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Thanks for replying gkm, the more you learn the more there is to appreciate.  You'll know it's true when you know it for yourself not because someone said so.  Truth leaves no loopholes.

Thank you Dee for the welcome!

Universal Reconciliation is a lost treasure.  The treasure map for me consisted of praying for the will of God for 15 years and not getting an answer to a significant prayer request that was according to my will and deceived understanding.  When I changed my perspective and prayed according to His Will that He would bring each member of my family to the place He wanted them to be spiritually, He answered immediately!  He baptized me with His Spirit and lead me into His Glorious Truth! I am so happy to be here! When you know the true character of God and hear His Voice there is no other option but to Believe that when He says He is not Willing that any should perish He means it!  Claim His Word! It is Finished!

thanks for saying advance wellcome

Thank you for your warm welcome!

I only just discovered "Tentmaker" through my husband.  We have both been long anchored in the Word of God, but we keep encountering teachings that hit amiss of what we see Him actually saying in the Bible and in our lives.  The views expressed here on "Tentmaker" hit home with us and resonates deeply in us.

When I was very young, God gifted me with the ability to write poetry.  He communes with me in a very special way when I am working on a poem.  I'm now finding that much of what I hear from Him I am also seeing here on "Tentmaker."  I am encouraged as I continue to read this site.  Many thanks!

In His love,


 :thumbsup: Welcome Janice  :thumbsup:


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