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I sent this to Gary Amirault a minute ago & wanted you to know what's up as well


Hi Gary,
I had to temporarily disable the ability to have signatures on profiles.  People or spam bots were starting to register for accounts and they were leaving profiles with stacks of medicine links.  And tonight there was a U-Tube gay porn video in the signature of a profile.  It appears to have been escalating over the last 24hrs, so if we get any filth being posted on the welcome central board, then that's all we'll have to monitor instead of wondering if there's a filthy profile somewhere for teen members and anyone with struggles to accidentally bump into when going through the member list. 
So, if anyone asks you instead of me about that, that's why I had to do it.  Signatures appear to be untouched right now, but after someone edits their profile for any reason, it'll probably dump their signature from the system when they click "save."  After I'd banned the porn profile that I found on IP, webhost, etc., I just went ahead and threw away that account from the system.  Custom titles that probably go underneath avatars on the profile and the ability to change one's own username are also restricted right now.  Otherwise, I was going to be killing a huge mound of ants, one ant at a time, and driving myself nuts with that, while stuff would probably slip past me if I so much as went to the restroom without the computer.  Once spammers think they've found an open door for their nonsense, it tends to escalate for a few days.  You have to verify email addresses before you're able to login, so I'm wondering if it's just more sophisticated spamming programs being developed or if it's someone with multiple computers that we've particularly ticked off.  Some people appear to have nothing better to do than to meet their quota on spam.

Martin if it manual registering then there isn't much you can do about it.
But there are methods that absolutely stop automatic registation programs.

They come in several forms.
Pictures of something. For a human the difference between a house, donkey or whale is clear. Not so for computer programs.

Deformed letters.
I'm sure you know them.

Anyway something like that will stop automatic spambots.

That explains why I couldnt add a sig. Thanks for clearing it up for me. =]


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