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Fallen angels

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Jude ....Enoch prophesied about  these 'MEN"   ........these men are 'grumbblers faultfinders

   follow their own evil desires..boast and flatter.  men who divide you..havenot the holy spirit

   foaming up their shame like wild waves  speak abusively about what they don't understand..

    certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago,have secretly slipped in

  among you...blemishes at your love feast

    Acts 20;29  savage wolves will come in among you and not spare the flock.........

    these he has kept in darkness..bound with chains for judgemnt on the great day

   this is how we recognize 'who' these men are...woe to them!! they have taken the way of Cain

  [who hated and murdered his brother] rushed for profit into Balaams error[curse others]..been

 destroyed in Korah's rebellion

   examine yourselves,as shall I to see if you recognize these men that slipped in.

  note their characteristics..look out..that ye not devour one another...

   Rev 12............the dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth that he may


....speaking of 'men' and 'angels'......   Judges 13...and the angel of the Lord appeared unto the woman

  and said'Behold now,thou art barren..but shall conceive a son...."

 v 6  then the woman came and told her husband...A MAN OF GOD CAME UNTO ME


Sheila  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: jaareshiah on November 01, 2012, 04:53:03 AM ---At Jude 6, Jude wrote that "the angels that did not keep their original position (in heaven) but forsook their own proper dwelling place (in heaven) he (Jehovah God) has reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day." Jude further wrote that these wicked angels "committed fornication excessively and (had) gone out after flesh for unnatural use" (Jude 7), by materializing and having sexual relations with "daughters of men".

The global flood forced the wicked angelic "sons of God" to dematerialize and go back into the spirit realm, having to abandon their offspring, the Nephilim, who died during the Noachian Flood.

--- End quote ---
The, imo local, flood was for destroying Nephlim who were the offspring of teraphim, lowest class of angels and humans.  It's those teraphim that are now locked up and are released as locusts (which doesnt do much good to full Hebrew understanding). The dead Neplim are likely whats called demons.
Nephlim weren't all killed during the flood. Far from it. It seems/looks like all of Joshua's wars were against Nephlim tribes.
Revelation even 'hints' that they will return full force.


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