Vision Video

An on-line source for thousands of Christian videos and DVD's.

Vision Video
P. O. Box 540
Worchester, PA.

Vision Video is an excellent source for thousands of Christian videos. They cover almost all the bases including many videos on discipleship, church history, biographies, current events, music, children's stories, counseling, etc.

They carry not only their own productions; they also distribute many other company's products. They also carry some of the better secular Bible productions like TNT's Bible collection that contains Hollywood quality films like Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samson and Delilah, and David. Also offered are classic Bible movies like Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis, The Robe, etc.

Among my favorites are those that deal with early church history and manners and customs of the biblical period. I found A.D, (the experiences of the early church), Peter and Paul (clearly lays out the differences between Paul's gospel and the gospel of the circumcision)and the video Jesus among my favorites as well as the TNT productions.

If you enjoy Christian videos and would like to have some Christian entertainment for children, I would recommend adding their link to your favorites and writing down their address. They have a very large free catalog.

The only downside about ordering Christian videos is that there are a LOT of poorly produced ones. It's hard to tell from the advertisement whether one is getting a gem or a dog for the $19.99. Also, many of the videos are produced by evangelical organizations which tend to rewrite history and biographies to over-glorify the church and its leaders.

I was shocked when I went to college to find the real history of our country and its leaders was not quite the way I learned it in middle school. George Washington didn't chop down the cherry tree; he didn't throw the silver dollar across the Potomac and he had wooden teeth and liked to gamble.

The REAL church history is not as pretty as many Christian productions make it and many of the church's leaders are not as holy and honorable as some of these biographies depict them. Martin Luther was a drunk, foul-mouthed Jew-hater who betrayed the German people and was responsible for the death of thousands of peasants at the hand of the German Princess who Luther sided with. Yes, he was very important in the Protestant reformation, but a saint he was not. So take some care when ordering. You might find yourself purchasing poor quality productions with more whitewash than truth. Perhaps we'll add a discussion section to our site where viewers can make recommendations based upon having watched the video.


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