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FAQs Regarding UR / Re: I am not UR
« Last post by WhiteWings on Today at 09:03:53 AM »
"We" are not a denomination, and I thought by being here I was free from all that.  I will still enjoy your posts.  :friendstu:
My aim is is to become part of a denomination/sect that teaches the complete and total truth....
What Jesus believes/does was/is also a sect.
Welcome Central - **FIRST POST MUST BE MADE HERE / Re: Hi There :-)
« Last post by eaglesway on Today at 08:49:20 AM »
Most of these preachers are not spiritually aware. They do not kno the scriptures. They thrive on enflaming end of the world fears apocolyptic myths. They arent building the body, so much as they are building their own names. If they truly loved the word of God they would hav a deeper and more edifying message, but that might cost them their fame.

FAQs Regarding UR / Re: I am not UR
« Last post by eaglesway on Today at 08:37:17 AM »
I am bumfuzzled  :Chinscratch:
Welcome Central - **FIRST POST MUST BE MADE HERE / Re: Hi There :-)
« Last post by RonnyTX on Today at 08:01:02 AM »
Right, "ecclesia" is literally "out-called," and it usually refers to those of us called out of the world to be the "body of Christ." Acts 19:32 just shows how the word was used for a secular purpose.

Ronny to Tom:
Another interesting part of this to me,is not only are we the ecclesia/church,the called out ones;but in the scripture,we are also described as the body of Jesus Christ,the temple of God. And if and when I choose to listen to them on TV,I can hear a number of preachers, preaching about what they believe will be a future,rebuilt Jewish temple.  But at this moment,I can't remember hearing these same preachers,talk about the temple that is in the here and now. That is,the temple in this age,that is made up of all,who have been born of God. I wonder,why I so seldom hear any preacher,preach on and talk about that?
Welcome Central - **FIRST POST MUST BE MADE HERE / Re: Hi There :-)
« Last post by RonnyTX on Today at 07:43:23 AM »
The church is part of the world system.

Lazarus to Tom:
Yes, it is.  Your words above jelled my thinking as I realized that most churches (if not all of them) are run on a business model, and having IRS agents tell them what they can and cannot say from the pulpit in keep their precious tax exemption makes them a de-facto State Church.  World system indeed!  Doctrine can get awfully worldly too... :sigh:

Ronny to Lazarus:
I wonder if most local churches are denominational churches? And then there are the really huge mega churches,that I've heard about. Somehow,I've got the idea that most of the latter are independent and not denominational type churches. Don't know if that's right of not?

The church I grew up in,was a very small independent,nondenominational type church. And the only ones we claimed kin too,were those local churches just like us in belief and teaching. I was brought up in that Calvinist type church,being taught that we and those exactly like us in belief,constituted the one and only true church of God. When I was around 14 years old,I was shocked when my Mom told me that our pastor was wrong, in his belief about who the church consisted of. She believed the church consisted of all those,who had been born of God and not just those,who were our particular type of
Calvinistic Baptist in belief and teaching. Well,I was shocked,that my Mom disagreed with our pastor on this. I has been taught by him and some other of the church leadership, that they always spoke for God,spoke,taught and believed nothing,but exactly what God said. And I had simply believed that my Mom and all of the adults in our church, believed exactly as out church leadership taught. And I don't remember how I did it back then; but somehow I worked it out in my 14 year old mind,how my Mom and the pastor could both be right! (ha) :-)

Now,at 59 years old and for sometime  now,I simply believe that the church/body of Jesus Christ consists of all those persons who have been born of God. And each one of us may or may not also be a member of this or that man made denominational type church. Personally,I think we are scattered throughout those type churches and some of us outside of them as well. But where ever we may be that way,each one of us in a member of the body/church of Jesus Christ and that because we have been put there by God,
when we were born of God.

Lazarus to Ronny:
Ronny, it sounds like you have ears to hear and the ability to see what you are looking at.  The churches say much about "getting saved," but stress little that it is both a done deal and a process taking a lifetime.  From our merely human viewpoint, many things about God seem to be a paradox (more than just two doctors... :laughing7:).

