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Hi Everyone :)

I just joined Tentmaker tonight and have been reading stuff on here since maybe earlier this year. I liked the idea of universal salvation before, but felt cautiously optimistic. I guess I didn't want to find out that I was wrong in hoping for everyone to be saved. One time, I was approached by my husband about it, I think he was also hoping for that to be true but felt the same way I did. This actually helped me be more open about how I felt. When I see those parables about the lost sheep, prodigal son, and verses such as "All in Adam die, and all are made alive in Christ," (consider this a paraphrase if I didn't word it exactly ;) )  It had such a pull on me, that it had to be God doing that. I've come from a church that was on the legalistic side, so it's no wonder I felt more strongly about that now. How can someone find joy in loving a God who wants everyone to jump through hoops all the time? I mean, besides Jesus saying "love others as yourself, that is the fulfillment of the law"  Well, things just made more sense to me after reading from this website, also this book called Raising Hell (you know, with the slumped over pitchfork, I love that book  :laughing7:). Not to drag on further, but that's where I'm coming from and I'm glad to be here! 

Welcome TG please join in on the conversation.


Yay! Thanks :)

Welcome :)   Enjoy.

Welcome to you! My hubby is still on the fence too, he's scared to death to fully embrace it (you know, in case he's wrong and he goes to hell for it. ;) ) But he's come a looong way and I am hoping that sooner than later he is going to fully realize our Fathers true heart and nature and be set free from that fear. I pray the same for you both as well. :)  Be blessed here!



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