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I had a dream :-)
« on: August 28, 2013, 07:40:21 PM »
Each and every detail I can remember right now.
Stating percentages of certainty if known.
When I write name I do not know if it is my real name, Cyrus, sdad, or whatever.
I did most certainly recognize it as my name.

Open air market. (95%)
Stand selling sheets of some kind. (100%)
A feet high stack of them. (70%)
Fairly sure it was light colored sheets. (80%)
Dark square in the middle. It was a contrasting color with the sheets color.(80%)
My name was in that square. (100%)
Plus other words or 'ornaments' Not a clue what it was or read. (70%)
When I moved away (different angle) the box faded. Applying regular physics that's not possible. (100%)
People at the stand seemed to know me. (70%)
Possibly even expected me to show up. (60%)
Then I was in that shop. The building type) (100%)
Again people knowing me. More certain of that 'fact' this time.
Also seemed to expect me.
I just was in that shop. No traveling of any kind. Didn't feel odd either (100%)
It was not dark. Natural light I think. (80%)
An old(ish) classic shop. Bit western movies like. (100%)
Not modern with flashy colors and lights (100%)
There was an object on a table or counter (100%)
My name was on it. (100%)
The object was a shoe box sized (60%)
A vase (40%), a box (40%), something else (20%).
Brownish (40%)
Not sure what I actually did in that shop.
I looked at the box. Listened but didn't answer the people and left(90%)
Someone told me I was to get married. (100%) I got the feeling I was in a dream.
Her name was long/bit complex. Not the most common name. But most certainly 'earthly'

I kept walking out (but the dream ended before I reached the street)
Someone added "a black girl/woman" (100%) I knew for sure it was in a dream.
I think I instantly woke up but time is very deceptive when asleep.

Can't remember the gender or age of the people  in the shop. 100%
Maybe I didn't even see them while I did see them... humm (40%)
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