Ronny to Lazarus:

I just want to stress,that it's God who has given the ability to hear and understand. And I know that in the future,it is God will continue to teach me. And in the past it was God who chose and allowed me to stay in error,on a number of things. And God did that,for good reason. One being,that when God chose to show me the truth of a matter,then I could help some people,who were still believing wrong on some things,the things that I also once believed wrong about. So God uses such as that,for us to later help other people,to help other people,to come out of bondage.

And I can still well remember,when God first spoke to me. And I will add,that God does that for all of us,at the time of God's choosing and in the manner God chooses. But when God first spoke to me,I was 10 years old. And  my Mom had the TV turned on and that to one of Billy Graham's sermons. I'm sure it was during part of the sermon,that he was simply explaining how we are all sinners. And at that moment,God simply opened my ear of understanding and let me know,that I was a sinner. Now I was 10 years old and I had no idea that I was a sinner! (ha) And all I knew from church,was that being a sinner was something bad. And I didn't want to hear more about my being a sinner, :-) so I literally ran from God,thinking in a child like way,that this would keep God from telling me more, about this part of myself. (ha) LoL We lived on some other folks farm then and I quite literally ran out of the house and out across a pasture. I got to the fence line of another place and out a ways,I could see an old cemetery over there. And it was getting dusky dark and I thought I saw someone walking over there and disappearing behind a large dead tree! Now I was a 10yo child and surely had seen a lot of cowboy and Indian shows on TV. :-) So I got it in my child like mind that,that was an Indian over there and he was probably coming to get me! :-( LoL So,I ran all the way back home! LoL But,the point I really want to stress,is that when  Billy Graham spoke of people being sinners,I knew at that time and for the first time in my life,that I was a sinner. And I knew,that it was God who was telling me such and not Billy Graham. How did I know that? I can't really say, except to say,that when God does speak to a person in that way,then you know,that it is God who is speaking to you. And even though I far from fully understood it at the time,I still knew that what God told me at the time,was true of myself. It's hard for me to explain,except for me to say,when God speaks to a person,that person knows it's God, who is speaking to them. And in my lifetime,when God has done this for me,I have always known,that God was the one communicating with me and it was God,who was telling me the truth.   
FAQs Regarding UR / Re: I am not UR
« Last post by Lazarus Short on Today at 07:06:58 AM »

Laz:  "We" are not a denomination, and I thought by being here I was free from all that.  I will still enjoy your posts. 

Micah:  I do not believe you are...

Do you mean you don't think I'm free of denominationalism?  Do you think we are all in lockstep here?  I note that many things are discussed here besides Universal Reconciliation.  I dunno, maybe I have missed some things in your many posts.

Welcome Central - **FIRST POST MUST BE MADE HERE / Re: Hi There :-)
« Last post by RonnyTX on Today at 07:05:28 AM »
One of the problems with the church is folks are taught to not question its authority not because it's the mediator between God and man but because the church doesn't have the answers to your questions. Only Christ is the mediator between God and man, and I think only the inspired written word of God has your answers. You need to read an accurate translation though. My questions led me to leave the Roman Catholic Church in my teens and then the Protestant Church a few years later because both contradict the word of God. Now, when I say "church," I mean both because they both have the same basic doctrine even though Rome has some extra crazy stuff going on. The word "church" is not even scriptural. It is an intentional mistranslation of the Greek "ekklesia," literally "out-called," accurately translated "ecclesia" which is the "body of Christ" called out of the world. The church is part of the world system. You were right to question despite the warning. That's how you eventually found the truth. God bless you.

Ronny to Tom:
Thank you Tom. :-)

