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The Christian Bible (1991)

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..whether by living or dying, the Anointed One will
be magnified in my body. 21 For to me, living means the Anointed
One, and death means gain. 22 Yet if to keep on living in flesh
means fruit from my work, I can't even make known which I would
prefer. 23 Yet I am being pressed between the two, as I have a desire to
unloosen [my "tent" (body) to move on (from this world)] and to be together with
the Anointed One (for this is so much better)..  Phil. 1

Philippians 2:6 Although He existed inherently in God's form, He didn't think that continuing on an
equality with God was a thing to be forcibly taken; 7 rather, He emptied
Himself, as He took the form of a slave and became like humans. 8Now
when He was found in the temporary form like a human, He humbled
Himself, becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a stake.

Romans 16:25 Now may the One who is able to solidly establish you in accordance with the Good Message that I bring, even the proclamation about the Anointed One Yesu, in accordance with the revelation of the secret that has been kept silent during the times of the past ages, 26 yet now has been made apparent in accordance with the requirement of the God of the ages, and through the
Writings of the Prophets, and has been made known to all the pagans to result in obedience by faith...   

I find 1Cor. 15:22 And 1Tim 2:4  very odd in the Christian Bible with it's wording as compared to other translations. And the parenthesizing in CB is some what foreboding, to me anyway. :dsunny:

I think I have read enough at this point to weigh in initially on this version of the bible. So far with only the verses posted by Jabcat I like that it reads like it is aimed at children because most Christians are little children. I would love to give my parents a copy of this and have them read it out loud to each other. I think hearing is way underrated.  :banana:


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