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Hello from a new Christian

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A wonderful, beautiful testimony. Welcome!

Hi Victoriousgospel,
There is a website that has over 20 different translations available to read for free.
You can even plug in to read 5 different translations of your choosing side by side for comparison.
here is the address:

I quit paying exhorbitant prices for Bibles and read for free now. Also, if you use an e-reader, the Holman Christian Bible can be downloaded for free.
Thanks for participating.

Thanks Ded! I just got Blue Letter Bible on my iPad, and it has been very helpful. I will have to check out the other stuff you mentioned as well.

Lazarus Short:
Welcome, and thanks for sharing!   :friendstu:

Stick around, learn and share with us - it's good to have you here!  :dsunny:

BTW, I was an atheist for about ten years too.


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