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Names in Scripture
« on: January 22, 2012, 03:05:08 AM »
 :cloud9: Thought some of you might enjoy this offering from a Messianic friend of mine.......says it better than I can why I love the Hebrew..... :bigGrin:

Names of Books of the Scripture

Joshua- Real Name is YAHUshua= "YAHUAH is Salvation"
Samuel- Real Name is ShamAHuel= "Listen to YAHUAH your Eloah"
Isaiah- Real Name is YeshaYAHU= "Salvation is YAHUAH"
Jeremiah- Real Name is YirmeYAHU= "The Resurrection/Rising is YAHUAH"
Ezekiel- Real Name is YAHchezqel= "YAHUAH is a Righteous Eloah"
Daniel- Real Name is DaniYAHel "The decision is YAHUAH's our Eloah"
Hosea- Real Name is HosheAH= "The Deliver is YAHUAH"
Joel- Real Name is YAHel= "YAHUAH is Eloah"
Amos- Real Name is AHmoce= "YAHUAH's Burden"
Obadiah- Real Name is ObadYAHU= "The Servant of YAHUAH"
Jonah- Real Name is YonAH= "YAHUAH provides Warmth"
Micah- Real Name is MiykahYAHU= "Who is like YAHUAH"
Nahum- Real Name is NachUm= "Comfort comes from YAHUAH"
Habakkuk- Real Name is ChabaqUq= "Embrace YAHUAH"
Zephaniah- Real Name is TsphanYAHU= "The Secret is YAHUAH"
Haggai- Real Name is ChaggaYAH= "The Celebration is YAHUAH"
Zechariah- Real Name is ZacharYAHU= "YAHUAH Remembers"
Malachi- Real Name is MalakiYAH= "Messenger of YAHUAH"
Job- Real Name is YAHshub= "YAHUAH Will Return"
Ezra- Real Name is EzrAH= "Our Help is YAHUAH"
Nehemiah- Real Name is NechemYAH= "Consoled by YAHUAH"
Matthew- Real Name is MatithYAHU= "The gift is YAHUAH"
Mark- Real Name is MarkU= "Man of YAHUAH"
Luke- Real Name is LukAH= "The Light is YAHUAH"
John- Real Name is YAHUchanon= "YAHUAH is Grace"
Timothy- Timotheos= "Dear to ELOAH"
Titus- TitosPhilemon- "Friendly"
James- Real Name is YAHcob= "YAHUAH rises up"
Peter- Real Name is KephAH= "The Rock is YAHUAH"
Jude- Real Name is YAHUdAH= "YAHUAH's Worshipers and Followers"

Nearly every one of their names has a part of YAHUAH's name in it. And everyone of their names "testifies" and tells something about who YAHUAH is to us that believe in and call on His Name.

Now let's continue on by looking at the first Chapter of MatithYAHU (sn- Matthew). It gives the geneology from AbrAHam to the Savior YAHUsha the Mashiach (MessiYAH):

1ST Chapter of MatithYAHU (The Gift is YAHUAH) verses 2-16:
Abram- AbrAHam- "The Father YAHUAH of a Multitude"
Isaac- YAHsaac- "YAHUAH Laughs"
Jacob- YAHcob- "YAHUAH Succeeds"
Judah- YAHUdah- YAHUAH's Worshipers and Followers
Perez- means "A Break"
Zerah- ZerAHk- "The Rising of Light is YAHUAH"
Hezron- ChetsronRam- RaAHm "YAHUAH Is the Highest"
Amminadab- AmiynAHdaab- "People of YAHUAH are at Liberty"
Nashon- NAHchshon- "YAHUAH's Enchanter"
Salmon- SalmAH- "Clothing Provided by YAHUAH"
Boaz- Bo'azRahab- RAHchaab- "YAHUAH is Proud"
Obed- Owbed- ServingRuth-
RUth- "YAHUAH's Friend"
Jesse- YeshAHy "The Existence of YAHUAH Continues"
David- Da'ud- "Love YAHUAH"
Solomon- ShalomAH "The Peace of YAHUAH"
Uriah- UwriYAHU- "The Flame of YAHUAH"
Rehoboam- RachAHbam "The people of YAHUAH has Enlarged"
Abijah- AbiYAHU "Fathered by YAHUAH"
Asa- AHca "YAHUAH Heals"
Jehoshaphat- YAHUshaphat- "YAHUAH is the Judge"
Joram- YAHUram "YAHUAH Raised"
Uzziah- UzziYAHU- "Strength of YAHUAH"
Jotham- YAHtaam- "YAHUAH is Perfect"
Ahaz- "AHchaaz- YAHUAH is the Possesor"
Hezekiah- YAHchizqiYAHU- "Strengthened of YAHUAH"
Mannasseh- ManAHshah- "YAHUAH Made Me Forget"
Amon- AHmon "YAHUAH Trains"
Josiah- YoshiYAHU- "Founded of YAHUAH"
Jeconiah- YakonYAHU- "YAHUAH Will Establish"
Shealtiel- ShaltiYAHel- "I have asked YAHUAH Eloah"
Zerubbabel- Zarubaabel Abiud- AbiyhUd "Renowned is YAHUAH"
Eliakim- ElYAHqiym "Eloah YAHUAH is Raising"
Azor- AzzUr "Helpful is YAHUAH"
Zadok- TsAHdoq "YAHUAH is Right"
Achim- YAHqiym "YAHUAH Rises"
Eliud- EliUd "God YAHUAH of Majesty"
Eleazar- ElAHzaar "Eloah YAHUAH is Our Helper"
Matthan- Mattan "A present"
Jacob- YAHqob- "YAHUAH Succeeds"
Joseph- YAHceph "YAHUAH Increases"
YAHUsha "YAHUAH is Salvation"-End of Names from MattithYahu 1:2-16

