax a lot.


Gary, have been reading your tentmaker.org site for weeks and am now CONVINCED in universal salvation. Verse after verse prove it. What a burden lifted. Now to get the word out but it's so hard. Christian minds are PROGRAMMED to believe in eternal torment. Thank God for your site. I believe revival is coming but it won't happen until the mercy of God is preached, not His wrath.


Thank you for reminding me that salvation is a work of God. You know, for many years I was a Calvinist. I found so much evidence in Scripture of people being chosen by God, healed by Jesus through no understanding on their part, others being hardened, etc, that I felt Scripture was completely clear on the point of salvation being of God and not through man's effort. In fact, "born again"
literally means "born from above." Yet that view always disturbed me. God chooses some for damnation? Once a friend said, "God's love is so amazing, it's a miracle that *any* of us make it at all, because none of us should." That view was completely unsettling, and yet with Calvinism, what other conclusion are you left with? Now that I've come into a new understanding about the ultimate salvation of all, it takes the best parts of Calvinism (that salvation is God's work, not man's) and combines it with the best possible news--that God's redemptive work won't stop until the work is accomplished.... The change in my own life since coming to this new realization has been amazing. The way I interact with others has completely changed, the way I witness and minister has changed . . . it's all just such good news. God is even bigger and more loving than I ever knew. Praise Him. Thank you so much for your help and the articles you provide.


Hello, God has been revealing the full extent of His love for us and the fullness of His salvation for all over the last year, in my quest for truth on these matters your website has been of great encouragement.

04/05/05....Daily Blessing

Your site is such a daily blessing in my life. Sometimes I feel on the OUT of mainstream fundamental christianity.... and this site helps me feel not alone.. and hopeful and anxious for the ones yet to open their eyes, Thank You.

03/27/05...A new peace

Hi, A while back, I had ordered Gary Amirault's teaching series on Eternal Torment. I have since converted the tapes to mp3 format so I can listen to the teachings back to back on my mp3 player. I have found such great comfort in those teachings that I often start playing the teachings when I go to bed. Strangely enough, I have often found myself in dreams that appear to start out as nightmares, but always have a victorious ending, and needless to say during this "nightmare," all fear that I could possibly have has subsided. Could it be that those teachings have a positive effect on the subconcious?...When I was a small child, being raised as a Roman Catholic, I was of course indoctrinated on the "eternal torment" and "hell" theologies. And of course I have often had nightmares that when I woke up, I was glad it was only a dream. But sometimes I was afraid to go to sleep at night for fear that I might have a nightmare.I would definitely recommend your teachings as a great way to help relax somebody or if a person cannot sleep....But anyway, on a day that is traditionally celebrated as the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, I found a strange peace today after listening to your teachings in my sleep (I'm a night owl, so I sleep during the daytime) that was so exciting I found the need to share it with you. Thanks!


I read your writing EL DIEZMO ESTA ABOLIDO (I dont know how to trnslate in english this title). You wrote about the diezm (tithe). Thanks for that. I have been researching a lot to find something about it. The Lord sent you to clear the mind of so many confused christians. I was going to a church from Brazil and I envolved very deeply with them. My wife and me learned so many things about the Bible. We feel stronger in our faith. But we didnt see very clear the pressure given from the church to the people asking for money money and money every day. Even requesting for God all your savings. all your money. all your assets. cars. home. etc. After read your writing, I found in my heart Peace and knowledge. Thanks, from Brazil

03/18/05...Learning more than ever

It was 8 months ago that God finally revealed to me His plan to save all mankind. I've learned more in the last 8 months with a Bible and a concordance than I ever have sitting in the pews of a church....

03/12/05...Fresh Air

your site is a breath of fresh air. thank you. the various subject is great.

