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Re: Health warning
« Reply #75 on: April 02, 2013, 12:56:43 AM »
Great thread, imo.

I have never been prescribed prednizone.  Thank God, I've rarely had breathing difficulties of any kind except a brief time when my nose got stuffed up for almost a year and it was not my lungs as I could breathe through my mouth fine, but I am not naturally a mouth breather especially at night so it was rough. But I'm fine now, unless I get a cold.

But my oldest sister was a preemie and my parents both smoked in the home as did relatives.  She experienced many many bouts of difficult breathing until in her 20's the doctor told her husband he had to move her to a warmer, direr climate or he wouldn't guarantee she'd live another year.  He moved her to Arizona but she still got sick.  In her 40's, with people bringing their trees and plants from the east she developed asthma, as well as fibromyalgia.  she coughed and coughed all day and  night.  She got so sick and ended up in the hospital and she expected to die she was so weak and in so much pain.  The prednizone got her breathing again.  She would have to take it for a week or so every time she got really bad.  She complained of weight gain and being so hungry while on it.  But she was heavy to begin with.  Fortunately she didn't have to be on it continuously.  The doctor only would prescribe it until her lungs were clear which usually took about a week.  She still takes it now and then when she gets really bad, she turns 75 this year.  She takes massive amounts of ibuprofin for the fibromyalgia and has blood tests to test her liver which have always tested normal, which surprises me.  She tried a few times to whittle down the amount but the pain comes roaring back when she tries.

She has problems with her back periodically which could be from muscles losing tension, but her age also.  I don't know.  The times they gave her the pred. she was barely able to breathe so it's difficult to argue then and for her it has been a godsend.  It's like Shawn said, some medicines are good for some, horrible for others.  I definitely would have a long talk with the doctor before taking it IF I were in a position to do so.  If I were gasping for breath and they had tried other options to no avail, I would probably take the prednizone.  I have another friend, around my age 63, who has asthma and allergies and also is put on it periodically.  She says it does not cause hunger and greatly enhances her breathing.  But again, she only takes one prescription dose which doesn't last more than a few weeks, I think, maybe longer. 

We take a risk with everything.  I remember when many people died taking aspirin that had been tampered with in the manufacturing process.  More stringent procedures were implemented, which, naturally raised the price of products.  People die from produce that has been contaminated.  We risk our lives when we drive to the corner store, or when we go swimming.  Anything.  I agree we should, when possible, question possible side affects of every drug we are told to take and weigh the pros and cons.

I'm fortunate at 63 not to be on any daily meds.  I do have a recurring condition that I take meds for when it flares up and my blood pressure isn't always as low as it should be, but until it is consistently higher than 125 I am stubbornly refusing to go on medication, lol.  The bottom number is normally below 70. 

I never smoked and I could wish cigarettes and all types of products would dissappear off the planet.  I think it's one of the worst offenders against our health as it affects anyone who's been around it, even if they don't directly smoke.  I'm surprised I don't and didn't have problems with the amount of blue haze that consistently invaded our house and car when I was younger.

Our diets are also bad.  I know AI don't eat enough green vegetable.  I will try at times, but I can't seem to make it mandatory.  I don't enjoy preparing meals, even salads.  I need to change that.  I have almost eradicated potato chips and the like from my diet but I still indulge in french fried mroe than I should.   I have started doing some aerobic exercise again.  It takes work to get into the habit but you feel sooo much better when you can walk a least a mile or so and not feel tired and I do a video that takes about an hour, with warm up, cool down and stretching. My joints don't like the jumping but I can do good wit the low/no impact routines.  Also heredity plays a part and God, I velieve, has assigned us a number of days.

I do pray for Card, that God gives her grace and restores her to health. 

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Re: Health warning
« Reply #76 on: April 02, 2013, 02:06:00 AM »
Looks like no one has mentioned Dr. Mercola in this thread.

Here are lots of articles he wrote about Prednisone: He recommends high natural fat, low carb diet, midday sunshine without sunscreen for vitamin D, and other good nutrition and toxicity prevention.

He recommends against all vaccines, I believe. (Someone asked about getting flu vaccines. Studies show that those are worthless too and are dangerous.) Author Neil Z. Miller said no vaccines have ever been scientifically proven to be safe or effective. Drug companies tend to go through the motions of testing things, but their motivation is obviously mainly profit, not health, so their testing is often useless. Mercola has lots of articles about that too.

