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The Greatest Power
« on: July 29, 2013, 10:44:48 PM »
I wrote this earlier this year. It was the turning point of my life.

This is another take on freedom of choice. Lets just keep it simple, from what I have in front of me, I can choose or not.

I hope you get as much from it as I did  :HeartThrob:

Well many will say that the greatest power is their lives is their Heavenly Father, the Great Spirit who is God. That compared to God, we humans are severely lacking. However, what is it we lack?

Are we not creators of our own Universe? Do we not live our lives in a world of our making? Have we not placed limitations, constraints and labeled just about everything just so that we can set ourselves apart from everyone else. Sometimes we see ourselves as better than others and sometimes we fall very short, in looks, wealth, intelligence and even friends. This is what we create in a world that is ours. Oh sure, it's not perfect, sometimes things don't go as we plan; we become frustrated when we can't find a parking place near a busy store, or the checkouts are full. Frustration surfaces easily enough when we cannot do, find or achieve what we want. If left unchecked, these continued set backs can often lead to despair, causing a sense of hopelessness to take root. Sometimes our world becomes dark and foreboding, lacking love, joy and any sense of well-being.

What is it that we have created? Or are we just sorry victims of circumstance?

Several years ago, I learned what I consider the most valuable lesson of my life, that turned it around instantly:

No one can anger me unless I choose to be angry!

I found that I have the absolute power over the way I feel. That any negative, destructive feeling is of my choosing. This realization was life changing. I was no longer a victim of my feelings but the creator. Oh, this is not to say that in the beginning, that negative, destructive thoughts were not present; however, did I really want to think or feel this way. Of course not, so I changed my feelings. Before long, I began seeing the goodness and love in all things and my world changed. Walls came tumbling down.

All these countless labels that I had placed on so many people and a multitude of other things were finally seen for what they were. They were not the ones so neatly boxed and labeled, it was I. It was I who had isolated myself. The walls that came tumbling down were the walls of the 1,000′s of boxes I had so carefully boxed myself in. Do you know that the world became much brighter because of it. Finally I began to see what is, instead of what isn't.

So in many ways, being able to choose how I am going to react to any given moment and knowing that I can so easily choose to give love, patience, etc is to me the Greatest Power that I could possibly have at my finger tips. This in no way takes away from the love and the respect for the Creator of everything, far from it. Because it is God who gave me the choice of being a victim of circumstance or making a positive difference with love.

Changing the world begins with a smile and smiling is always a better choice than a frown. Yes, it is this simple and it will change the world. Your World!

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Re: The Greatest Power
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2013, 11:28:08 PM »
Great post.   What changed within me when I learned the truth of God's sovereignty is:  I do have control over my thoughts, feelings, and reasoning even though I firmly believe my actions are God controlled.  Knowing God through Christ created all and that He is going to bring ALL home, that He controls ALL good and bad deeds committed by ALL of us for His glorification (many times making no logical sense to our pea brains), and that we are all in it together revealed to me that I could not condemn anyone for their actions.  That responsibility was at the feet of God alone.  So the judgment balloon popped immediately.  Now when I see suffering I do not blame. How can I knowing the truth?  I certainly feel sad and pray that God grant them the help they need.  The biggest pill to swallow is realizing that MY steps are also, but steps..yes.  I agree with you that attitudes do change and we do have control over that aspect.  Keep that smile on your face, and love in your heart.   :HeartThrob: :HeartThrob: