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Vaticanus and Alexandrinus

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a lot of people seem to believe that truth is in the oldest scrolls
is there a big hole between these scrolls and the others ?
why should i believe that these scrolls are nearer Jesus will than younger scrolls
Thank you very much

There is no sure thing but the older scrolls are closer to the originals and therefore more accurate.
Think of a copy machine:
You put the original in and make a copy. Now you take the original out and put in the next copy. You repeat this several times, each time taking the copy just made and putting it in to make the next copy from. In this way you can see the first copy from the original would be your best copy.
Think of a sentence in a classroom:
The teacher makes up a short sentence and tells one student. That student is to tell it to another and that student to another until all thirty kids have heard the sentence. The last kid speaks the sentence he heard and the teacher reveals her original sentence. They are very different, but the first kid she told is probably closer to the truth than any others. First to hear he is closest in time to the original.

Scripture is kind of like a combination
The copier copies perfectly in that no words are rearranged, missplaced, missing, etc.
The verbal sentence is subject to human error when copying. A person can be very diligent when copying but when hand copying sometimes errors occur from even an extra dot of ink changing a word. On top of that, the problem of translation creeps in when translating the originals into another language. "What did God mean to say when he said that? is difficult because a word for word translation is impossible and language idioms crop up that change the meaning.
So going back to the oldest, we are most likely to get closest to what was originally "God breathed"
A perfect example is in old England Farmers would put there potatoes "in hell" for the winter. They simply meant they were burying them. Hell got associated with being buried (dead) and underground. In the earth.

Always..we must remember..the things of God are revealed at His timing and discretion.......

  it has been said...'surely you are a God who hides Himself".

    the Great Mystery of God is the greatest story ever told,...it procedes ever forward to it's consumation.

For now, rather than attempt to select a digest of the following that is in turn a condensed version of another work behind it, I offer you a link to a good discussion of this issue from a much more conservative source than popular ideas that uncritically accept Vaticanis, Alexandrinious, Siniaticus and more than one of certain of these, and so on (each differing from the others thousands of times.)


If you go to this site . . .


in the right hand column you can click on chapter previews and samples of several of the books Riplinger has written.  There is much information there. 

I am not a King James only believer; but, she makes a good case for it being superior to most that is out there.  I do like the Concordant Literal.  Not everybody tolerates its quirky vocabulary.  Then again, they feel the same about the KJV.  One interesting point to be made about the KJV is that it has less big words and is easier to understand by 3rd graders than NIV (proven by tests) which was marketed as being easier for 3rd graders to read than the KJV.  There are a number of other features to the KJV that give it an advantage over contemporary versions.


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