03/07/05...From the Philippines

When I visited your website, I was so shocked at first. I can't believe that this teaching is being taught today and have no idea that this teaching was really taught by other groups in the past. But it keeps on lingering in my mind and heart. My mind somewhat tells me, "it could not be true," "I will not accept it," but MY HEART is saying very opposite. My heart keeps on shouting inside: "This is the truth. God is Love. , etc., etc." So I decided to give myself into it and visited your website many many many times, printed many of your downloadable tracts and articles. But since I have not computer of my own, and since I have only meager income as a nursing attendant, I cannot rent coumputer in Internet caffe very often.

Since the time I found Tentmaker, I came to know and now I firmly believe that God really will save ALL PEOPLE no matter how bad they are in this present life. God can heal their hearts and mind in the future because He can turn the river wherever he wants to turn it. Here in the Philippines I am doing the preaching work by writing tracts about Universal reconcilliation. But since I have only small financial income, I can only print a dozen or a hundred pieces of tract from time to time.

Last Sunday, I presented to the brethren (on our meeting) my understanding regarding the Universal Reconcilliation using the printed materials from Tentmakers website. They accepted it without difficulty. So, whats next? We are planning to preach and teach this truth to whoever that will be willing to hear....From Your brother in the Philippines

03/02/05...Worship Leader

God has called me to declare His glory to my generation through music. i long to, through the power of music, help to unveil the reality and wonder and glory that God is. please be praying for me as i will be seeking God in how i should communicate this new found glory and joy of the absolutely triumphant and victorious Christ and the glorious restitution of all things in His sacrifice.

02/25/05...Closer to God

I love to read Tentmaker. It makes me feel much closer to God, knowing that 'ALL' will be with Him after we leave this planet.

02/25/05...A gold mine!

I am a 43 year old woman who has believed that only the ones who “believe in Jesus” would get to heaven, and thus since I was a young child in Catholic school. Then I “got saved” when in the Air Force at age 26 and started in the whole progression of learning the Word through a charismatic non-denominational church. I read the two books by Mulholland and Gulley, “If Grace is True” and “If God is Love” and became convinced. Now I am researching this universal idea daily and found your website! It’s a gold mine!

02/23/05...Seeking the truth

I am sending this e-mail to thank you for your website and your informative articles. The words in the Bible now take on a whole new meaning to me. I actually enjoy reading the Bible because I now have so much hope for people in my family and the world, who are not believers...For the past year I have prayed that God would show me the truth if I wasn't seeing the whole truth yet. I AM SEEKING THE TRUTH. I have had a couple of dreams lately of people who have died that were my friends and grandparents who I had thought before did not make it to heaven. In one dream my friend said "You know what you need to do", and in the other dream with my grandparents they were happy and beautiful like I had never seen them before when they were on earth. My Grandmother rocked me like a baby and I was so happy. These dreams made me so emotional and I feel that they may have been God's way of showing me that I do not know all his ways like I thought I did, and I should continue to seek the truth...Thank you so much for all your help.

02/22/05...The "real" Good News!

I don't label myself anything but a true believer of Jesus, so I don't call myself a universalist, but I do believe that God will save all mankind. Your articles are refreshing and it's nice to read that there are believers out there who truly understand that God's love is great enough to save his entire creation. I sometimes get frustrated debating with those who beleive in hell, Lucifer, etc., but I try to remember that their unbelief is all part of God's plan and in the end the truth will be revealed to all. Hopefully by sharing my opinion I can plant a seed that will grow. Anyway keep up the good work, you are truly spreading "the real good news".


The pressure to tithe is enormous. I was so spiritually beaten up by the leadership of a local congregation I was a member of, that my spirit was almost destroyed. Fortunately, as a side effect, this turned out to be a good thing. About a year ago I entered into a search of truth within scriptures due to this very issue and I was amazed at the traditions I held sacred with the only justification being that it was passed down to me. As I began to learn more about the lack of truth in the tithe as taught, I began to see other things that gave me pause. My old spirit was beat down and a new spirit in Yeshua was given birth. As the article said "...but most of the slaves do not realize they are slaves to a system which places burdens upon the backs of God’s people that He never placed upon their backs! Few Christians are aware of how spiritually dead they really are until they come out of the graveyards in which they worship!" How true. I have long since come to a peace through forgiveness of others and the realization of how short we all fall. I was doing some other research when I came upon this article. I have read much off this before, but I wanted to send an email to say in all I have read I have never seen it presented so well. This will definitely go in my favorites folder and I will further explore this site. It is now 12:50 in the morning and in a few short hours I will go to work, but I can truthfully say, thanks for keeping me up.

