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"If we are all going to be saved anyway then why shouldn't we hit our fingers with hammers, pull out our hair, and or jab ourselves with all the needles we want to jab ourselves with?"- What I want to say the next time I hear that "If we are all going to be saved anyway then why shouldn't we sin?" logic!  :icon_jokercolor:

 :rolllol: :LH: ha! you said it!! :smile:
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         :welcome: :newb: 

      Welcome Onesimus
I have come to understand there are 5 fires, but all are ONE fire that produces good.
(1)Gehenna fire (2) furnace of fire, the (3)unquenchable fire, the(4) everlasting [Gk; eonian/age-abiding] fire, and the(5)lake of fire.

hi! isn't (4) and (5) the same? I find myself thinking in terms of uses in the New Testament, and how they ahve been translated to mean 'hell'.. then I find myself explaining them away (away from being 'hell')

gehenna the city dump which was kept burning always as even the bodies of criminals were burned there, hence better to cast your hand in there than to harm an innocent..

tartarus - also translated 'hell' but which is "darkness".. the angels who left their first place and are now in chains of darkness awaiting judgment.. in chains of darkness, not able to reverse their course, what with now being imperfect and imperfect cannot make itself perfect, even if they wanted to.. so they are chained to darkness awaiting the judgment/outcome

the idea that Jesus visited 'hell' while in the grave-which is the "lower part of the earth" (and the place of the dead is still the grave).. imo
I believe the verse says Jesus went via the Spirit and preached to those who were outside the ark while the ark was being prepared/built.. via the Spirit He preached / reached out to those who were going to perish in the flood..

The LOF we are told what it is.. the 2nd death, the second outside from God, from Life, from blessing..

Our God is a consuming fire.. He purifies all He touches.. He told Moses "tell the people to stay back from the mountain lest I break forth and consume them.. Critics have said this means 'lest I become so incensed with anger and hatred I break forth and slaughter them.. no, Moses face was aglow with the fire.. tell the ppl to stay back, lest they come to harm for my essence is as a consuming fire..

Then there is the fires which are fiery judgment / consequences and results -  the wages/result of sin is death
War is fiery..

Man's splitting of the atom - (imo is) "He comes with angels and fire" again natural results and consequences.. I believe when He returns it is to a fiery conflagration of man's own doing.. A lesson to be learned, thus this allowing  things to run their course.. for what is said to be the best teacher? perhaps I stray.. but man's splitting of the atom, to me, is a major one of the fires..

and all that oil in the Middle East at such a time, when "armies surround Jerusalem" (just before His return).. seems to me to be bound to become a lake of fire if the split atom comes into play..

also at the surrounding of the holy city after the 1000 year reign and millennium.. oil ignited as LOF -- all natural results, except likely, the final one after the millennium.. (Rev 20:7-9)-;NASB;NKJV;KJV;YLT

have I forgotten one from the new testament used to refer to a "fiery" 'hell'?
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Hello! and welcome! I will have to remember that -  I look for places to visit and converse.. thanks!
Christian Life / Re: What IS blasphemy?
« Last post by marie glen on Today at 03:39:34 PM » me to "blasphemy" is to insult God..
Lounge / Re: Can a believer go to the Lake of Fire?
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Revelation 21
1Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. 2 And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband. 7 He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son. 8 But for the cowardly and [d]unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death."

The Question I have is how many times.

How many times to you have to give in to your fears ,
to become a COWARD
How many times to you have to say or do something immoral,
 to become an immoral person.

Either we all go or no one goes.

I believe that quote is the statement that outside of God (who is Life and Perfection, surely?) is to be outside of the city.. outside of the blessings.. outside.'s my belief that's what we're learning.. to not be with God, is to be outside...

Once one "believes" it's a whole new ball game.. as Jesus said "he.she who believes in me will never die" (be outside, because they "believe" and thus adhere.. works showing their faith..

That's why I believe it's at the end of judgment (review?) day that it is said "those not believing will go to the 2nd death" (2nd outside of life)
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Howdy onesimus


Thanks for the invite.

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...In My Father's Household there are many Places in which to tarry and dwell; if not, I would have told you...
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Hi...I'm a believer in Jesus, and a non-believer in hell...believing instead in the great happy ending, where we all get to head off into the sunset ..

I had a revelation of complete redemption for all, after meditating on the cross for a long season. I don't really church it anymore but have just started blogging at Christianblogs because I have felt a need to share with others about things like real freedom, peace, rest, the downside of the man-organised church and the end of judgement.

It's awesome that you support each other and share with one another here...There's a real joy in getting out in the fields, too...and to offer others relief from the burden of religion.

Christianblogs is a heavily trafficked site with lots of hungry people dropping by. I would like to encourage others to come and begin a blog there. People need to hear the truth about the truth and there is openness everywhere when we look for it. There's adversity from people sometimes but that's ok, it sharpens us. I know I once stood in the opposite corner..

Here is my blog, read it if u like, or even better, kick one of your own off
I did a search of "fire" in the KJV and it came up with 515 uses. That's not counting "furnace" or "flames" etc etc.
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