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   My name is Barbara. I have been reading Tentmaker and other sites since 2002. I found out about UR like most of us have, searching for answers and truth. We were tired after about 25 years in charsmatic churches and a lot of abuse and control over the years. My husband gave up and we havent been in church in about 10 years. I have always had a strong desire to know God so I continued my spiritual life by reading and looking on the internet. I still have a lot of questions and believe many can be answered here.
Have been married to an awesome man for 42 years, have four daughters and five grandchildren. 

Hi Barbara!  That was my mother's name!  Welcome to Tentmaker!   :hello2:


Hi Barbara

Welcome to TM

Be blessed and ask away

i'm blessed to meet you, barbara.  :) i hope you'll be blessed here.

Hey Barbara,

Glad to have you here with us   :)



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