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Judgement and Punishment / Re: Bible Prophecy 2015 Obama vs Putin
« Last post by sheila on January 06, 2015, 10:37:19 PM »
I,too,have drinking water,beans and rice stored. Live near the New Madrid fault. around six weeks ago,my 15 yr old grand-daughter

  was asked by the teacher,if any of them had water/food etc laid up. she told them..we do..teacher said 'you're Grandma is smart!"

    I plan on sharing material as well as spiritual food..with my neighbors...better a neighbor that

  is near..then a brother far away in the day of disaster.

   ps  have no heat source other then a lot of blankets if electric/gas lines are broken[have my eyes are out for little wood-burner and

  gas  stove for cooking/fish fryer type thing]

     just a few little fishes and loaves of bread fed a multitude.....they have already been with me three days...and I fear they may give

   out on the journey home.

   it is true there is a great glut of 'doom and gloom' in the news/churches..and false profits......there are wolf's in sheep clothing....

   and you know what happened to the boy that called 'wolf"!!  but if the spirit of the True shepherd be in you.....He shall gather

   the scattered flock...that was scattered in the dark day/doom and gloom.


Judgement and Punishment / Re: Bible Prophecy 2015 Obama vs Putin
« Last post by marie glen on January 06, 2015, 07:50:57 PM »
An Open Letter To The Prophets of Doom- from Eaglesway

Your deadlines have all come and past
Will the prophet of doom repent at last?
I would not touch the Lord's anointed
I just don't see you so appointed

I know that God is judging sin
But we go forth weeping
Then come back in
Carrying our sheaves rejoicing

To edify is our great calling
Even if the sky IS falling

Come trial or persecution
Or end time tribulation
We who wait upon the Lord
Are hovering to hear His word

A word in season to the weary one
Our work has really just begun
Though it be the eleventh hour
We work within the Spirit's power
Reconciling men to God
Good News! The beautiful feet are shod.

And knowing the hour indeed is late
Upon the roof we gladly wait
Not seeking to save our life below
Not hiding stores, afraid to show

Redemption draws near!
Lets be of good cheer!
Let not your hearts be troubled
Though trial and temptation soon be doubled
The fate of waiting husbandmen
Is ours and has always been
To share the cross our Savior bore
Loving all those Jesus died for

If we walk within the secret place
Beneath the shadow of His wings
Men will see His glory in our face
And wonder at our love and peace and joy
And grace
Even in our sufferings

Yea, sooner or later the towers fall
And the walls collapse as trumpets call
But as you run to announce your part
Be sure the horse is before the cart

Go, gather those who are suffering
And minister to them and bring
A glass of water to the ones who thirst
With the love of God even though you are cursed

Then great is your reward in heaven
But shed you now this grievous leaven
Your words went out for all to hear
And the things you spoke did not appear

Very nice! :smile:

But let us not forget that the body is made up of many parts. (Although i suppose there may be those who want to enter a bunker and let ppl sink or swim! :o

I believe there is a mere 45 days (Dn 12;11,12) in which the ppl of the day should retreat from public sphere.

If some should "see the sword coming" (of rev 20:4-2:10) and not try to warn, imo, would be an affront to God.

I have grand children.

Even during a large storm, having water, food and heat source laid by and available is not somehow wrong.. Yes, I believe God will provide in that day, and perhaps He may use the water and food that may hopefully be in my basement, to do so for someone.. I think we do wrong to judge the motives of others and their message they seek to share.. For a long time any time I spoke about Bible prophecy it was assumed the reason I did so is I was 'worried' about my own skin. And that was about all anybody felt they needed to know..
 :smile: God bless..
Lounge / Re: what do you think of Ronald Regan
« Last post by marie glen on January 06, 2015, 07:33:11 PM »
...a kingdom of darkness masquerading as an angel of light...

