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He is THE Savior


    I consider each soul on this forum as a friend and companion in my walk. I really do not go to a church, this forum is my assembly. I visit a Freewill Baptist church because the fellowship has given me a good, sweet, and soft spirit. I receive that as from the Lord, there is peace.
    I have been attending men's Bible study mid week, and was given an opening to speak one evening, what I said was received. But the very next meeting it was the same old thing and I became very alone, they had accepted what I was given to bring forth, but retracted at the next meeting all that what seemed to be accepted was forgotten and it was back to their doctrine.
I am given to consider all that is said on the forum as heartfelt understanding. Many things I have learned from all of you and I hope that what I am offered something as well that is weighted and taken to heart, for our learning, instruction, and reproof.
    I find it hard to say and very hard to understand, I love the Lord; still I am weak and undisciplined. And that brings sorrow to me as I know it does to my Lord, I hold only to the understanding that I am but clay in the Potter's hand, He is not finished with me and I do not understand why am still on the wheel being kept marred in the hands of the Potter.
   He holds on when I let go, He is there when I try to remove Him from my thoughts, wanting to run. It is His love that always tells me just two words when I commit and confess my errors and weakness. Those words are what keeps me seeking and following what ever it may be He has for me. Those two words are, "I  KNOW."  That's all.
   I can hear them not as voice like ours, but a voice that is like when on the old "Dragnet" TV show, where the hand holds the hammer and the other the roman numerals stampů That hammer hitting and the lifting of the stamp revealing the roman number, "I  KNOW."
I thank the Lord for this forum, I love and pray for you all. Jesus is King.
Peace and Love through Jesus.

Micah, my prayer for you is that God will richly supply you with much peace and comfort in your walk with him.

You do know about this verse in Ecc?  (Eccle. 1:18) For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

Jesus Christ was a man of great sorrow. He understood the hearts of man, the flesh and suffering we all must endure. That alone can cause one much grief.


I am humbled. thank you

    These posts are beautiful! :HeartThrob:



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