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I was watching Christian television (TBN) and one of the preachers that the Lord's indicated to me will ultimately be preaching UR had these two quotes as a couple of her MAIN talking points:

Firstfruits are the foundation for everything else.


God's original intention is His final decision.

I thought you guys would thoroughly enjoy those couple of quotes.

As a bit of a Post Script:  I want to lovingly advise against criticizing preachers that repeatedly preach based on Scriptures that you would take a certain way in UR, while they're drawing dramatically different ideas, concepts, and insights than you'd draw from those Scriptures.  An example would be such as the couple of quotes I gave you above from Paula White who was preaching "prosperity" from the Biblical concept of "firstfruits."  Number #1: your ideas about certain Scriptures may not be all that God's saying in those passages of Scripture as He's fleshing out a [very practical] Kingdom and not just a creed.  Number #2: REJOICE!!!  You WANT them - whomever they are in mainstream Christianity, whether fundamentalist or Charismatic - you WANT them looking at these particular passages of Scripture, meditating on them, and listening to the Holy Spirit regarding them.  If He has to teach them 250,000 OTHER THINGS to walk them through His map for their lives until they see UR, then you KNOW He's going to be faithful enough to do it.

I know it's deeply frustrating for a lot of you that you could toss a list of UR Scriptures at quite a few preachers, whether well known or not well known, and they'd thank you for the list and go and preach things that pertain to their calling from that very list of Scriptures.  And you're nearly pulling your hair out that they're not seeing what you consider to be THE BIG PICTURE. LOL!  Again Number #1: When the Lord has called you to a particular aspect of the Kingdom of God, whether evangelism, finance, or family life, or whatever - then the anointing that's on your life is going to show you THAT from nearly every line of Scripture.  It's just going to be an automatic, and sometimes it isn't so much blindness - though there would be some - but the Holy Spirit presently emphasizing something else in painting the BIG PICTURE.  And again Number #2: You can count on the Holy Spirit to faithfully introduce to every sincere disciple the BIG PICTURE when He's developed sufficient hunger and interest and when He's created enough of the BIG PICTURE in their minds to where UR's pretty much the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

For most of the Body of Christ, UR's not going to be very meaningful UNTIL God's developed enough of the BIG PICTURE to where UR has a context for them that makes sense.  How did Paul put it about our more presentable parts in our physical bodies in contrast with what he called our less presentable parts?  While UR's His ultimate purpose - or one of them - He genuinely seems more interested in showing each individual their ultimate purpose [within the Kingdom - with eternity in mind rather than the ages] with enough legal thoroughness and precision to where He's developed His argument to where there's no loopholes in each life for when He drops UR on them.  Remember - those of you who are students of Mark 11:23 and Mark 4 - they're usually calling forth and towards His eternal purposes rather than His purposes for the ages, which is going to explain, restrain, and navigate His methods with them.  He's giving them enough of "eternity" to where ultimately they have to back up a few steps and wonder about all of the things and people that are missing in their eternal world view. 

Uh...I think we forgot something or someone; some people or whatever?!

Part of the issue is related to the fact that He's created His Book specifically to be a mirror.  I think that Paul covers that in 2Corinthians 3.  He has to work them through their self condemnation, "Body image," and the doctrines of demons that assert that they're nothing (Colossians 2:23) before He can show them that they're members of the Body of Christ; the fullness of Him that filleth all in all (Ephesians 1:23).  Ephesians 1:23 calls YOU the fullness of Him that filleth all in all, and even some of you veterans in the UR message haven't grasped that yet, according to Holy Spirit.  You're seated with Him in heavenly places SO THAT you'll fill all things... When Christ appears gloriously, you also appear with Him in glory, right?  It's an inseparable "spiritual law"; a gift and calling that's without repentance!!

If YOU choke on that sometimes, then how would your less enlightened brothers and sisters not likewise choke on that when the Holy Spirit mentions ANYTHING to them about it??

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I like your approach, Martin.  Thank God for "all" His people!

We were once not where we are today, but we are the "same" today as we were
yesterday, only more learned, by His Grace.

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 :cloud9: I thought that was Paula White, before you said the name. She's been receiving from an Indiana minister on some of that.

AND; great to see you back among us here..... :thumbsup:
"I would rather train twenty men to pray, than a thousand to preach; A minister's highest mission ought to be to teach his people to pray." -H. MacGregor