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Christian Life / Re: I still go to church, do you?
« Last post by Caffus on Today at 04:32:06 PM »
As long as a church, ministry ect, only purpose is to serve God. It is good, I think.  We need to submit to Gods calling on or own lives.  I'm not trying to suggest we all should or shouldn't go to a church.  This website is a ministry. Jesus
spoke in churches sometimes.  Anyhow what ever we do and all that we have belongs to God.  But I believe this is the Good News that needs to be taught in the whole wolrd before the Second comming of our Savoir. We have a fire in our hearts to share it. God can spread it in anyway He chooses.  :dsunny:

Here is a link to a short (about 9 minutes) video someone else recently shared here on another thread that I liked a lot. It is a testimony by J. Preston Eby about how he came to understand the truth of universal salvation. It is clear that he is not someone that pitched the bible out the window and went with UR cuz it tickled his fancy better. That is what people thought I did and a video like this can be very helpful to show the heartfelt love of the scriptures by someone who believes in the salvation of all.
I think it seems strange because most of us raised in orthodox theology have really been taught to believe there are two gods with Satan being the cause of evil, and he'll eventually be completely successful at ruining God's creation by torturing the majority of mankind in fire forever. This of course is a lie that Satan has propagated through the Roman Empire and even through the Protestant Church which is supposed to be based on scripture. The problem is that the ancient manuscripts of the scriptures have been distorted by forgery in translation to support the distorted evangel of the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church. The truth of scripture is that there is one God, the Father, out of whom all is, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all is. Scripture also clearly says that God created evil to humble us. Satan is simply God's chief Adversary who is controlled by God even though many people find that hard to believe. Read the book of Job to see for yourself. Satan will not be successful at ruining God's creation and torturing the majority of mankind in fire forever because God's ultimate plan is to reconcile all on earth and in the heavens so that God may be all in all. You won't hear that in your church though. I think God put Adam and Eve in the garden to choose to know evil so they would better appreciate God's love in the long run. We need the darkness to appreciate the light, hate to appreciate love, and evil to appreciate good. I think it's God's wisdom that it's so. Evil is no fun when we're struggling with it, but we're very thankful when we get saved from it. And it makes us love God even more when we see for real that he saves us from it because he loves us.   
when God put us in the was the desire of Him that man should have dominion and rule over all creatures. Thus the commandment

 to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good/evil..but that we should gain and maintain dominion by obedience/listening to His direction.

   Genesis 4;7   If you do what is right,will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right,sin is crouching at your door;

  it desires to have you,BUT YOU MUST MASTER IT..

   sin comes in the guise of a serpent that causes doubt in the mind of the 'word of God' and His commands unto us...then it leads us

  into disobedience as if it was a good/beneficial thing.  thus sin entered all in Adam and begin it's terrible rule over us with it's destructive

  hateful fruit that ends in desolation and death to us.  sin being exceedingly sinful kills us when the command[to not eat] comes

 from our God...who has our benefit in mind.

   thus..we are humbled by the evil/corruption/sickness/murder suffering and death...and must be rescued of God from it all.

   I liken it to a child that did what it's parent told him not to do[for his own good] heeding the voice of a friend and doing it..then

 finding that he has bit off more than he can chew and needing help and bailed out by his parents.

   He is thinking he knew more then his parents and not forseeing the consequences of the act...greatful to be

 delivered from the horrible consequences...and has a greater respect for the instructions of his parents from then on.

   it was a hard lesson and he suffered for it..and learned what was right.  some of our most well learned lessons are through our failures
This point came up in my last post /thread .Tom mentioned it . I am now considering
Its implications which seem puzzling.
To accept this means God wanted it so
and planned it so.
Is disease part of evil ? The compassion
it should stimulate is a good thing the same
as in response to natural disasters.
This is already trying furthet to this there
is all the evil of people that weare ordered
to forgive and meet with love.
Is it not strange that God be the author of
evil ?

I thought at first that you were calling yourself "Oregonian."  Oh, right, Origen.  I remember a Chick Tract which ventured to state that he was not a Christian, and without proof.  I'm so glad to be here in the Tent, and not out there in the World (read:  organized religion).
Welcome Central - **FIRST POST MUST BE MADE HERE / Re: Mitch
« Last post by Lazarus Short on Today at 03:20:32 PM »
WELCOME!  :friendstu: :gimmefive: :friendstu:
Christian Life / Re: I still go to church, do you?
« Last post by rosered on Today at 03:01:12 PM »
Its is awesome to pray on the behalf of   others ,  many of the prophets   done this Daniel    prayed  for those in Babylon as well as his own shortcomings
  Job prayed for his friends   who failed the test  of love your associate / neighbour   as  yourself and spoke wrong things about God
 Many prayed to God on the behalf of the people ..........
 Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those whom eat the fruit there of    ..
   the fruit of Life   being the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH fruits   , love , peace , joy ..
 It is good   when the   Spirit of /Truth Life is not quenched or put out !!
Humor-Poems-Songs-Movies / Re: The Price
« Last post by rosered on Today at 02:51:12 PM »

  :thumbsup:     :HeartThrob:
Lounge / Re: The internet
« Last post by rosered on Today at 02:48:45 PM »
God used the internet in my life. I did tons of searches through it while I was seeking a better understanding of Him.  I also prayed ALOT and cried to Him....and here I am home.  :dsunny:
Wow !!     I have  also done the searches and  word studies and fellowship here at the Tentmakers   for many years .
  Having many , many questions  and  seeking the answers though His Word  & Spirit of Life .

 God is good and faithful   as promised

  We   all    are truly so blessed     :grouppray:
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