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Re: Health warning
« Reply #77 on: May 02, 2013, 04:25:22 AM »
Hello Cardinal,

Yes, prednizone is a very dangerous drug. But, all drugs are not only dangerous, they were condemned in the Bible back in the time of Christ.

Most Christians have little knowledge of what constitutes good health. Read my article on this subject here:

Also, here:

Thanks for bringing this subject up.

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Re: Health warning
« Reply #78 on: May 01, 2014, 06:49:21 PM »
 :cloud9: What I found initially after 2 weeks of study online, was a study from WW1 US doctors who did a study on the soldiers that had the influenza that killed millions. When they autopsied the men that died, they found that their adrenal glands had atrophied.

Looked up what prednisone does and it shuts down the adrenal glands, and if you stay on it long enough, they will atrophy. You need your adrenal glands to live. They produce a natural STEROID. What I found out in several articles, was that the adrenal function is compromised and weakened from several factors, such as fatigue, stress, caffeine use, sugar, long term infections. All of these things were factors in what ended up in me being put on prednisone.

So what the GI doctors found out was that, when they gave a test group natural adrenal extracts taken from bovine (cow) adrenal glands, the test group DIDN'T DIE. Cow DNA is very close to human, so apparently it was good enough to supplement.

So what I found was a company that manufactures the adrenal drops in New Zealand. They only sell to osteopaths, so I found a natural supplement company that apparently has an osteopath on staff, and THEY sold the same company's product.

I told my doctor to take me off the prednisone (after 14 months-I waited too long to research, that part is MY fault), and he initially refused saying I would die. I said you already told me I'm dying in 3-4 months, so if so, then I'll die the way I choose. He dosed me down and I immediately started the drops. I was unsure of dose amount, and read a conversation online between a doctor and patient and he recommended 6 drops sublingual twice a day for severe cases of adrenal fatigue.

Since I didn't know how much, I cut it to 3 drops twice a day. The first 2 days off prednisone were rough; I literally didn't know if I would survive. The inflammation increase in my lungs was immediate, although all the infection from pneumonia was gone a year before. This is why I finally decided to research, much too late. I couldn't understand why I went from no meds, healthy as a horse at age 52, to a death sentence with no real diagnosis of why, a few months later.

Pneumonia was gone, so why do I still have to take this stuff, and why am I not better, not knowing the drug was creating the very problem I was trying to shake off! Every time they would try to take me off of it, I would get worse immediately, so they'd put me back on it. OF COURSE, I got worse. My own adrenal glands were so compromised by the drug shutting them down, I was lucky they revived at all and were not atrophied already.

When this started, I had never been on any medication in my life. When they got done dosing me with massive amounts of the stuff, I was on 18 overnight, nearly. One by one, as I recovered from pneumonia, I started to simply not take them. I finally, after months, told my doctor I had not taken x,y,z in months and was fine, except could not shake off the prednisone.

The drug companies are slick. This drug creates it's own dependency, thereby making them millions. You have to have adrenal function to live, it shuts yours down and "replaces" it, and your glands don't resume working immediately after going off of it.

I asked my doctor just how long did it take for my own adrenal function to begin, and how did they know for a fact it would? He looked thoughtful, paused for a few and said, "I really don't know the answer to that question, I'd have to research it."

Therein lies the problem. Doctors are busy people, and even the best ones are trying to see as many patients as possible, which puts them at risk for believing everything every pharma rep comes peddling, because after all, didn't our FDA approve it for them to have it to sell in the first place?

And now, as the class action lawyers found out, it has been out there for so many years, that despite the growing numbers of people who are having severe problems with it and are literally dying from the effects of it and don't realize it, there is no chance of bringing justice to the peddlers of it. And yes, it's IMO........

So I survived the 14 months of it, the drops started working and within THREE DAYS I could breathe normally and the inflammation was gone. Second time they snuck it in on me, it threw my heart into AFIB. God healed it in 3 days. Then another go round with it, and I'm waiting on that healing. Did I mention prednisone weakens muscle tissue? That's why people on it long term usually die. My friend's cousin was only 41 and he was on it for 2 years. It damaged his heart, just like it did mine, and he died. Blessings....
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