02/19/05...From Norway

I wanted to tell you that there is hope out there...In the ministry of Berg, of which I am a member, I don't think anyone is a believer of eternal torment or even a firm believer in everlasting destruction. I even know some who believe in the salvation of all mankind. There is a reason why I have been a universalist all my life. A friend of my mother's have expressed my belief quite clearly: There are two types of people: those who now are Christians, and those who will be. Others have agreed with me that damnation is the long way around. There are very few who now believe in a hell of everlasting torments. Most people either believe that we are not supposed to know how many who will be saved, or in annihilation. There was a time I considered this a possibility, or that the Bible was a lie, until I came across your ministry. I cannot express my gratitude towards you, but perhaps I could help one day. I'm 18 years old and starting this fall I'm going to study theology at the university of Oslo. I know it's quite far off in the future, but when I'm done I want to write a translation of Bible or at least the New Testament which is free of traditions of men...

02/17/05...A Beautiful thing

I have been reading the articles on your site for several months and find them so encouraging. Please let me know if there are others to talk to in Pittsburgh who believe in Universal Reconciliation through Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful thing.

02/16/05...Out of darkness

Hi, I’m a new ponderer of the universal salvation of the scriptures and it’s really gotten my attention!!! Do you know of any place in the Denver, CO area that would have study and fellowship with this truth? I will keep looking at your website with great interest! WOW! To get out of the darkness and into the glorious truth!

02/16/05 Less condemnation for self and others

I have not finished reading the info you told me about, but my heart feels full just to see that information there and so I just want to say "Thank you so much" again. (It is as if my spirit is already witnessing to the truth of it all, but I know that I am to always be studying the Scriptures to be sure all doctrines are sound. Also I want to share this information with others and do it right. So far in my life people don't seem to get mad at what I say about the Word, they just seem to have a "Hmmmm..." attitude toward it. Maybe now with more love and understanding I can witness better!)

You've probably heard this before, but I will say it again if so: This is like a 2nd "born again" experience and is very wonderful, a source of joy and greater love, much greater love for the the Father and His children. It is so freeing! I would be embarrassed for anyone to know how many self righteous and condemnatory thoughts and feelings I now see I have been harboring toward people in general. But now that I feel less and less condemnatory of others, I also feel less and less inclined to condemn myself! It's wonderful.

02/11/05...from Ontario, Canada

Just read your web site & testimony and it brought joy to my heart. My wife and I have believed this for about 8 years and have kept it mostly to ourselves and waiting for God to release us. I feel like you now and want to start sharing the Whole Gospel...Thank you for the web sites - this is my first venture on this subject on the internet and can't beleive all the information...

02/09/05...from North Ireland

I find your version of Christianity wonderful and very inspiring. I live in Northern Ireland where there is a lot of the wrong kind of religion. I was brought up a Roman Catholic, which I long ago rejected as being too narrow. I was shocked to discover recently that the Catholic Church still teaches that only Catholics can get to heaven, and that virtually everyone else (including non-Catholic Christians) will go to hell for eternity! (Though I'm sure there are many "ordinary" Catholics who don't believe that nonsense, at least I hope so.) Protestant fundamentalist "born again" Christians in Norther Ireland preach the doctrine of eternal hell too, and teach that Catholics and all non-Christians will go to hell! There are some more enlightened Christians in Northern Ireland, but I'm not sure which denominations.Could you tell me what denomination of Christianity your wonderful message comes from? Thank you for your web site.

