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I'm in search for the Creator

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What's the limit count on replying back to other threads? Seems when I make a thread other than this one I can't reply back to them.

Hmm... I'm a moderator and never heard there was a limit to how much we could reply. Let me check for you.

I didn't see anything in GIL's profile that was a "ded" giveaway  :laugh: on why that might be happening, but I did make one change that might help.  Let us know.

GIL, it would be really helpful as we search this out, to know exactly which threads you've tried to respond to and couldn't...(in which Board, i.e., Bible Verses Used to Assert Not All Will be Saved,  Discussions on Universal Salvation,  Christian Life, Lounge, etc.)..thanks.  Ded has brought it to the the mods and we're talking about it and trying to figure it out.  Thanks.


I think we've got it.  Plz let us know.  thanks.


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