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Where are you from?

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new zealand"
a small township of aprox 7000
im aprox in the middle of the north island of nz just to the left hand side depending which way you looking lol"
We have a huge gold mine here and a few underground mines also, the town has been mined since the late 1800s and prob always will be as long as theres gold i guess!
Its a lovely small town to raise children and we have beautiful beaches 10 mins down the road so that makes up for the mining part of things

My name is Robert. I'm from Montgomery, Alabama


--- Quote from: rjohnson741 on June 10, 2012, 07:04:07 PM ---My name is Robert. I'm from Montgomery, Alabama

--- End quote ---

Then I would absolutely adore your accent! Love the southern twang.  :smile:

Lazarus Short:
My real name is Dennis, and I live in Carlsbad, New Mexico, but lived most of my life in Kansas City - that's Missouri, pronounced like "Misery."

pule modise:
My name is Pule, i am from johannesburg, soth africa


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