And I'm sure,that over 99.9% of all I was taught in my home church,I never questioned. I was just that well brainwashed,to listen to and believe some people,instead of simply listening to and believing God. And as I've said in another post,right after God saved me, I went out at that Baptist Bible camp and told everyone in earshot,about what God had just done for me. :-) Well,I then wanted everyone to have the exact same type of relationship with God,as I then had. The day after this,was the end of the Bible camp and a brother and I went on to another town and to a church,where he knew some people there. While he talked to them,I looked for and found some gospel tracts there,got them and walked out on the street a ways. Stopped in front of a big store and started passing those tracts out to people,who were coming and going from there. I was scared! :-) Guess I was afraid someone might bite my head off or some such! :-) LoL But no one did and everyone was nice to me,smiling,etc. But I never said a word to anyone,for I was too scared to. :-) Well,I was a 16 year old kid,who was growing up in rural,small town NE Texas. The only people I knew that well,were from my small church and very small rural school. I think there were all of 15 kids,in my high school graduating class! And less than 40 members,in my local church! And I think I was seldom if ever in the presence of a stranger,without family or some friends around. Yet there I was 2,000 miles from home and passing out gospel tracts to people,who were complete strangers to me! So It was scared;but yet God,the love of God,compelled me to do such. For God had saved me, the day before and as I've said,I then wanted/desired for all people to then have the same type of relationship with God,as I then had. Then on the plane ride back home,I shared with my seatmate,about what God had just done for me. Back home and in church and I simply set in church and waited for church leadership to tell me what to do then. I thought we would have visitation and passing out of tracts,etc;but we never did.  That really surprised me at first;but then I'd been taught there,that church leadership knew best and I was to follow there example. And what ever their teaching and example was, why,that had to be right and best. Or so I was brought up in church,taught to believe.

I still remember the first time I disobeyed church leadership and chose to obey God instead and that,simply because I knew it was the right thing to do. We had a 7 day church revival meeting every year and church people were expected to go out and invite others to that.  I was out driving around one year and doing just that. Just going from house to house and inviting people to come to our revival meeting. Then I came upon a house where I saw several black men sitting out front. Now I knew my church leaders wouldn't want me inviting those men to our church. What to do?! Well,I did what I knew God would have me to do,I did what I knew was the right thing to do. I simply stopped, talked to them and invited them to our church revival meeting. I should put in here,my  parents taught me right on this matter,before church leadership could teach me different and wrong. For in my growing up,both of my parents taught me,I was not to look up to or down on anyone,because of the material things they had or didn't have or because of the color of their skin. So my parents taught me right on that,before I was old enough to see that some of our church leadership felt and taught differently on the matter.

And I did love my home church pastor;but he was racist. An irony was,that in later years I found out that his "white" family,was actually part black! (ha) Then later on than that,I also learned that my "white" family,was also part black! (ha) And from a very young age, I knew I was part white and part Native American Indian. Then I found out,I also had some black ancestors. So as I put it then,I'm a perfectly good 100% American mutt! :-) LoL 

And I agree with you about the RCC and Protestant churchs. They all have some things wrong. And in my time online,I've posted with some people from  both groups. And made some mad at me,in each group. :-) And from somethings I've read,I would say you're also right in saying that the word church,is not scriptural.  And you're right,that we, who are the presently saved of God in this age,we are the called out ones. For God calls out and saves people,at the time of God's choosing. P.S. I need to read some more about that,about the word church. I have read some on that in the past;but that's been awhile back now.

Tom to Ronny:
Racism is a sad fact of life that is really nonsense if you think about it because, if you go back far enough, we're all related. I would like to have seen the looks on the faces of the racist "Christians" when the black folks showed up for your revival. I attached a screenshot showing different translations of the Greek "ekklesia." I quit reading the King James Version and using the word "church" for "ecclesia" a long time ago. I know some folks like the word "church," but I think the "church" is the world religious organization distinct from the "ecclesia" which is the "body of Christ."

Ronny to Tom:
Thank you for that. :-) And as I've said,I need to do more reading and studying on such.
I have done some previously and can see why the word church is not a good translation. But if and when I use the word church,I simply mean those who have been born of God.

Recently,I was reading in a BMA Baptist monthly paper. My oldest Sis gets that,because she's a BMA church member. In one article,a guy was telling why he was proud to be a Baptist;but before he finished, he made it plain that what he was proud of being,was a BMA Baptist,thank you! :-)  I have thought about emailing him and simply asking him, if he believes the BMA,is the one and only true church of God? Because I'm not sure how they believe and teach on that part?

