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why are there topics that arnt allowed to be discussed here?

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I've made a judgment call about locking this thread at this point.  Basically, outlined here in this thread is the reasoning behind why any threads wind up getting locked after a certain point and/or if there's outright discouragement of a topic being discussed here that questions the veracity of Scripture.  "Why" questions on the one hand would be more faithful to the new direction of these boards rather than "I don't think it's really the way that the Bible says it" type of speculations.  Our basis for discussion is the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible and not speculations that wander out beyond the Bible and the topic of the Universal Restoration.  No particular translation is being officially endorsed, although Tentmaker does hope to have a new translation out shortly. 

The swift changes that have occured here recently are more about reestablishing a respect for Scripture and remaining UR related.  I've never, personally, known Gary Amirault to hold unyeildingly to the "inerrancy" doctrine.  But the reliability and trustworthiness of how the Bible describes what it took to secure our redemption is different from minor textual variations in the ancient, most reliable manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments in the original Hebrew and Greek languages of our Bibles.

We allowed a virtual free-for-all on ideas at these boards for quite a while, and now it's time to come back to the centrality of Jesus Christ and Him crucified regarding our redemption.  Anytime I lock a thread, I'll try to remember to post a link back to this thread that outlines, briefly, our goals at these boards.  Hopefully those instances will be really really rare.


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