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Hello &  :HeartThrob: from England

I came across the Tentmaker videos on Youtube, as I'm researching which bibles to buy.  The vids were very interesting & chimed in with a lot of my inarticlated feelings from basic bible research.

I was wondering if ppl could give some advice on initial bibles for starting to study the translations, as I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the info.   :Chinscratch:  (I don't want to spend a lot of time online, with web versions, as I'm not well & have to limit screen time.)

First up would be a bible to write in with notes, but I'm unsure which translation would make a good basis for expanding with translation study notes & that also has decent space for notetaking (I prefer to keep word study quite close to the original text, not in separate notebooks.)

I would also like some kind of Hebrew study guide. I'm not sure which to start with - something like a Strong's, or a Hebrew/Greek Study bible?  I don't really know what an interlinear bible is?   :dunno2:

If anyone could make some suggestions, I'd be really grateful, (bearing in mind I'm in England)

Hi and welcome Kozani :thumbsup:

My advise is to to try the free electronic versions and then make your choice. They are also availble as offline versions. But that's still on a screen.

YLT - Youngs Literal Translation
CLV - Concordant Literal Version
ISA - Interlinear is a Bible that show 2 languages. Hebrew+English and/or Greek+English

Please check out the link below to get stated/


Thank you for the reply.

If I wanted to look at Hebrew words & Strong's numbers, is the Blueletterbible site the best out there?  Would I get anything more from buying a Strong's concordance? 



imo Strong's is not the best possible lexicon.
Thayer has improved the Greek word defenitions.
Brown, Driver an Briggs the Hebrew word defenition.

If you use the free programs eSword or TheWord you can download BestLex here: http://www.mediafire.com/?nefx8iqavldq5y2
It has the added benefit of Tense Mood Voice info.

Thanks.  I don't need the Greek.  I'm only reading the OT at the moment, how do I find the Thayers?  That site is so busy its hard to work out the multi screen. 

I'm on an Ipad, so can't download zip etc. 


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