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Relatively New to UR
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Greetings from New Zealand, so many wonderful experiences all very similar to mine. As I said I am relatively new to Universal Reconciliation (some 18 months), and like someone mentioned here. I thought it was satanic  :laughing7: Then after further investigation I came across Clyde Pilkingtons writings and a few others. This thing bugged me to the point where I started to lose sleep, now I sleep well at the best of times, but this UR thingy literally blew my mind.   I tell you after a lifetime of ET teaching, ye must be born again pounding in my brain, fearful of waking up one day and every ones gone,  terrified of hell, a partial grace believer, my own free will...........the lights went. Thank you Father....I am nigh on 64 years old and boy oh boy, what a beautiful thing to discover. Saviour of All, makes so much sense. It has opened so new avenues of study. Finally, I have been searching for UR believers (if thats what they are called) in my neck of the woods. Even placed adverts in local news papers and trade notices, all to no avail. I look forward to being around this forum, reading and sharing.... a little at a time. Much blessings