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is there a greek word for "eternity"

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a word which mean only that , does it exist ?
thank you very much

Erwan, I don't think there was  Greek or Hebrw word for eternity in the first century.
But that's one of the huge differences between UR and ET.
KJV is full of everlasting, eternal, endless etc.
But translations like CLV and YLT always use 'age'.

i think it is a small problem for universalism: the concept of eternity exists in the mind of every human
maybe if the concept doesn't exist in the literal vocabulary people use a word which exists and transform the meaning

I think not only UR has that problem. ET even more.
UR defines 'age' as 'age'.
ET defines 'age' as 'everlasting' because a concept without a proper word exists.

i have to accept that your reasoning is strong
i think that God created greek language, so he  probably able to create a word which means exactly what he wants .


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