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What happened to the old discussion board?


Hi everyone,

I wasn't a regular on the old tentmaker board but checked in from time to time.  What happened to it?  Did a virus tear it up or something?


Hi Seeker

Sounds like I am talking to myself

Many things, spambots and something corrupted the database.  TechHelp was not able to import the old tables back and hence Gary decided to start from scratch.  The old was also killing server resources.


Yeah...it does seem like you're talking to yourself.  Sorry about the same name thing...my old name used to be Ruth, but I was trying to be more original...oops :happygrin: :laughing7:

Thanks for the info, that makes sense.

-Seeker (AKA Ruth)


In your profile you can edit your screen name should ever want to. It will automatically change in all your posts.

Leave it, no problem to me, when I 1st joined, I had to add the SA as there was already another seeker.  I have now gotten used to it and use it everywhere I participate.  Good to have two seekers here.



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