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You tube - almost unbelievable
"Celebrities that are burning in Hell right now"
"Selena is burning in Hell now"
'All the dead popes are burning in hell now" etc.
Yes, there are really you tube videos out there like this.
I think it was the Selena one where they mentioned Michael Jacksons "Moonwalk" and showed a clip of him doing it.
They then said that this "Moonwalk" is exactly how the demons walk in hell. :laughing7: They were serious!
The comments at these website were really sad. "I'm scared" "I'm frightened" "I don't want to burn forever" "How could God do that to them?"
I'm not suggesting we all go to these types of you tube videos and leave a comment similar to the one I left.
"Read the bible -not listening to these silly stories. To find out about the ultimate reconciliation of all mankind and why Jesus is exactly what the Bible says he is, "The Saviour of the world" goto tentmaker, then dot, then org
Of course, this is only if you have some spare time and want to do it and don't need to use my wording (I change it up to fit the videos?) but it would be kind of neat to see an upsurge in visits here.

This is a BTW
I have a friend that is an electrical engineer. He has a website he's been running for 16 years called Scienceagainstevolution
He is also a creation apologist, but the website never mentions God, Jesus, or the Bible. Evolutionists tend to automatically dismiss anything that smacks of religion so the website deals strictly with the scientific impossibility of evolution.
Anyway, I went to creation/evolution websites and left a simple message like "If you want to read a website that destroys evolution with science and never mentions God or Jesus or the Bible, go to ScienceAgainstEvolution dot info." I put that simple message at about 12 different youtube sites for 3 days (About 36 total) and he said that traffic to the website increased about 30%. From about 100 visits a day to a little over 130 per day, so this kind of thing can be used by the Lord.
The more traffic here the more people will be exposed to the truly good news.

Lazarus Short:
This looks like something I can use over at abovetopsecret.com, with all its skeptics and unbelievers.  I think we can make a difference in this world, even on the www.


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