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Lounge / Paul's message to the seven churches=IN CHRIST, seven-fold blessing
« Last post by anna274 on April 20, 2014, 11:43:16 PM »
Romans:  justification=new standing and acceptance before God
1 & 11 Corinthians:  sanctification=power for holy living in the Spirit of God
Galatians:  fellowship with God=practical walk in newness of life
Ephesians:  exaltation to the heavenlies=foretaste of a heavenly life
Philippians:  compensation=JOY for all self dying
Colossians:  identification=hidden life in Christ
1 & 11 Thessalonians:  glorification=manifestation awaits His final epiphany as their Head.

Spiritual blessings revealed/explained by physical (Jesus's earthly life) and His mediatorial life.

1.  Our Lord's crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection
2.  His breathing of the indwelling Spirit into His disciples (John 20:19-23)
3.  His forty days of walk in resurrection newness of life
4.  His ascension and the gift of the Spirit in power
5.  His compensation for suffering shame in the joy set before Him
6.  His hidden life at the right hand of God
7.  His manifestation in His second coming

(some of this outline I copied from either the Internet or books that I have read during the past few weeks...I did some paraphrasing, some adding, and some deleting.) and, of course, there are many more blessings...

As I studied this, I realized that I was provided a wonderful theme for my Spring 2014 Good Newsletter for family, friends, fellowshippers (former and current)

Theme for a devotional...

50 days of Scriptural Reflections for the events Christians commemorate during Eastertide

April 18:  Good Friday --crucifixion, death, burial of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
April 20:  Easter Sunday -- resurrection

May 29:  Ascension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

June 8:  Pentecost

All that I will offer for reflection will be Scripture verses  from Paul's letters
and very definitely within those 50 days will be Romans 5 and 1 Cor 15 as I want to address the wonderful good news that IN CHRIST ALL NATIONS WILL BE BLESSED...

I snail mail 4 Good Newsletters:  Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and have had some really encouraging responses. 
Humor-Poems-Songs-Movies / Re: So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?
« Last post by sheila on April 20, 2014, 04:20:03 PM »
in relation to this topic..and eating meat offered to idols. You can tell an idol by is the work of men's hands

  to carry an idol. But the TRUE GOD CARRIES MEN.

 ....and so..if ye sit in conversation with these may partake of the 'word of God' with them/scriptures

  freely......but also this one thing is true...'ye have meat that they know not of"
Humor-Poems-Songs-Movies / Re: So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?
« Last post by dajomaco on April 19, 2014, 09:32:06 PM »
Being kind and Loving without the message of the true Gospel.
Is an example of working for your God.

Being kind and Loving with the message of the true Gospel.
Is an example of resting in your God.

Humor-Poems-Songs-Movies / Re: PRAISE OUR SAVIOR
« Last post by anna274 on April 19, 2014, 04:32:02 PM »
a song in thanksgiving for lookingforhope's good news re:  " God reaching out to me in a myriad of different ways.

PRAISE OUR SAVIOR!  Peckham, 1884

Praise our Savior, in our measure,
Sound aloud His wondrous Name;
Gladly singing, praises bringing,
Heart and voice His love :HeartThrob: proclaim.

Praise Him!  Praise Him!
Praise, oh, praise Him in our singing.
Savior! Savior!
Hear, oh, hear our praises ringing!
Shout, shout, in notes more loud,
Praise Him! Praise Him!
Shout, shout, in notes more loud,
Praise Him! Praise Him!

Send His story, spread His glory,
To the earth's remotest bound;
Tell the tidings -- gracious tidings--
Where sinful man is found.

Worship, honor, strength and blessing,
Be to Him forever paid;
For the life His death hath made.
Christian Life / Re: Quotable Quotes
« Last post by eaglesway on April 19, 2014, 02:40:50 AM »
Oswald is like a fire- a laser beam of focused truth and light of love
It is notable that the two ends of the paths are "destruction/ruin/apoleian" and "life/zoen"

Few are living "in the life" of Christ, most are living in the "ruins" of the carnal/natura/flesh man

imo Jesus is talking about living in the spiritual reality of righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit(the kingdom) versus walking in the flesh.
Humor-Poems-Songs-Movies / Re: So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?
« Last post by eaglesway on April 19, 2014, 02:19:22 AM »
Shawn, I agree with you, as far as being sensitive is concerned. Led by the Spirit. I do think we ought to be ready to give an answer for what we believe, not club everybody over the head by what we believe. I do think boldness is important tho, and if I am unsure, I want to trust God and go with it :o)

Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and Christ is seen more easily than He is heard, in many instances. As I said before, it is complex and highly individual, but I always encourage those who understand who Christ really is and what God is really doing to share, because people who reject our testimony will often begin seeing it in the scriptures at a later point because their consciousness has been opened to what the word says after hearing the trumpet- even when they first thought the trumpet was a deception. Then they will be much more likely to love those they formerly railed upon, at least, that is what the victorious gospel produced in me. :o)
Hello jabcat:

YLTMatthew 7
13 `Go ye in through the strait gate, because wide is the gate, and broad the way that is leading to the destruction, and many are those going in through it;
14 how strait is the gate, and compressed the way that is leading to the life, and few are those finding it!

Few find the path to heaven; many end in hell.

Can that be said for all of us because we have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God? Is that not why we need a Savior? Is Jesus saving the man that is dead in trespasses and sins and is buried with Christ in his death or is Jesus saving the new man that comes out of death when Jesus awakens him to spiritual consciousness? It is the new man that rises with Jesus, the Christ, in his resurrection.

I contend that the old man never finds the strait gate because he is dead with Christ in his death. It is the new man in Christ, that comes through the strait gate when he rises with Christ when God awakens him from the dead. it is the new man with a heart of flesh that will hear and respond to Jesus :grin: call and hearken and obey the good news through the faith of God working through him which is from the Spirit of God who is outworking what Jesus has accomplished by atoning for the sins of the whole world in God's appointed times.

Col 1:14  in whom we have the redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of the sins,
Col 1:15  who is the image of the invisible God, first-born of all creation,
Col 1:16  because in him were the all things created, those in the heavens, and those upon the earth, those visible, and those invisible, whether thrones, whether lordships, whether principalities, whether authorities; all things through him, and for him, have been created,
Col 1:17  and himself is before all, and the all things in him have consisted.
Col 1:18  And himself is the head of the body--the assembly--who is a beginning, a first-born out of the dead, that he might become in all things --himself--first,
Col 1:19  because in him it did please all the fulness to tabernacle,
Col 1:20  and through him to reconcile the all things to himself--having made peace through the blood of his cross--through him, whether the things upon the earth, whether the things in the heavens.

God bless you,

Humor-Poems-Songs-Movies / Re: So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?
« Last post by joeteekay on April 19, 2014, 12:38:35 AM »
 Hey Seth :thumbsup:
Welcome Central - **FIRST POST MUST BE MADE HERE / Re: Hello from NY
« Last post by jasman on April 18, 2014, 11:57:10 PM »
Thanks Ed. 

And Eaglesway, it would be great to meet up sometime.  I get to the City on occasion, or I'd enjoy meeting somewhere mid-Hudson for coffee and UR conversation if we can pull it off sometime.  Let's keep it in mind.  Thanks!

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