02/09/05...A Great Love

I have only recently become aware of the teaching of universal reconciliation and have been doing a great deal of studying on the subject on both this sight and on the kingdom resources site and wanted to thank you for making these writings and teachings available. One the that has struck me while doing my research was the great love believers in UR have for our Father God and for each other. In my reading I have repeatedly seen examples of that love extending unfailingly to those who violently oppose their beliefs and this has spoken volumes to me concerning the truth of UR.I live in anchorage, alaska and was wondering if you know of any churches, groups or even individuals in or around this area who share the belief of Gods plan for universal reconciliation?

02/07/05...Changed my way of thinking

I have been reading your fine material on universal salvation! It's the first of its kind that I've ever come across, and it has changed my way of thinking. I used to believe in eternal torment, then later became an annihilationist, but I can now say that I have been blessed by seeing the light. Praise God for that!

02/06/05...Now seeking again

Enjoying your site. I am a Christian turned agnostic (mainly because of hell) who's now seeking again. I would like to know of where I could possibly meet others of your faith here in Michigan.

02/02/05...Answers to difficult questions

I used to belong to a fundamentalist church known as the Independent Baptists where I recieved steady diet of hellfire preaching and doom and gloom eschatology. When the love of God was talked about, it was usually conditional. After more than six and a half years I left in the wake of a church split and sought out a new spiritual home in the mainstream church scene, but I could not find anywhere I could fit in. After several years of going to a number of different churches I gave up--but I did not quit believing in God. I still fellowshipped with a few friends who left church also. I managed to cope (from my religious indoctrination of an angry Hellfire God) reasonably well by perfecting the art of mental backfiling. It seemed to work okay as long as I was not exposed to anything that would cause me to think about the negative aspects of my belief system...Then one day as I was riding my bicycle down the street where I live I saw a car parked at the side of the road with a bumper sticker on the back window that read..."ETERNITY: smoking or non smoking "... AAARG! I wished I did not see that--my mental backfile was straining at the seams and I had to go into damage control real quick in order to maintain some form of sanity. I focused on the positive aspects of my belief system as much as I could (making much of the grace and peace God has given me through Christ.) I managed to get back to some semblance of normality until the following year when I was watching a movie on television called "The Devil's Playground." It was about a group of teenage boys at a Roman Catholic boarding school. When the priest preached a hellfire sermon in graphic detail it was too much for me to bear. My mental backfile burst open, spilling its poisonous contents throughout my mind, and causing me to nearly have a nervous breakdown. I was more miserable than what I was before I became a Christian! I decided to search for the truth by doing a lot of praying and Bible study and risk stepping outside the bounds of "orthodoxy." I then spent more than two years searching the Internet, looking at various Christian websites until I found a great site for articles on universalism and Hell. This site has been more help to me than many of the countercult and apologetics sites I have visited. I thank God for the answers I have found to my most difficult questions. God bless you Gary as you proclaim His Infinite Grace. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world!


Gary, Thank you, for your wonderful writing. I find hope and love in your words. It is an inspiring work...

01/31/05...From an Orthodox (OCA) Believer

Hello--I want to thank you for your wonderful web page. I was under the impression that eternal torment was an almost universal teaching of the church save for a few "malcontents" like Origen. But the more I looked into the subject the more I would find another Church Father (Saint Isaac, Saint Gregory of Nyssa,etc ), or another evidence from scripture that points to universal salvation . I was worried at first that my inclination to support universal salvation might be heretical or opposed to the teachings of my Church. Now however I think belief in eternal suffering itself is a heresy that unfortunately crept into the Church. I've found also that many of the great Orthodox theologians of our time are standing up for Universal salvation, Sergius Bulgakov, Paul Evdokimov, Archimandrite Sophroney, and to a certain extent Kalistos Ware, as well.

01/27/05...Changed my views of God

Hi, I just came across your website and read with great interest what you had to say about the bible and hell. I am very interested in finding a church that teaches on this subject. I am not a regular church goer...I do believe in God and I believe that Jesus Christ came here to die for me....What I read on your website has changed all of my veiws on God and religion in general....Thank you very much.

