Overcoming Burdens of Life

By Gary Amirault

I received a phone call from someone who had just spoken to my wife at the hospital. She has been through several surgeries in the last couple weeks, has encountered numerous difficulties along the way, but has been rejoicing through it all because of Godís sustaining presence that has been with her through it all. The person on the phone said that my wife would really appreciate those who have been praying for her to not let up on praying for her. She felt particularly strong adversarial forces come against her today.

Because I picked up flu-like symptoms yesterday and they got worse today, I felt it best not to visit her today possibly exposing her to it. This morning someone emailed me the following few words about eagles and storms. I knew Michelle needed to hear them so I called her and read them to her. The words were just right for the occasion.

Did you know that an eagle knows when the storm is approaching long before it breaks? The eagle will fly to some high spot and wait for the winds to come. When the storm hits, it sets its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. While the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring above it.

The eagle does not escape the storm. It simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It rises on the winds that bring the storm. When the storms of life come upon us - and all of us will experience them - we can rise above them by setting our minds and our belief toward God. The storms do not have to overcome us. We can allow God's power to lift us above them.

God enables us to ride the winds of the storm that bring sickness, tragedy, failure and disappointment in our lives. We can soar above the storm. Remember, it is not the burdens of life that weigh us down, it is how we handle them. Author Unknown ----------------------------

The Obstacle in Our Path In ancient times, a king had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock.

Some of the king's wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none did anything about getting the stone out of the way.

Then a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. On approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. As the peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the king indicating that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway.

The peasant learned what many others never understand.

Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one's condition.


Surely Michelleís spiritual condition has indeed improved dramatically during all these trying days. Michelle has used all the many strong adversarial forces arrayed against her to rise higher than she could ever imagine. And she has picked up many spiritual riches along the way. While her body has suffered greatly, her spirit has soared to places only eagles dare go. She is truly focused on the lover of her soul. But today she has become somewhat weary. She is confronting some spiritual forces which appear very ominous to her. She needs some helping hands:

"The Amalekites came and attacked the Israelites at Rephidim. Moses said to Joshua, "Choose some of our men and go out to fight the Amalekites. Tomorrow I will stand on top of the hill with the staff of God in my hands." So Joshua fought the Amalekites as Moses had ordered, and Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill. As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning. When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up--one on one side, one on the other--so that his hands remained steady till sunset. So Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword." (Exodus 17:8-13)

The victory with the sword actually came from the raising of the hands of more than one person. Moses needed help to keep his hands up to gain the victory. Michelle Amirault, my wife, (whose maiden name is Aaron), has asked those who have held her up in prayer these days not to let up. She has specifically asked today for more prayers so that she can continue to rise above the storm. I pray I find favor in your heartsóthat this inspirational stirs many of you into deep intercession right now. Let us form an incense cloud corporately that will carry Michelle right into the Throne of Grace. As Michelle seeks to rise above the storm by continuously looking up to Him, I ask all of you to pray to our Father that He move you right now into a deeper level of prayer than you have known before. Practice on my wife. "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." (James 5:13) Our righteousness is in the Messiah. Press into Him and be clothed with His Righteousness. Oh, Father draw all your people up higher. Let us all soar with wings of eagles into your presence carrying Michelle with us.

"For you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings." (Malachi 4:2)

Lift up His Holy Name in worship, praise, prayers and intercession saints. May we all rise high enough to touch His healing wings. Enter the depths of intercession that we may rise up to heights unimaginable. Remember, when you lift someone else up, you lift yourself up as well. Love, joy, and peace to you all, Gary Amirault, husband of a super-saint of a wife.

For updates on Michelle Amiraultís condition, visit the following discussion board: http://www.tentmaker.org/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi

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