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Very good question and one I have raised here also. I think I read in one of Victor Frankl's books that if one can know the "why" then he can endure the "how". Aside from the etheral idea that we are here to love (not that I am saying it is not true), what is my practical purpose here? How do I know I am fulfilling it? How does one even know what that purpose is? I have two part-time jobs that at times try me very much. What the heck is it for? Am I in the right place? I ask God but I dont seem to hear anything. That leads to the next question. If He loves me and wants me to know Him, why does He seem so alouf and talk in riddles? It is frustrating.

IMO, he wants us to grow in him. What makes us grow physically? Resistance. Without resistance, no growth. Continually increasing the resistance causes continuos growth. Stronger than before, you can do things you couldn't have previously done.
It works the same way spritually.
Jesus said, "if a person can't handle little, how could they cope with much?" (A jeff paraphrase)

If I can know that it is God's will for me to do a certain thing, to endure a certain situation, i say yes and amen. How do you know when the stress of it all is His working? Could the stress be a signal that it is not of Him? I'm asking sincerely. How do you know the will of God for your life right now? In the present. Do we keep on keeping on till something changes?

I don't know a single christian that was 100% sure 100% of the time that what they were doing was God's plan for them at the time.
I sure don't. Often I was bewildered why I would lose a job or find it difficult to make ends meet doing 3 part time jobs. It was "funny" that though I was doing honest work, I'd be put in a job or jobs that had not a single christian working there. One job, a pastor had been working there, but left a few days after I started, it was like God wanted a witness there and had other plans for the pastor (he was ur by the way)

What if it is not Gods will for to endure a certain situation.
What if God wants you to find your self in a blessed situation that all you can do
is express to your family and friends is.
 How much you feel and sense that God loves you.
What if you come across as boastful? Should you tame down your exaltations,
our should you laugh and express at an even greater degree that the Creature of all the universe has chosen to Love you.

When you start bragging about how good God is to you. Its not pride.
When people say how hard their there lives are and you tell them,
 how wonderful yours is that's not insensitive.

Deena God loves me I have a very blessed live.
It is not work it is more like play. I get to every morning looking forward to the mysterious day ahead knowing today some one is going to realize that the creature of all Loves   them not a general Love but a specific Love .
I literally Laugh out loud  when a person I attempted to Love.
Mentions some kind of spiritual play at hand.

Deena time for hard work and sacrifice is over it's play time now.       


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