Author Topic: Paul vs Jesus - Part 1 - The Mosaic Law (Law of Commandments)  (Read 4011 times)

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Re: Paul vs Jesus - Part 1 - The Mosaic Law (Law of Commandments)
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Mod Note - I've looked at this thread and discussed it with a couple of people.  Multiple things considered, the decision is made to lock it.  I don't see how it's possible for this thread, given its main focus, to be brought within the guidelines of the boards - except to suggest that Jerm, rosie's and Paul's posts are scriptural summaries of the issue and leave it there.  

Outright textual criticism is not allowed on the TM boards (especially to a high, ongoing extent as a primary basis for argument).  The default setting is that the scriptures, accurately translated, rightly divided, Spirit revealed are trustworthy and to be respected.  Otherwise, we're just debating outside the Words of God, arguing without one of the crucial witnesses to the truth, and that's not what TM is about.  

Thanks, James.
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