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Wow some churches can be so cold and stoney hearted. Im sure some day when all this is wrapped up we will be able by the grace and love of God to laugh at all this stuff but for now it can sting for sure.

The tithing or you are under a curse thing, oh I hate that one and its children too, if you arent at every service you should not call for any counciling or help. We left a church, resigned when we took a young couple that had just had a baby that had major health problems and all their money was going towards bills. They were about to get their electricity cut off and the church was a good sized one too and yet when we went to the pastor of the church and asked for the funds to help this family. We were told to give them the videos on finances as obviously they werent tithing and managing their money properly! That was the last straw for me. I was furious.

we men have sure made a mess of things havent we


The last straw for me was when the "leaders" of the church were called into a "leadership" meeting that was supposed to be a teaching about how to better serve others in the church.  Instead they handed us all contracts and told us we were REQUIRED to donate to the church tile fund in addition to our tithe.  We were told that anyone who did not do this would be kicked out of leadership.  One woman began to cry and said she could barely pay her bills and wondered if it'd be ok to pledge only 1/2 a tile.  The pastor coldly told her not to give what she could afford and to "trust god" to take care of the rest.  He ignored her sobs the rest of the meeting.

2 months later I was invited to breakfast to be "thanked" for pledging above my tithe. 
The letter said we would be updated on the church building project.  We were shown 1 picture and given a piece of cake.  The rest of the meeting we were handed a list and asked to write down the names and phone numbers of any and every person we knew the church could call on our behalf to ask for donations.  We were told that this was a way to be obedient and serve God.  I walked out and threw the paper away.

Sorry to get off topic, but you are right...we've missed the boat.  I've been pretty angry since and not right with God if you want to know the truth of it.



Oh Wow Seeker that is really ugly.

Im glad you are out now. Its hard not to be angry at what we see. I hate religion with a passion but I do remember when I was just as religious and just as blind to what I was doing.

For that matter I could be blind as a bat right now to something and not even know it.
God has brought me a long ways but Im sure Ive got a looooong ways to go.


I used to take the bus to an Orthodox Presbyterian Church on Sunday. One day I met a woman who was a lovely Christian, who wasn't attending church. I invited her to my church and she came.

In time we became friends and I was invited to her home. It was more like a shack to tell you the truth. It was tiny and run down. She told me her roof had started to leak and she went up there to put on tarpaper, but it still leaked. I felt for her and called my preacher to see if we could help her. He asked me all kinds of questions. Was she Christian? Why didn't she go to church? Would she be able to pay us to help her?

I was angry because even though we were a small congregation, we had helped a man and his family with all kinds of repairs to his home and he wasn't a member of our church either. I decided that all the talk about Christian love and charity was just a lot of BS. For this church anyway.

I told my daughter, Janis, about it and her church, Calvary Chapel, gave the woman $250.00 in gift certificates to buy food and such for the holidays. They weren't able to help her with her roof, but they did help her with her food so she could hopefully save enough to get her roof repaired.

It was a real lesson to me that the priorities of many churches is only in being proper and not getting our hands dirty to help those in need. But, it showed me that there are church people who do are willing to give to the poor, orphan and widowed.

Been on both sides of this issue........been helped when I was poor and a part of those who helped as teams that went out when I was able to give...........but recently I read and article that settled some things for me.  It is called "And they will make merchandise of you"..........Whew, I had some repenting to do after I read and reread this...these men still believe in ET, yet their words brought such life and light..... here is an excerpt and the link to the whole article.  Be blessed,


So Where Is the Church Heading Today?

In a recent publication of Forbes magazine entitled "Christian Capitalism, Megachurches, Megabusinesses," 1 author Luisa Kroll wrote, "Maybe churches aren't so different from corporations." After that she listed a number of the Megachurches of today, noting the similarities between them and corporate America. "Welcome to the megabusiness of megachurches" writes Kroll, "where pastors often act as chief executives and use business tactics to grow their congregations. This entrepreneurial approach has contributed to the explosive growth of megachurches."

It should not surprise us when a publication such as Forbes recognizes megachurches as big business. That is exactly what they are and who better to confirm this fact than Forbes, the nation's premier business magazine? As we read on in this article, it became apparent that what we thought at first was a scalding expose was in fact a commendation, praising churches for finally coming around and doing things the right way. Kroll went on to show how helping churches grow has also become big business. In fact, there is one company called Kingdom Ventures that does nothing but "help smaller churches become big with technology." Their new book entitled PastorPreneur, which teaches pastors to think like entrepreneurs, is soon coming to bookstores near you.

Anyone who has ever had a relationship with the living Christ must ask, "Since when has Jesus become dependent on world business methods and technology to promote the gospel of the kingdom and grow His Church?" Is this the rock He told Peter that He would build His church on--common business practices? Where once the Lord added to the Church daily as many as should be saved, now we see a church growing itself by appealing to the world's sense of taste. Where once the Spirit of God drew people, now people are enticed with sensationalism and entertainment. Such grand productions and the advertising to promote them cost big bucks. Enter PastorPreneur, the best pastor money can buy, who will more than balance the bottom line.

On a web site entitled Outreach Marketing, we were introduced to a new church growth concept called "Outreach Comedy." We see the future of Christian evangelism in an article entitled "Outreach Comedy Puts A New (Smiling) Face On Christian Events." We quote:

"Outreach Comedy offers a fresh and culturally relevant solution to reach a diverse audience with the message of Christ. Comedy events not only provide a fun and 'invite-able' event, but one that people will want to bring their unbelieving friends to. Outreach Comedy General Manager, Dionne Petitpas, states, "Outreach Comedy equips leaders to both reach the unchurched as well as edify believers in a unique and enjoyable way - by providing a host of top-quality, hilarious performers with an effective Christ-honoring message." 

Gone is the appeal of Jesus to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him. Gone is the gospel of His Father's kingdom that turned the world upside down. Now we see a Church that has been turned upside down by the world and its practices, that no longer needs the power of the Holy Spirit. How did the early Church ever make it without "a host of top-quality, hilarious performers with an effective Christ-honoring message"? Have we fallen so far that we prefer a form of godliness without the power of God? Has it become acceptable to resort to the methods of the world because we have lost the power of heaven?



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