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How to post and reply to threads


Dear Guest

Steps for posting here:

Step 1

To the right of the screen you should see a button "New Topic"  Click it.

Step 2

Enter all the fields.  Your email is not displayed anywhere on the forum.

Use a name that will identify you, you need not use your name.

Enter a title and type in your text.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.  You will see a Submit button or you can press Alt+S to submit the post.

You can also use the preview button which will show you how the post will look before submitting.

Replying to a thread:

You can either click the reply or quote button to open the edit box.

If you reply without quoting you can scroll down and in the previous replies, select a post and then select insert quote.

Start typing after the [ /quote] as shown.  Please note; everytime you reply you need to fill in all the fields.

When you preview the post it will look like this:

When finished, click the post button or Alt+S.



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