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I'm in search for the Creator

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Yup that's basically it. Just looking around this forum, and I see a lot of interesting topics I would enjoy chiming in on, although it seems my profile is limited from replying to certain threads.

Hi.  Welcome here.  Some threads are based on post count.  Post a bit and see how it goes, and if something's not opening up to you that you really want to know more about or post in, let me know and we can see about it.  Thanks, and again, welcome.

Lazarus Short:
Seek, and you SHALL find - that's God's promise to us all.  Welcome!

You are welcome to  :2c: on any subject. By your profile name, it would be hard to go wrong saying what we say in love so if that's kept in mind, feel free. Don't worry, we'll stop you if you go outside the guidelines. :laugh: :dsunny: :Peace2:

Thank you all.


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