And you're right,that racism is a sad fact of life and right as well,that all us human beings are related! :-) After all,we all come from God and by way of our first earthly parents, Adam and Eve. So as I put it,we're all at least cousins,somewhere along the line! :-) But I also know that there are some white people who say and believe,that only white people are truly human and that black people,at best,are simply a higher form of animal. And such people say that with a straight face,while saying they are Christian and that they get such from the Bible! (ha)

And the black guys I once invited to the local church I was in then,they didn't come. I told my oldest Sis about this,in later years. She said,well,they wouldn't of felt welcomed there and they knew that. When I looked back on it in later years,I realized they would of been welcomed there by some people;but then,not by all. And recently,I mentioned this again to my oldest Sis and I was astounded when she said,she wouldn't go to a black church and that because she would have so little in common with the church members there! Yeah,that really astounded me,because I thought,you would have little in common,with your fellow Christians?! That simply makes no sense. For as Paul the apostle well said; Jew or Gentile,male of female,bond or free,etc,etc,we are all one in Jesus Christ! :-)

Tom to Ronny:
The white "Christians" who say black folks aren't human and only "a higher form of animal" are preaching the lie of evolution that Eugenicists used to rationalize mass sterilizations and that Hitler used to rationalize killing a whole lot of folks. Those so called "Christians" who claim to be Bible believing must have missed this part.

"For the entire law is fulfilled in one word, in this: "You shall love your associate as yourself."" (Galatians 5:14)

Ronny to Tom:
It is sad,that some people are just that ignorant and hateful. :-( And I could never figure out how such people could believe and think that white people were truly human;but not black people? How could they believe that,when they could easily see that white and black people,could have children together? How could they explain that,the one was a human and the other an animal?

Ronny to Tom:
And amen and amen! :-) For indeed I am to love my associate/neighbor as I love myself. And no,I don't always do that as I should;but that does not change the fact,that as a born from above child of God,I am to love all other people,just as Jesus Christ does and did.

I remember a man,who I once dearly hated.  And I wished him dead and out one of my nieces life,as soon as possible.  This after she was grown and up in her 20's and the man,in a nursing home. He was her grandfather,on her mothers side of the family,the father-in-law,of one of my brothers. But this niece  came by one day and told her grandmother and me,that this man had sexually molested her and that beginning at a time,that she was too young,to even know what age she was,when such started?  And such continued over the years,till my niece left home and went to a Bible college. And there she said she learned to forgive him. She wrote him and told him so. Then visited him,with an aunt of her. One of his daughters,who as it turned out,he had also molested. But when my niece saw this grandfather of hers,in the nursing home,she said he would never admit that he had done anything wrong or that he had sexually molested her. She told me and her grandmother,my mother,about all of this. And that is when my hatred of the man began. That was when I wished him dead and out of my niece's life and that,as soon as possible. Then sometime after that,I was at work at a cemetery,mowing the grass. Maybe I was thinking about that man then? But before this,I had certainly thought of him at times and wished him dead. But out of the blue that day,God reminded me that Jesus Christ had needed to go to the cross for me,as well. And God led me to pray for the man. And I was still a Calvinist in belief at that time,so what I came to pray for the man, was that he would become right with God,before he died. Now I didn't do that on  my own. Indeed,on my own I couldn't have done that. On my own,I would of just gone on hating the man and wishing him quickly dead. But God reminded me,that I had no excuse or reason to look down on or hate anyone. That Jesus Christ had also needed to go to and had gone to the cross for me. So God led me to pray for the man. Something I never could of done,on my own. It is so good,that over time,God changes us. Conforming us more and more,to the image of God's son,Jesus Christ! :-) And no,I am not where I need to be on this,I am not where I one day will be,by God's love,mercy and grace;but I am so glad,that God hasn't left me,where I used to be! :-)

And one thing I still have a problem with,is I don't know if I've yet forgiven a man,who molested me one time,when I was 16 years old? I know I should;but I don't know for sure,if I have or not? He's deceased now;but what made it worse for me,was that he was a member of my family,an in-law. At the time,if just stunned me that he could and did do such and yet he was married to one of my sisters. Lately,I find that I just try not to think about it too much.
That's what can happen in a document written by One who is a Master of all languages... :Chinscratch:

And another  :Chinscratch:
FAQs Regarding UR / Re: I am not UR
« Last post by micah7:9 on Today at 06:19:02 AM »
Please! Your belief has a name "UR." When it's named it is. :laugh:
""We" are not a denomination, and I thought by being here I was free from all that.  I will still enjoy your posts.  :friendstu:"
I do not believe you are, I really do enjoy your posts as well :friendstu:

"Are you more for ET or Annihilation?" How can I answer a question like that? No, why should I answer a question like that?
That's what can happen in a document written by One who is a Master of all languages... :Chinscratch:
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