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* Moderator/TM Expectations Regarding The Scriptures
« on: November 26, 2009, 08:35:01 AM »
Tentmaker is a Biblical, Christian, Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, Ultimate Reconciliation Site and Discussion Forum.  We recognize there are translational issues, as well as many different viewpoints, levels of understanding, and varying degrees of levels of Spirit-revelation within the scriptures.  There is MUCH room given for those things to be explored and discussed.  However, our focus is WITHIN THE SCRIPTURES.  Gary Amirault has noted that there needs to be a respect for scripture in the discussion forum.  Not any other members' point of view crammed down others' throats, but that the default setting is a respect for scripture.  Accurately translated (as much as is currently possible), and the Spirit within the letters having been revealed to us, they are reliable.

Outright texual criticism is not an allowed topic or matter of discussion on the TM discussion forum.  It is seen as a divisive tool within the body, and not helpful to others' growth in the faith of Jesus Christ.  Also, repeated subtle, veiled references within posts that the scriptures are untrue, unnecessary [to whom they're available] or to be discounted in matters of belief and practice, are not only discouraged, but will be moderated based upon moderators' discretion.  Continually ignoring these policies, or public criticism of moderators' decisions, will be subject to a ban from the forum.  We will strive to be fair, respectful, and to have anything we do done with the love of Christ, but please see sentence #1 above.

There are plenty of other places in the world today that are accepting to the deceit that the scriptures are either not reliable, not necessary, or that don't understand (or care) that the Father and Son, the Spirit, and the written scriptures work in tandem - that they don't cancel each other out, nor one make the other unnecessary.  TM is not one of those places.  If anyone has any honest, searching questions about the validity of the scriptures (not just a repeated effort to cast doubt or trash them) any moderator will discuss that by PM and try to help you, and an honest, loving effort will be made to try to help you grow in the faith. 

There are many people that come through our community here that are either weak in the faith or have little-to-no faith at all.  They view our opinions, often print them to take with them, and a strong consideration is made as to how those "little ones" may be affected by our witness. 

Tentmaker Ministries' goal is to be a witness to the Ultimate Victory of Jesus Christ to the world, and a respect for the scriptures, which testify to His sacrificial life, death, and glorious resurrection, are a vital part of that message.

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