01/26/05...Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Are you guys of Seventh-Day Adventist belief? Regardless, God has really shown your ministries much truth. I am witnessing to somebody who believes in Eternal Damnation, I found your website through google.com, I found what your website had to say was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord...

1/20/05..A profound difference

Greetings! I have been reading as much of your material as I can take in. I have received this truth concerning the reconciliation of all, and as you can imagine after believing the traditional eternal torment doctrine all of my considerably long Christian life it has made a profound difference in my understanding of God; it has also caused sharp differences between friends and family..My reason for writing is to see if it were possible for you to produce a one page statement that would arrest the attention of the reader enough to cause him to be interested enough to pursue the matter further....

01/11/05...Opened my eyes

Hello, We are a small familly of four stationed in OK., my husband is a seargeant in the US Army.... God has opened my eyes to many things that no one I have ever met physically, seem to recognize or believe. There is no physical church or no person for us... we try to light up the world, however our bulbs shatter in pain because the outlet usually cannot accept the wattage... Please help with a fellowship or a teacher so that we may step out boldly, becomeing the living church to others that our world so desperately needs these last days. I ask God to move and use you powerfully for this work at hand!

01/09/05...Christian Motorcycle Chaplain

...I was just sitting in my study thinking all that the Lord has been showing me in the past year since coming to the truth of universal reconciliation. What a Blessed gospel, truly good news! I want to thank you for your work in getting this message out; it was mostly by reading articals and books and tapes from your site that caused me to become certain of the truth of this message. Thank you and God Bless you. Since then I have been devouring everything I can get my hands on from many web sites as well as purchasing and reading books. I have always been a radical in my beliefs, never just went along with the crowd in my thinking. Although I have kept many things to myself over the years, only sharing my thoughts with those closest to me. This was difficult as I served in the ministry preaching and teaching. I usually just stayed with the basics. I have studied very seriously ever since I came into a relationship with the Lord in 1978 almost as if being driven, and I have had many questions. Now praise God I think they are being answered, although there have been some very stressful circumstances since I have begun to come out in the open with this truth. Thats OK--I know what I know and the Lord has confirmed it also. When I shared this truth with my former pastor and partner in ministry I was disfellowshiped and asked not to talk to anyone in his church about this or share this "doctrin of demons".

Feeling that I needed to share this with another ministry I had been involved with; the Christian Motorcyclist Assc.( I was a Chaplain) this is a world wide motorcyclist ministry with over 100,000 members. I wrote the president of the organization and they kicked me out saying I could not even be a Christian if I believed this "perversion of the gospel" or something like that. (I would have to get the letter out and read it again). Anyway this really lit my spiritual fuse and I answered their response with rather pointed but truthful response. After I sent that; without any explanation, they sent me a letter reinstating me into the organization--an action I did not ask for. I have many friends in that ministry with whom I have shared this truth and it is begining to bear some fruit. If anything the shock of my being kicked out gave me opportunity to share the true gospel with them and like I said it has seemed to be accepted to some degree. My friends want me to continue with them and I told them I might participate in some of thier work but not as a chaplain and that I would be open about what I believe. They didn't seem to have a problem with that. Who knows this may lead to a bigger opportunity than I think...I also shared this truth with a former associate in ministry where we worked together as associate pastors in a Baptist church of which he is now the senior pastor and his response was silence, I actually think he is really thinking about what I shared with him and cant find a sutable answer, maybe God is speaking to his heart. I hope so... Grace and Peace!

01/06/05...From Canada

Thanks so much for Gary for your site and all the work you put in to it. 4 of us here have just come into the revelation of these things and we meet weekly to study and share and it is an awesome time for us right now. We are very appreciative of the materials available. It would be so good to have a meeting with some of you teachers one day and just rejoice in all HE is doing. We are in Canada and do not know how widespread this move is. I recently read a prophecy from 1997 speaking of these very things happening regarding the exposing of error in translations and people being brought out to see GOD's universal plan.How awesome is our GOD and all the glory truly belongs to HIM Blessings to you Gary and your loved ones as you continue to let HIS light shine. .

