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Paul L:

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--- Quote ---Perfection in the scriptures usually refers to maturity, completion.
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Yep, this is exactly what it means, check Greek definition 5046 in Strong's Concordance.

--- Quote ---- not that we will become perfect in all our conduct all the time. A little study in the interlinears and Greek dictionaries and the context of usage shows this pretty easily IMO.
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You don't need an "IMO" here, it is the full context of the Greek definition.

Yes, but regardless of how correct I think I am, I prefer to treat this forum as a discussion blog. The truth speaks loudly enough without assertion, so I use the words IMO in respect for my opponents, so that no one ever feels that I am trying to "impose" my positions. You see Paul, this forum is not about debate. It is about DISCUSSION, and I insist only upon keeping our conversations as "gentle as is possible with us" for one MAIN REASON.

That seekers who wander these pages be not put off by strong personalities and doctrinal inflexibility and sarcastic communications- so that WHATEVER THEIR BACKGROUND they may find the glory of UR :o)


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