The terrible figure that frightened Nebuchadnezzar, devolved from gold, to silver, to bronze, to iron, to iron + clay.  At first it dazzled like an angel of light, but in the end, showed us its darkness.  In the same manner the Church + Imperium which has held power and sway over western civilization for so long, developed the ideals of freedom and democracy.  Now, the self-proclaimed proponents of freedom (free-dumb) and democracy (democrazy) squawk and prattle on about how they/we have brought freedom and democracy to the oppressed masses of such-and-such country.  What they gloss over are the charred remains of those who got only the freedom of death, and democracy not at all.  Here in the Time of the Toes (re Nebuchadnezzar's figure) the Stone cut out (not by the arm of flesh) will strike Church + Imperium and set up a new order and age.  A kingdom of darkness remains so only until illuminated.   

I believe it is all of humanity which has made the world as it is.. Christendom has had its dark and not so dark side.. Jesus and the gospel was a GReat light to the nations, went forth conquering and changed the world.. unseated old 'gods' who had led astray and terrorized and abused the world for, well, since the beginning.. I believe the Magna Charter was a fruit of Christianity as well as the u.s. Constitution and Declaration of Independence/men's rights which proceed not from mankind, government, or kings, but from God.. (Rev 12:14 a 2nd migration, for the most part, of the faith, now the mantle worn by Christianity; key, insert "by now" in verse 17c)

Of course the opposer&co is not going to take this lying down, but surely has his finger in every pie of life, working all angles of all things at all times.. Christianity is not a dictatorship, and yes there is and has been occurring a great falling away due to a strong delusion which has come to hold the world in its grasp, which has turned Christendom and the simple faith of every day folks, on its ear.. I simply cannot see Christianity as the enemy of God.. Even if it has lost some of the glory of its message, aNd, has picked up some baggage along the way.. Surely there are many sincere believers (and preachers/teachers/evangelists) within e.t. christianity.

This of course does not mean the nations of the Magna Charter and constitution, and the politics thereof, are not of this world system, etc.. Many others came to America's shores besides the Mayflower! (Rev 12:14).
Lounge / Re: what do you think of Ronald Regan
« Last post by marie glen on January 06, 2015, 07:12:03 PM »
There is no "the" antichrist.

Ronny to Micah:
What! You mean our present Presidident,isn't the Antichrist?! :-) Just kidding. LoL  And was doing some reading one time and not sure if it was Gary Amirault or someone else who said this? But I agreed with the person,that the antichrist is whatever is within each of us,that wants our way,instead of God's way.

hi! that's why i give the Bible absolute 1st place before all other sources, thinking and ideas..

[I apologize in advance for carrying on, but once i started typing I couldn't stop.]

The word indeed says there is "many antiChrists" and "a spirit of antiChrist". It also prophecies two or three leaders that fit the bill of antiChrist figures/leaders, such as Antiochus Epiphanes, the head of one of the four divisions of power and territory after Greece/Alexander the Great died, which division so persecuted Israel. We could say Hitler and all of his ilk were/are antiChrists even tho the world likes to claim Hitler was a Christian (albeit deeply involved in the occult). Days worse than any others is what such ones bring.. and the idea of a late days (in man's city&system of things) leader rising is not without Biblical support.. Imo, this is the world of God's letting mankind's choices (albeit limited) run their course. The problems facing mankind are getting to be insurmountable, but turning to God for solutions is not in the psyche of mankind/natural man. When this world, not built on the foundation of God (who iS life) further deteriorates, someone seeming to have answers and solutions would likely be welcomed and given much power and authority; and, or, much power and authority could/would be seized.

Indeed if we look at the world geopolitically we can easily see a determined building of a world governing body for many decades now. It's my belief this is symbolized in Rev 13:1-10. And my belief that when the 'little beast' (or office) of verse 11-18 who carried out verse 13, steps into strong alliance/the primary seat of the world beast/body of 1-10, well shortly thereafter the 10 divisions/toes/horns/heads will consume the gone global economy (or $ity, those dark streets of big cities which so abuse human beings within its shadows and dark alleys) - socialism will finally devour capitalism.. (rev 17:16)

Of course many in Christendom have developed the habit of dismissing or ignoring the last book of the Bible, so, this is all like foolishness to many, and, imo, many will be caught unaware during the events which occur in the day when the towers fall (Isaiah).. Logic can show us however the very same thing the Book of Revelation does.. Main players - "false prophet"/teacher/teaching - "$ity Babble On which mesmerizes and seduces the world, 7 continents, with its "pornos" the Greek for "harlot" and "to sell" - a world beast/governing - a little beast/office of man, two horned which carried out 13:13 in 1945(dah??) - and the forehead/psyche of Babble-On responsible for all shed blood since Cain slew Abel, called Mystery Babble, all untruth.