12/01/04...Pastor from the UK

Hi, I'm a pastor from a church in southern UK and I have been very encouraged just having found your site and the resources it contains. For probably the last 20 years since hearing Roger Forster talk about his objection to 'eternal conscious torment' I have been on a journey of discovery, attempting to find answers to questions on hell and others such as 'if God wants us to forgive others unconditionally surely that means he does the same?' I find that evangelicals are the worst for tackling a question head on because they do not like the fact that they may come up with an answer that contradicts conventional received wisdom. It seems that beliefs are so deeply ingrained that they are hard to question. So, I am on a journey and the more I discover I feel I like God and believe him to be just and not vengeful, as so many want us to believe...


Brother Gary, Just dropping you an email to tell you Happy Thanksgiving. I thank God for you, your wife, and all who help you spread the true Good News. You and your web site were there for me when I was in a despair and breakdown three years ago, but that is no longer since I've been able to learn so much and be changed inside by the Spirit of God. I have a long way to go but at least I'm not where I used to be.

11/25/04...From Sydney

Hi Gary, or another...Thank you for your website, what joy I have in my heart, overflowing. I have read many of your articles with many more to read, devouring them and not fast enough. I am hoping that you might be able to advise me of someone in the Sydney area who has also been blessed with this enlightenment. It is a humanly lonely road I have been placed on and would delight it talking face to face with someone who shares the same joy. Look forward to your soonest reply.

11/08/04...Treasures upon treasures

I too have been part of several churches during my 15 years of ministry which all taught hell fire and brimstone, but thankfully i found the primitive baptist universalists of southwest virginia and upper east tennessee. i found them through Dr. Howard Dorgan's book "In the Hands of a Happy God" thank you for this website, treasures upon treasures cannot begin to measure the worth it has been to me.


I just saw Gary Amirault on "Faith under Fire", wow, I really liked what I heard from him. I've been wrestling with the concept of hell since I first heard about it as a child. Thank you Gary, for speaking at least to me. I know the commentator took the other side which is, for me awful hard to believe, but a very normal view. Thanks again, you have no idea what this means for me.

11/05/04...From a young minister in Australia

Hi Gary, Your site has been of great value in my journey for the truth of God's word and has truly inspired me to study the word. The great thing is that the home group that I lead is being introduced to the concept of complete reconcilliation etc. It is amazing however the resistance that is met in the face af such a wonderful concept, in that when i presented this to my parents who were pastors for quite some time i have come to the conclusion after much heated debate to let the topic alone for a while. i also preach at my local church regularly and praying for the day that i can start to introduce some of the ideas and conclusions that i have come to through the hebrew and greek (newly discovered though they are to me...ha) and liberate Gods' people from the condemnation, uncertainty and guilt they are so easily over come with. If you have any sugestions that could aid my quest i would love to know them. I must say that i have done full studies now on all the times that hell and all its varying interpretations are in the NKJV and KJV and all the times and contexts that Aion etc appears and am by absolute conviction am convinced that 'hell' does not exist and that Gods ultimate commision to Christ was fulfilled ( into his hands has he commited all things and that he should lose none!) thankyou and God be with you in your home and ministry. ---Phil, Queensland, Australia

9/06/04....From an atheist

Gary: I found your pages via a Web search for "Universalist" and "Universalist Christian". I've spent much of the last couple days perusing the many articles at your site, as well as other Web resources. Fascinating information with an interesting (and somewhat refreshing) perspective. I'm a former minister (Pentecostal), divorced and gay, and pretty much an atheist/humanist. The god I met in the church was simply impotent to deal with the likes of me. As long as I kept the doctrinal party line, of course, all was well, but when I got naked and alone (figuratively speaking) with god, he ran out of the room. I've always been a minister at heart, and will always be strong to serve the world in which I live, but I can't imagine I would ever be a Christian again; at least, never the kind I was before... Mostly I just wanted to thank you for freely broadcasting the articles on your Web site. I'm not sure what I will do with it, or what is yet to come in my own life because of it, but it is nice to know that the fundamentalist teachings are not the only voice of Christianity in the world today...

