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Past, Present, and Future!




We "all" have a PAST, a PRESENT, and a "Future."

The "Corporate Body" also has a PAST, PRESENT,


The "scriptures" speak of "every man IN HIS ORDER."

Therefore, think with me a moment.

I have seen, for instance, things in the BOOK of

Revelation that showed me that it was PAST,


Recently, I saw the "same concept" in Genesis.  It blew my mind.

We are so "human" that we think in terms of

"times" according to the natural........but all of

us, from Abraham on down, are "be---------ing"

conformed to the IMAGE of who? The Second Man. 

We are already in the IMAGE of the first man. ha

So----------as Abraham was "be------ing" conformed to that heavenly quickening spirit IMAGE, actually, he was being conformed to the IMAGE of the SECOND Man,who according to lst Cor 15 "is" the very Lord from heaven.  When Abraham lived many years ago, "Jesus" had not then even been "born" in the natural as a "manifestation" of God in the flesh! 

Do you see the Past, Present, and Future, .........

Recently, I have noticed that the "whole Bible"

is a story of the PAST, PRESENT, and Future!

Probably the reason for so many disagreements,

because some people are at different places in

"their" journey.

Do you think, for instance, that PETER was in the same place in his own personal journey when the episode of A. and S. took place as he later was when he saw that sheet from heaven coming down and God told him what He did? Why do you think God gave him that vision?

Just some thoughts.......


I want you to notice that one place in the 'Bible'

speaks of "wise men" that KNEW the "times."

That has got my attention right now.  I want to

look into that..........if the Lord will permit.

 :cloud9: That's so true, RLV.........which is why Jesus, speaking as the Christ Spirit, who said I only speak what I hear my Father speak, said, "When you've seen ME, you've seen the Father." And we all thought He was talking about the flesh and blood of the man Jesus. Yet He told Peter, (who could see the flesh and blood man), that (my) flesh and blood have not revealed this (truth) to you, but my Father which is in heaven. What did the Father reveal? WHO the SON was........which is also why Paul saw NO MAN, but only saw a light only.

All seeds reproduce after their own kind, and His own kind is the Father, and the Father is a Spirit. No man can see the Father and live (in his own ways anymore), because we are changed as we are beholding Him face/nature to face/nature, ie. the Son in us allowing us to perceive the Father thru the mind of Christ, after the Father has revealed the Son to us. This is why no man can have the Son without the Father, nor the Father without the Son. Each comes to reveal the other. Blessings to you...... :HeartThrob:


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