 All the names above are just from the 1st Chapter of MatithYAHU! Now to drive home the point, let's look at a list of other names in Scripture that reveal who the one and only Eloah and Savior is:

Adam- Real Name is AHdam= "YAHUAH's Mankind"
Eve- ChavAH= "The Life-Giver is YAHUAH
Joseph- YAHceph= "YAHUAH Increases"
Samuel- ShamAHuel= "Listen to YAHUAH your Eloah"
Job- YAHshub= "YAHUAH Will Return"
Moses- MoshAH= "The Rescuer is YAHUAH"
Aaron- AHaron= "YAHUAH is Exalted"
Elkanah- ElqanAH= "YAHUAH Eloah has Obtained"
Jeroham- YAHrocham= "YAHUAH is Compassionate"
Hannah- ChanAH= "Favor of YAHUAH"
Amoz- AHmots= "YAHUAH is Strong"
Jotham- YAHtaam= "YAHUAH is Perfect"
Ahaz- AHchaaz= "YAHUAH is the Possesor"
Hezekiah- YAHchizqiYAHU= "Strengthened of YAHUAH"
Joab- YAHab= "YAHUAH Fathered"
Jehoshaphat- YAHUshaphat= "YAHUAH is the Judge"
Abiathar- EbYAHtaar= The Father YAHUAH of Abundance"
Seraiah- SeraYAH= "The Prevailer is YAHUAH"
Benaiah- BenaYAHU- "The Builder is YAHUAH"
Saul- ShaUl= "Ask YAHUAH"
Jonathan- YAHUnataan= "YAHUAH Gives"
Hilkiah- ChilqiYAHU= "Portion of YAHUAH"
Benjamin- BinYAHmiyn= "Son of YAHUAH'S Right Hand"

(prophesies the Savior)

Jehoiakim- YAHUyaqiym= "YAHUAH will Raise"
Zedekiah- TsidqiYAHU= "The Right of YAHUAH"
Gedaliah- GedalYAHU= "Great is YAHUAH"
Hizkiah- YechizqiYAHU= "Stengthened of YAHUAH"
Amariah- AmarYAHU= "Promise of YAHUAH"
Josiah- YoshiYAHU= "Founded of YAHUAH"
Josedech- YAHUtsadaq= "YAHUAH Righted"
Berechiah- BerekYAHU= "The Blessing of YAHUAH"
Asahiah- AsaYAH= "The Maker is YAHUAH"
Shallum- ShallUm= "The Reward is YAHUAH"
Shebaniah- ShebanYAHU= "The Prosperer is YAHUAH"
Benaiah- BenaYAHU= The Builder is YAHUAH"
Jesiah- YishshiYAHU= "The Lender is YAHUAH"
Zebadiah- ZebadYAHU= " The Giver is YAHUAH"
Joelah- YoelAH= "The Ascender is YAHUAH"
Obadiah- ObadYAHU= "Serve YAHUAH"
Pelatiah- PelatYAHU= "The Deliverer is YAHUAH"
Hananiah- ChananYAHU= "Favor from YAHUAH"
Rephaiah- RephaYAHU= "The Cure is YAHUAH"
Shechaniah- ShekanYAHU= "The Dweller is YAHUAH"
Shemaiah- ShemaYAHU= "The Listener is YAHUAH"
Neariah- Ne'arYAHU= "Servant of YAHUAH"
Elioenai- ElYAHehnay= "Towards Eloah YAHUAH are my eyes"
Hodaiah- HowdavYAHU= "Majesty of YAHUAH"
Eliashib- ElYAHshiyb= "Eloah YAHUAH will Restore"
Pelaiah- PelaYAHU= "The Distinguisher is YAHUAH"
Dalaiah- DelaYAHU= "Lifted by YAHUAH"
Reaiah- Re'aYAHU= "Seen by YAHUAH"
Kolaiah- QowlaYAHU= "Voice of YAHUAH"
Maaseiah- Ma'aseYAHU= "The Work of YAHUAH"
Noah- NoAHch= "The Rest is YAHUAH"
Shephatiah= ShephatYAHU- "The Vindicator is YAHUAH"
Ahaziah= AchazYAHU- "Seized by YAHUAH"
Amaziah= AmatsYAHU- "Strength of YAHUAH"
Azariah= AzarYAHU- "The Helper is YAHUAH"
Jecamiah= YaqamYAHU- "The Riser is YAHUAH"
Nedabiah= NadabYAHU- "Free Offer of YAHUAH"
Pedaiah= PedaYAHU- "Redeemed by YAHUAH"
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Re: Names in Scripture
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  Thanks Card  :HeartThrob:  you know this stuff is right down my alley  girl ! insightful !!
Jesus is the reward  !!