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Seeker, I been thinking you was a man.  Now I am thinking you are a woman!  I am sooooooooooo

confused..................see? I told you we had a candid camera mindset.  Now, if I was God, I'd KNOW!!!

Oh, sorry, just had to throw that in. ha

Which one are you referring to, there are 3 seekers here  :laughing7:


The one who is the moderator? that just took over the moderating job here at Tentmaker? which one is that?

And who is the other one besides SeekerRuth? I think that SeekerRuth is not a mod right?

And I sure didn't know there was a third.............

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha


The last time I looked I was still a man  :laugh2:

The 3rd is NorthSeeker also a man.

So now you will realy ahve to read carefully eh?



Thank you for helping me on that. 

It gets very confusing to me at times with so many people "changing" their names so often.

I'm set in my ways, I guess.  Ha


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