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Martin Zender gets kicked off the radio


I just received this e-mail by a friend. What do you think about it?

WYLL AM 1160 Cancels Christian Radio Program Due
to Pressure from the Clergy

"Believe God no matter what the Clergy tell you"
may be too much for the clergy to stand. Salem
Communications received a few complaints from
nameless, faceless sources about our teaching,
prompting Salem/Wyll AM 1160 to cancel our show
effective immediately.

We were told that they had one call to their
station manager, and one Pastor mentioned us over
a lunch meeting. What is our crime? Our crime is
preaching the gospel of the grace of God. We have
been accused of going against mainstream
Christianity. Thank God for that! It seems like
no one believes that modern Christianity could
possibly be in Apostasy. Even though the entire
history of Old Testament Israel, and the letters
of Paul concerning the last days of the Church,
tells us that every age ends in Apostasy.

I guess if you have pretty buildings, millions of
subscribers to a Christian magazine, and
multi-million dollar budgets, you couldn't
possible be in Apostasy.

What is the duplicity in all this? I received a
call from Salem Communications a few months back.
They told me how happy they were with the program
and that they like what we are doing. And since
they like us so much they would like to move us
>from our 9pm time slot to a better time, 8PM.

Since we moved up we've had great live shows with
great calls, wonderful feedback by way of phone
calls, e-mail and even a little monetary support
for the show. The show was doing very well both
for us as well as WYLL.

The real issue is this: We believe and teach that
the Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior of all men,
especially of those who believe. And were are
told by Paul to be teaching these things.

"This is a faithful saying and worthy of all
acceptation. For therefore we both labour and
suffer reproach, because we trust in the living
God, who is the Saviour of all men, especially of
those that believe. These things command and
(1 Timothy 4:9-11)

However, WYLL wants to pigeon-hole our teaching
to make it out to be something it isn't. While
we've tried to explain our doctrine to them, it
has fallen on deaf ears. Whether this is out of
fear of other Clergy or fear of orthodoxy or
history, we are not certain.

In any event, we will be continuing our ministry
in teaching the truth. Stay tuned for more audio
files on our web site, DVDs and other means to
get the message out. For those of you who have
been listeners, thank you for your support. If
you believe this message, you are responsible
before God to make it known to others. You
greatest enemy is the Adversary, Satan; and who
are Satan's instruments? The modern Christian
world! Remember his ministers masquerade as
ministers of righteousness.

Make Your Voice Heard
If like us, you feel this treatment of our radio
show is not only unfair but very un-Berean like,
you may contact Salem/WYLL and make your feelings
known. While we appreciate any support you'd like
to give in this manner, we leave the decision to
do so completely in your hands.

You can contact the General Manger, Dave
Santrella at 847-956-5030. Alternately, you can
e-mail him at dsantrella@salemradiochicago.com

If you prefer to write, WYLL's address is:

WYLL Radio
25 Northwest Point / Suite 400
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Again, we appreciate all of you who have
supported us and who love the truth of God's
Word. Rest assured we will continue to work on
getting the truth out to the lost, and to help
build up the Body of Christ in any way that the
Lord directs us.


Dan Sheridan and Tom Dell'Aringa
Cross and Throne Bible Church

If you have any questions, contact Dan Sheridan
at dan@crossandthrone.com

I love Martin. But this doesn't surprise me. And it shouldn't surprise him either. The gospel message is not for the multitudes. It is for the few.

God will bless the truth with the showing of the resistance.

Martin should expect to receive resistance when he calls "the church" Satan.  Satan may sit there in those bodies, but SATAN is SATAN and NOT the flesh in which "he sits" pretending to be the God and Master of that body.

If Martin divided there, he may have even more resistance than even he expects.


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