A pentagram of five 'characters'.

Note, the two characters which are "thrown alive into the LOF" at Jesus' return, are not individuals but institutions/beliefs of mankind which are active at His return.. although one of them did begin as a man..

As you may see I believe there is also a literal (besides a figurative/spiritual) fulfilling of Bible prophecy, just as there was a literal fulfilling of Bible Messiah prophecy and Israel national prophecies.. God, imo, being the same yesterday, today and also tomorrow..
 :Peace2: :smile:
About Louis Abbot:

I found his thesis on "The Analytical Study of Words" to be one of the most informative articles I ever read.
I occasonaly re-read it because of its help to my understanding.

However one portion of his work still confuses me. Is Mat 25:46 referring only to the nation or to all of humanity?
Below is a portion of that article. Any opinions?

Matthew 25:31-46 concerns the judgment of NATIONS, not individuals. It is to be distinguished from other judgments mentioned in Scripture, such as the judgment of the saints (2 Cor. 5:10-11); the second resurrection, and the great white throne judgment (Rev. 20:11-15). The judgment of the nations is based upon their treatment of the Lord's brethren (verse 40). No resurrection of the dead is here, just nations living at the time. To apply verses 41 and 46 to mankind as a whole is an error. Perhaps it should be pointed out at this time that the Fundamentalist Evangelical community at large has made the error of gathering many Scriptures which speak of various judgments which will occur in different ages and assigning them all to "Great White Throne" judgment. This is a serious mistake. Matthew 25:46 speaks nothing of "grace through faith." We will leave it up to the reader to decide who the "Lord's brethren" are, but final judgment based upon the receiving of the Life of Christ is not the subject matter of Matthew 25:46 and should not be interjected here. Even if it were, the penalty is "age-during correction" and not "everlasting punishment."
Dr. J.D. Dummelow, in his commentary on Matt. 25:31-46, says, "Christ here speaks of the judgment of Christians alone, because that was the question which most concerned the apostles and their future converts... A common interpretation, however, is that the judgment of all mankind is meant.
..that's very good, about "the many", I never knew it like that, just it's surely the same for both instances..

I think of truth as being (basically) simple, but the psyche of mankind has much deviousness and twists and turns.. so simple, the word plus logic. Surely God can only be perfect.. Perfect makes no mistakes, loses nothing.. Perfect could (surely?) see all possibilities stretched out before His sight, before he ever began the 'work' of creation, and surely all His choices He has made have been and are in order to bring about the very best 'end' result/creation/ultimate reality possible.

When He chose to endow thinking ability to angel and man, a whole new world (or tree) of possibilities came about.. Responsible Himself, surely He "built in the rescue" from death and its cause imperfection, "from the very beginning and foundation of the world" for all.. the many. Nothing is too much for Him. [How He has been underestimated!]
       :hiya: Blessings to all! I pray it is a good and fruitful year for all at Tentmaker!
Judgement and Punishment / Re: Bible Prophecy 2015 Obama vs Putin
« Last post by sheila on January 06, 2015, 02:50:06 PM »
 enjoying all your posts!.......there is a time and purpose for everything under heaven[God's time/God's purpose]....but they

  try and change times and seasons[before God's time/purpose=presumption/same as witchcraft...after God's time/purpose=

  failing to perceive the time of His visitation].............
Lounge / Re: what do you think of Ronald Regan
« Last post by Eduard on January 06, 2015, 12:13:02 PM »
Lounge / Re: what do you think of Ronald Regan
« Last post by eaglesway on January 06, 2015, 10:56:52 AM »
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