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***First Post and Forum GUIDELINES***
« on: May 12, 2008, 08:30:03 AM »
Read in entirety prior to making first post.   (may be amended periodically)


TM is not a "general debate forum", but a closely moderated discussion board focused on Universal or Ultimate Restoration.  Certain things are expected for someone to post.  Read the following forum expectations, and making ones' first post indicates an agreement to abide by those guidelines.  Questions and discussion is encouraged, but within the forum guidelines outlined below. 

All discussion is within limits that have to be assessed by the moderators, including whether what's being discussed is just "preaching/teaching" things considered a clear contradiction to BASIC scriptural/spiritual truths (as understood by the ministry and noted in the Guidelines) and stubbornly continuing to do so past a point of it not being considered fruitful/"useful" to this specific forum's focus.  Having been informed of such, either in a thread or by PM, moderation may occur, up to and including requests, warnings, deletion of posts, and banning.
Please remember to post "as I understand, in my opinion (IMO), as I see it, I believe, etc." - if not expressly stated, then obviously in that spirit/attitude. TM Discussion Forum is not any one person's teaching platform.  It's a DISCUSSION forum, specifically focused on UR.

TM Beliefs Regarding Universal Restoration - adapted from Gary Amirault

We believe that all men (and women) will eventually be saved ONLY because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross as He draws each one and gives them faith to believe on Jesus as Savior, not because of any other way. We do NOT believe all religions lead to heaven. The way into Heaven is through Jesus Christ alone.  We have nothing to do with the various forms of the New Age Movement.  This is NOT the universalism of Tentmaker Ministries, or true Christian universalism.  There is only one Name under heaven by which one must be saved as far as Gary Amirault and Tentmaker Ministries goes -- that name is Jesus the Christ (English), Yeshua Ha Machiach (Hebrew), Iesus Christos (Greek). There are no "ascended masters" as far as we are concerned.

We do NOT believe all mankind is presently saved. We do not believe members of other religions are saved at this time.  If God wanted to save the entire planet today, He easily could. But He has a plan, wherein salvation is extended to people in an order, and that order extends beyond our present age. We also believe in evangelism. People come to Christ through the gospel, through preaching the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe in Holiness, not necessarily the Holiness Pentecostal form of heavy legalism, but we believe God holds us accountable to living a moral and orderly life.   Honest questions and discussion regarding these TM beliefs, even if one is of a different persuasion, is welcomed.  However, just arguing, stirring strife, and continuing to teach/proclaim to the contrary after having been requested by a moderator to change directions (based on posting guidelines in the first paragraph above) will be moderated accordingly as also outlined above.  Basically, please honor any request made by a moderator.  Such decisions are not made without reason and consideration.

The Scriptures

Tentmaker is a Biblical, Christian, Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, Ultimate Reconciliation Site and Discussion Forum.  We recognize there are translational issues, as well as many different viewpoints, levels of understanding, and varying degrees of levels of Spirit-revelation within the scriptures.  There is MUCH room given for discussion, within forum guidelines.  However, our focus is WITHIN THE SCRIPTURES.  Gary Amirault has noted that there needs to be a respect for scripture in the discussion forum.  Accurately translated (as much as is currently possible) and revealed by the Spirit, they are reliable.

Outright texual criticism is not an allowed topic or matter of discussion on the TM discussion forum.

Salvation Discussion

Some posts have come up inferring that UR believers are not really saved.  Before making such assertions, take time to review the many threads on this forum.  Many/most members are born-again and have come out of mainstream Christianity.

We do not believe we are better than other Christians so likewise, afford us the same respect by not implying we are deceived, disillusioned, led by satan et al.  Again, legitimate questions and discussions are welcome, but anything strictly considered as just stirring strife, or otherwise against forum guidelines, will be moderated accordingly.

Various Specifics  

If a moderation has taken place that you believe is wrong, use Private Messaging to discuss the issue.

If moderators ask specific questions about a forum issue, you are required to respond as requested.

You may not challenge moderation decisions in a public thread.

The following will result in a ban without warning.  The ban will be permanent (no reprieve)

1. You may not advertise merchandise and or any network marketing schemes.

2. You may not post URLs (links) to external websites of an offensive nature including
    but not limited to pornographic, child abuse, pedophile sites.

3. You may not link offensive Avatars.

4. You may not post obscene images or links to such.

For these one warning may be given and then if repeated, you may be banned without further explanation.  The ban may be of time duration but rather expect it to be permanent.

1. Trolling.
2. Baiting.
3. Flaming.
4. Calling out any member's views/opinions as stupid, dumb, crazy etc., i.e. insults.
5. Public criticism of moderation.
6. Starting a new thread of a similar topic as one that is recently locked.
7. Outright "trashing" of the scriptures - "they are untrue", "X writer of scripture was an imposter, not inspired", etc.  (Obviously there are translational issues).
8. Stirring strife/creating dissension, as determined by moderators.

If you agree to respect these guidelines, enjoy your time at TM Discussion Forum.

A step-by-step instruction for your first post;

Go to the board "Welcome Central".

Choose "New Topic"

Choose a title, such as "Hello from Timbuktu", "New To UR", etc.

Type in whatever message you want to say that meets forum guidelines.

Hit "Post".

Then choose the "Home" button, and that opens up the boards to you.  Then you can see other members' posts and respond to them, by either hitting "Reply", or "Quote", then typing in your message.
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