8/10/04...Truly thankful

Gary, Your work is wonderful, and I could never thank you enough for all the truth you have shown me with the holy spirit of truth telling me of all these things as being truthful, and inspired writings. you have brought my mind out of darkness, and into the light of "the way". I am truly thankful for your ministry to us; people seeking after the truth, and then being led into it by such a wonderful person as your self. I know that I don't know you personally, but I've read nearly all the things you've posted on your sight, and I can't thank you enough for them. I love Jesus, and I love you also, and pray for your health, and for the continued support in your calling that's from God him self. I know all of us are called into different things in the spirit, and I'm thankful for you following the call of your father. I will be reading more on your sight, and with your permission I hope that you will let me share these things with others, because I know of many peole already that I've shared these things with that are looking into the deeper things of the workings of the spirit. Thank you Gary for all of your efforts, and I know that they aren't truly your own efforts, but the power of God who is in you showing you the ways, and giving you the power to continue your calling that you were called and set apart for in the earth.

7/5...Life-changing experience

I just want to let you know that I have been reading your site for days now, and I am finding it to be a life-changing experience. I have been considering for some time now that hell is not the right term used, and have been studying and searching to see what the real answers are in the eternal punishment question...I am convinced now that Jesus is the Savior of the whole world, and not just part. I believe this truth is found in the Bible when searched for without prejudice from past learned beliefs.


Do you know the impact your website has had on my life? Years of fear and uncertainty, mistrust, and hopelessness are gone. It was itself, frightening and painful to come to this revelation of God's love for mankind. Frightening, because the Christian world hates this message, I hinted to my mom what has been revealed to me and she almost started crying, fearing I was abandoning my faith. Painful, because for years I walked around, not wanting to be friendly to people as I had realized that chances are they were hellbound. Thank you.

4/5...Thank you

A few years back, God's Univeral Reconciliation was revealed to me. I want to thank you for all the wonderful resources that you have provided. You have been a major source of my understanding.

4/9...South America

I am from Bolivia, South America. I feel really excited about what I have found in your website. It really sounds like GOOD NEWS !!! I had studied A LOT about the Bible, theology, philosophy, psychology, etc. but I had NEVER found anything like your "stuff" which it certainly seems to be God's stuff. I always wondered if God was as "bad" as churches showed Him. For some time, I even thought to myself: "this God is either unfair or does not exist not only because of His "exclusive character" (according to the churches) but also because of the non-answered suffering on Earth". Then, I realized that, according to the four Gospels, Jesus did NOT sound that bad, that exclusive. So, I started my own search of the Truth (guided by the Spirit) and discovered wonderful truths that have been setting me freer and freer. My last discovery has been your great website. please let me know if there are some people in Latin America who share your beliefs. I really appreciate what you are teaching. SOUNDS GREAT!!! SOUNDS LIKE GOD'S WORD!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

3/2...I hope you are right

I happened across your web site doing some research on the doctrine of hell. I had never heard of universalism before that is remarkable I thought I had studied every angle of christianity. Universal salvation WOW! that truly is GOOD NEWS. I have just started studying these materials and I will have to say it is very refreshing and uplifting to my spirit-man. Fits right in with my concept of the creator God of the universe who loved us with an everlasting, unquenchable love ( unquenchable fire huh ?) with His character and atributes. I still have questions but this all sounds so wonderful who wouldn't want to see this, why would anyone reject this teaching. I have not fully embraced this yet but I am still studying and I hope you are right. I know God has called me to do a work for Him, maybe this is it.

The fruit of Universalism clearly is better than the fruit of the teaching of Hell. Case Closed!

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